ASOBAL Round 12 Anaitasuna with a surprise win away at Cuenca

anaitasunaASOBALcangascuencamorrazo-cangaspalmanaranjaposadapuertopuerto saguntoValladolidvilla de aranda ← Previous Story VELUX EHF Champs Lg: Gorenje and Metalurg advance to L16, Pick Szeged win important game against RK Zagreb Next Story → Bundesliga (Round 14): TBV Lemgo beat depleted Gummersbach team, continue fight against relegation In the remaining matches of the 12th round of the ASOBAL league, the biggest surprise was prepared Anaitasuna which managed to score an important away win at the favorized team of Cuenca, and climbed now on the 9th place, moving away from the danger zone at least for the moment.All scores today: Puerto Sagunto 30:23 Valladolid, Cuenca 23:26 Anaitasuna, Morrazo Cangas 28:26 Posada, Villa de Aranda 28:26 Palmanaranja read more

EHF CUP 20132014 Maccabi Tel Aviv in Round 2

EHF CuphandballisraelIsrael handballMaccabi Tel Aviv handballRK Lovcen ← Previous Story KIEL IS STILL THE MOST POPULAR DESTINATION: Steffen Weinhold – “Zebra” until 2017 Next Story → CRAZY GOALKEEPER’S DAY IN SKOPJE: Mijatovic to Metalurg – Angelov to Vardar! Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv have qualified for the EHF Cup Round 2 after two succesful matches against Montenegrian champion RK Lovćen Cetinje. Both matches were played in Israel by the agreeement of two teams, but on the court wasn’t so peaceful. Israeli team won both thight clashes 37:35 and 30:29 led by outstanding performance of Serbian left back Bojan Butulija who scored 24 goals for two matches (12 and 12)… read more

NEW MACEDONIANS Vugrinec and Pribak got passports

Macedonian NT coach Ivica Obrvan will get new force in the squad for the upcoming Men’s EHF EURO 2014 in Denmark. Metalurg’s right back Renato Vugrinec and Vardar’s playmaker Nemanja Pribak have got the Macedonian passport in order to play for their new country in the future.Vugrinec was a member of silver Slovenian squad at EHF EURO 2004, while Pribak has also appearance on the big event with Serbia – WCH 2011 in Sweden. ← Previous Story WWCH 2013 (Day 7): “Old derby” Romania VS Hungary Next Story → Branko Tamse is new RK Celje PL head-coach! read more

If were out of recession should we rent Eddie Irvines old pad

first_imgHE DIDN’T END up living in it all that long but the bang of Formula1 playboy off Eddie Irvine’s old house in Dalkey persists.The five-bedroomed luxe property is up for rent again – and it will only cost you €7,500 per calendar month if you are so inclined. (Well, we are out of recession, right?)This is what it should look like:The pool is drained at the moment but see how it seems to run under the patio door? That’s because you can swim under the lintel and into the house. Don’t ask us how we know that. We swore we’d never tell.eIt may not be for divas who don’t ‘do’ steps:Where the sandwiches are made:Where the lounging is had:Where the magic happen(s)(ed)/might happen:And room for a housekeeper:All images LettingsIt takes up 5,000 sq ft of the hillside setting on Sorrento Road, the very heart of des-res area in Dalkey, South Dublin, has sea views, landscaping, electric gates off a private driveway, sauna, jacuzzi and plunge pool with bar area. The letting agents note that “rent allowance not accepted”. You don’t say.(Note: is part of Distilled Media Group. Journal Media Ltd has shareholders – Brian and Eamonn Fallon – in common with Distilled Media Group)This is what a €2 million mobile home looks like>Entire housing estate in Galway for sale>Daniel O’Donnell’s ‘tea party’ house is on the market>last_img read more

Three Labour senators targeted over dole cut but theyll support measure

first_imgClick here to see a larger version of this imageA POSTER BEING distributed online is urging young people to lobby three Labour senators to stop the Seanad passing dole cuts for young unemployed next week, but all three have said they will the vote for the bill.The upper house debates the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill next week which includes a provision to cut jobseekers’ allowance to €100 for people under 25, a measure that has drawn considerable criticism in recent weeks.Labour senators John Whelan, John Kelly and Denis Landy are pictured on the leaflet with people urged to send their job rejection letters to the senators.Given the government’s slim majority in the Seanad their opposition could swing the vote. However all three Labour senators have confirmed they will be supporting the passage of the bill. The poster was produced by the umbrella group ‘We’re Not Leaving!’ and is supported by the National Youth Council of Ireland and the Union of Students of Ireland.USI president Joe O’Connor said that the three senators have been used to “personify the overall message” and said that he has been in contact with them and members of the Reform Alliance given the government’s slim majority in the Seanad.But Labour’s Denis Landy told “I am very conscious of the difficulty that this issue has visited on younger people. “But in the context of what Joan Burton was required to do, and in the round of all the other options, she made the best job of what she could.”He acknowledged that it was a difficult cut but said that he would be challenging the government to ensure there are adequate training places for young people.Whelan said that what Social Protection Minister Burton had done in reducing the cut to her overall budget from €440 million to €290 million was akin to the “miracle of the loaves and the fishes”.“I will be supporting the government on the social welfare bill,” he said.His colleague, John Kelly, pointed out that the cut does not affect current jobseekers in that their present rates will be maintained and it will only be for new entrants.He also said that people cannot answer the question of what alternatives there are to the cuts announced in the social welfare budget.O’Connor suggested that a comensurate increase in the banking levy would make up the €32 million Burton is looking to save through the measure announced as part of Budget 2014. He intends to meet with all three Labour senators in the coming days and said he has also lobbied the Reform Alliance senators, Fidelma Healy-Eames and Paul Bradford, on the issue. The Social Welfare and Pensions Bill is due for debate in the Seanad next week. Column: The exploitation of young people has been cemented by this governmentRead: Dáil passes Social Welfare Bill which implements Budget 2014 cutslast_img read more

The 9 at 9 Tuesday

first_imgEVERY MORNING, brings you the nine stories you need to know as you kick off your day.1. #DISASTER: The United Nations has said about 10 million people have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan. US and British warships were deployed to the Philippines today as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a massive global response.2. #CRISIS: As Enda Kenny travels to Paris for a European conference on youth unemployment, the Irish Times reveals that there may not be enough money to implement the ‘Youth Guarantee’ – a promise that there will be a job or training for under 25s.3. #COMPROMISED: A data breach at SuperValu and AXA is more serious than first thought. The retailer confirmed last night that 62,500 customers could be at high risk from the LoyaltyBuild cyber-attack, while AXA said 8,000 of its customer base could be impacted.4. #BERTIE: Current Justice Minister Alan Shatter has said that former taoisigh are in a position to arrange security for themselves. He was speaking to journalists following reports that Bertie Ahern was attacked by a man wielding a crutch in a Dublin pub last weekend.5. #DEAL DONE: Overnight negotiations have led to an agreement on the European Union’s Budget for 2014.6. #CREDIT UNIONS: The Irish Examiner reports that about 100 credit unions are on a Central Bank watch list as the regulator is worried about the level of reserves and bad debt held.7. #GUN LAWS: A legislative change in Northern Ireland will see children as young as 12 granted permission to use firearms under certain conditions, reports BBC News.8. #ABBEVILLE: The Dublin home of former Taoiseach Charles Haughey has been sold for €5.5 million. The price tag is substantially lower than the €45 million spent by Manor Park Homes in 2003 to purchase 14-bedroom Georgian mansion and surrounding parklands.9. #DREAM TEAM: There will be plenty of ‘first day at school’ jitters among the Irish football squad today as Martin O’Neill takes his first training session in Dublin. has some advice for the lads as they try to impress.last_img read more

Column Lets look at the full story around social housing in Ireland

first_imgTHIS WEEK, the assessments of housing need were published. These show that some 89,872 households were on waiting lists for social housing – 5.4 per cent of all households in the State. While this is 9 per cent below on the figures for 2011, it is three times greater than those of 1993.Housing need in Ireland is largely gauged through the regular assessments carried out by Local Authorities since the Housing Act 1988. This is done through a collation of applications for social rented housing (which can be provided by the Local Authorities, Housing Associations or Co-operatives). The figures produced are often expounded as a criticism of government policies by opposition parties, a failure of the State by others, a justification for more spending on housing (both State and NGO sector), need for more charity, and more recently as a violation of housing rights. Indeed, some media commentators express these figures as the extent of homelessness in Ireland – although homelessness accounts for 3 per cent of the total.A real housing need in IrelandSome of the decrease this time can be explained by the more detailed examination of individual applications, to avoid duplication of applications between authorities. However, no-one can deny that there is real and personal housing need in Ireland, which affects individuals and families opportunities to develop their lives and contribution to society. Indeed, the Minster for Housing Jan O’ Sullivan outlined credible plans to address the problem through increased funding for social housing, greater use of NAMA properties and funding for emergency provision. However, it is clear that structural changes in the housing system are also required.Some significant differences from the previous assessment are the proportion who are employed (and not in receipt of any social welfare assistance) – down from 15 per cent to 11 per cent; the increase in the proportion of persons with disabilities from 1 per cent to 4 per cent; the decrease among those living in unfit housing – down from 1,708 households to 647. However, those on the lists who are unable to afford existing accommodation still account for the largest proportion of need expressed – somewhere between two-thirds and three quarters of households.Of course, the figures are valuable as a guide to housing need, but they don’t tell the full story. Housing need here is measured only in terms of applications for social housing. Yet, over half those on the lists receive Rent Supplement towards private rental housing costs. Indeed, it is a requirement for eligibility. In other jurisdictions this is judged to be, in fact, social housing, as the State provides financial support towards rent to the household without sufficient income. It also means that such “social housing” is dispersed throughout the society, rather than concentrated in estates.Local Authority housingWhether all waiting list applicants wish to live in Local Authority housing is questionable. The high levels of refusals of such accommodation suggest otherwise. This might indicate two things: their current private rented housing is preferable to that offered by the State; the location and perceptions of the social housing offered is deemed unsuitable for family, social or life opportunity reasons. Indeed, there is much uncounted housing need (to put it mildly) within Local Authority estates, especially within publicly acknowledged underserved communities. Yet, no surveys of those housing or neighbourhood conditions are undertaken, and no analysis of tenants’ requests for transfers to other housing is ever published. Irish State assessments of housing need take place only once – in relation to initial applications for social housing.In any case, some 44 per cent of households on the lists are single person households, where there is a shortage of social housing – and it is not surprising that, overall, those on the lists over four years has increased from 24,000 to 28,000 households. Of course, the length of time of these waiting lists can be one criteria, among others, for allocations, but the basic supply of social rented housing is clearly insufficient.While many associate housing need with homelessness and the need for shelter, in a modern European country, this is not the full story. Contemporary assessments of need are based on the residual model, ie measuring those who are unable to secure housing in the market – both ownership and rental (although it does include homeless needs).“The need for housing”This approach is often confused with “the need for housing” – an approach based on building more dwellings, and one which is often promoted by developers, both private and public. But it is actually unclear how many new dwellings are needed, if one takes into account that half of waiting list households are living in, arguably, appropriate (although unaffordable) private rented housing already. Social housing might offer more permanence and lower rents, even at the cost of permanent immobility, now that tenant purchase is almost non-existent.I would suggest that these assessments are expressing a request for housing that meets the accepted norms in Irish society today. This involves secure, affordable, good quality housing, in a desirable neighbourhood, and which provides maximum opportunities for personal, family and community development.While many suggest that these the waiting lists show that people are demanding basic housing (and indeed many are), I would argue that the majority – if not all, are stating that their current housing is below the normative standard for modern Ireland. The State is largely unable to address these requests, as it is only one player in a complex housing system. But one thing is clear, there is no appetite for new large social housing estates.Dr Padraic Kenna is a lecturer in law at NUI Galway and author of Housing Law, Rights and Policy (Dublin, Clarus Press, 2011). Email him at Padraic.kenna@nuigalway.ieRead: Social housing waiting list falls to almost 90,000 householdsRead: Focus Ireland says €400 million investment needed in social housinglast_img read more

Have you SEEN this pen that writes in 3D

first_imgWe would never get ANY work done if we owned one of these. (Pic: 3Doodler)Tumblr of the Day: Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food>Great news! Beer is not responsible for your belly> SO IMAGINE IF you could write, like on a piece of paper. But in 3D. It’d be like being in the future, right?Well, the future is right here. The 3Doodler is a Kickstarter project that launched yesterday, offering a pen that writes in 3D. In mid-air.Watch it in action (but first, secure your jaw to prevent it from lolling open):YouTube/pixelplanetHere’s the explanation according to the Kickstarter page: As 3Doodler draws, it extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. This allows you to build an infinite variety of shapes and items with ease!The funding appeal launched yesterday with a goal of $30,000. So far slack-jawed admirers around the world have pledged… $650,000.Please, please, somebody get us one. Get us one now.last_img read more

Russian Ambassador asks why the EU accepts Nazi elements in Ukraine

first_imgWe didn’t hear any condemnation of the right-wing action.He also described the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych and creation of the interim government as unconstitutional.“Russians are grieving for those who lost their lives in recent events in Ukraine”, he said, telling the committee that Kiev is sometimes referred to as “the mother of all Russian cities”. Ambassador Maxim Peshkov, flanked by officials. (Image Credit: the upcoming independence referendum in Crimea, Peshkov told the committee the move “fully corresponds with international law”, as a similar move by Kosovo was declared to be by the International Court of Justice in 2010.He also faced questions from Labour TD Eric Byrne on why warning shots were fired on a OSCE mission to Crimea.The Ambassador noted that as an autonomous region, Crimea does not have to allow observers into the region.“Complete lie”The ambassador also said that it was a “complete lie” and “falsification” that the gunmen who appeared in Crimea in recent weeks are Russian troops.Peshkov stressed that Russia does not intend to send extra troops to the region as long as “nothing extraordinary happens”.SyriaDeputy Maureen O’Sullivan questioned Peshkov on why Russian is choosing to intervene more in Ukraine than in Syria, where the “principle of non-intervention in domestic affairs” had been cited.“Unfortunately the situation in Syria is much more difficult,” he said, “because there are more sides of the conflict.”“It is quite fragmented… it is difficult to find a compromise”, Peshkov added, noting that Russian had sent humanitarian aid to the region.Read: Crimean lawmakers’ vote for independence ‘does not violate international law’ > THE RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR to Ireland has said there have been attempts to “demonise” his country, placing blame on it for recent events in Ukraine.Ambassador Maxim Peshkov also questioned why the European Union did not do more to prevent the situation spiralling out of control, and warned of rising far-right sentiment in the country.Peshkov appeared before the Oireacthas Committee on Foreign Affairs this afternoon to respond to the concerns of TDs and Senators on Ukraine.He criticised the role “fascist” parties like Svoboda are playing in the new interim government in Ukraine.“We are surprised by the EU and US position”, he said, where this government, composing of nationalist and neo-nazi elements, is considered legitimate.last_img read more

Body of Clare hitandrun victim remains at the scene as gardaí make

first_imgGARDAÍ ARE INVESTIGATING what is believed to be a fatal hit and run after the body of a man was found at Toberteascain, Ennis, Co. Clare shortly after 10pm last night.The man, who is believed to be in his late twenties, was pronounced dead at the scene.The area remains sealed off today and the man’s body remains at the scene pending the arrival of the State Pathologist, Dr Marie Cassidy.Gardaí are appealing for anyone who was in the Toberteascain area of Ennis between 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm yesterday evening or anyone with any information about the incident to contact Ennis Garda Station on 065 6848100.Read: Man found dead following suspected hit-and-run>last_img read more

The 5 at 5 Friday

first_imgEACH WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know before you hit the road.1. #ROCK THE VOTE: Polling stations opened bright and early around the country and voting is underway. Turnout so far is above 10 per cent according to RTÉ but there are still five hours left to vote if you haven’t already.2. #SCHOOL’S OUT: Around 80 staff will lose their jobs and 450 students will be affected by today’s announcement that All Hallows College will close with immediate effect.3. #ENSLAVED: One of the women who was held captive by Ariel Castro for over a decade said she was “the punching bag, the sex toy, the maid” and described a day in the basement as “pure hell”.4. #ABUSE: The case of a woman convicted of “chronic neglect and other abuse” of her children is a reminder that child abuse takes place all across the country, the ISPCC said today.5. #DIGNITY: A coroner in Cork praised a woman who lost her entire family, as a result of a car crash involving a suicidal driver, for her work in the area of suicide risk assessment since the tragedy occurred RTÉ reports.last_img read more

Man finds out live onair that his son missing for 11 days

first_imgI checked my basement, the FBI checked my basement, Detroit Police checked my basement, my wife checked my basement, I’ve been down there several times. We’ve all been checking.The boy, also named Charles Bothuell, was found behind a makeshift barricade of boxes in the basement after being missing since 14 June.Police have said that when the young boy was found on Wednesday he didn’t appear to have been there for long because investigators found cereal and a fizzy drink in the area.He has been turned over to his mother’s custody and met with child psychologists before talking to police yesterday according to CNN. His step-mother has also since been arrested for a probation violation on an unrelated weapons charge, police have confirmed.The child’s father is not allowed to have any contact with his son while the investigation continues. Investigators say this is standard operating procedure in such cases.Read: Woman who had just been raped told to “quit crying” by 911 operator >Read: I wish Monica Lewinsky well, I hope she builds a life she finds meaning in – Hillary Clinton > Source: HLN/YouTubeCHARLES BOTHUELL’s 12-year-old son was missing for 11 days when he went onto a US news television network to make another appeal for information on his disappearance.Just as he went live on-air, HLN’S Nancy Grace heard that his son was found alive in the man’s own basement.Grace informed the man of the development to gasps of disbelief and confusion from Bothuell, who asked the presenter to confirm the news.He was then asked by Grace whether he had in fact checked his basement for his missing child:last_img read more

Back to school costs fall in 2014 but are still crippling too

first_imgCLOTHING, FOOTWEAR AND school book expenses continue to put pressure on family finances as a new school year approaches, according to the latest education costs survey by Barnardos.Over 2,000 parents responded to this year’s survey – the ninth annual review of school costs carried out by Barnardos.While some of the price categories surveyed by the children’s charity stayed level with 2013 expenses, each category was less expensive than last year – though all were hundreds of euros higher than the back to school allowance. (You can read an interactive version of the survey results here.)On average, this year’s survey said the per-child expenses for three different age groups are:Senior infants: €345 (down €5)4th class: €380 (down €20)1st year: €735 (down €50)Footwear increased €10 to €55 on average for senior infants while remaining at €60 for 4th class kids and 1st year students.The average clothing costs for senior infants showed the highest rise since last year – up from €95 to €110, while the average for 4th class pupils stayed level at €120 per child. Clothing costs for students heading into their first year of secondary school fell from €275 to €200 on average.The voluntary contribution fell €25 to €75 for senior infants, rose €25 to €75 for 4th class, and stayed level at €125 for 1st years.Books varied significantly in cost even among students in the same categories, with some parents paying €85 for 4th class texts, and others paying over €140 for the same curriculum. While 68% of parents with children in primary school had access to a book rental scheme, just one-fifth of parents with secondary school kids could access one.Extra expenses such as school bags, trainers and expenditure surrounding extra-curricular activities were not included in the survey.‘Crippling’ cost of ‘free’ educationBarnardos chief Fergus Finlay says the costs of sending children back to school “is crippling too many families”:We are told we have a ‘free’ education system, but as our annual survey shows, this is far from the case.We are pleased to see ‘parent pressure’ is having an effect, with indications school uniform costs are levelling off and the voluntary code for publishers (to minimise reprinting) is being adhered to. This coupled with the introduction of more school book rental schemes in primary schools is encouraging. But it is nowhere near enough.Finlay said it is time for the government to show “real leadership” on cheaper uniforms and school book rental schemes.“As one of the parents said, ‘The great equalizer in any society is education. A poor child has the right to the same education as a child from a wealthy family’,” Finlay added.“Only the government has the power to ensure that every single child in Ireland can access a complete education irrespective of their parents’ ability to pay.”Comments made by parents to the children’s charity about the costs they are facing in sending their children back to school in September included:I am struggling to ensure my son has what he needs to return to school even if that means having to skip a dinner or count how many slices of bread we have before I can make a sandwich for what? So my son can sit in a class of 33 kids and maybe get five minutes’ attention a week. I cannot afford to pay for all the school necessities in September and through the school year since the Child Benefit payments have been reduced and cost of living is increasing constantly. I am stressed, struggling and ill from worry because of family finances.Barnardos is calling on the government to raise the applicable rate for the back to school allowance and to remove the 23% VAT applicable to e-textbooks. It also wants to see the government quickly finalise and implement the Department of Education’s digital strategy concerning the use of technology in the classroom, including low-cost devices.Read: Hundreds of teachers won’t be trained for the new English curriculum by September >last_img read more

Samsungs latest pointandshoot is the 146MP superzoom WB700

first_imgCorrected– The WB700 shoots video at 720p, not 1080p.Samsung didn’t just see fit to announce one new camera today, they announced two. Meet the WB700, their new premium point-and-shoot.AdChoices广告The successor to Samsung’s WB600 and WB650 digicams, the WB700 boasts a fourteen megapixel sensor, a wide angle zoom lens crafted by Kreuznach capable of 24x levels of magnification (eighteen of which are optical, the rest digital) as well as some sweet support for 720p video captured in good old H.264.Samsung’s putting a lot of weight in this cam upon a feature they call Smart Filter 2.0, which allows you to artistically filter your photos in real time using tools like soft focus, half-tone dot, cinema, fish-eye, miniature and sketch. There’s also a new Zoom Noise Reduction mode that “actively cancels out the zoom noise” when you zoom the lens during HD movie filming. Cool.The camera should cost you $299.99 when it hits shelves, which is due to happen in April. Check out the press release below for more information.Editor’s thoughtsAt $300 this camera isn’t cheap, but at least it won’t have to worry about competing with the excellent cameras at the $400 mark (Canon S95 and so on). The is looking like a solid camera for people who want a quality point-and-shooter but that don’t get hung up on the features, sensors size, or other details. It’s not particular extraordinary though, so if you are looking for one step up, check out Samsung’s TL-500 (aka the EX1).last_img read more

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pros

first_imgAlso new in this iteration is a FaceTime-centric HD camera, which offers three times the resolution of its predecessor. The FaceTime teleconferencing software will ship with the new MacBook Pros–older models will be able to download the app from $0.99 from iTunes.The 13 inch version of the laptop (starts at $1,199) features the Intel Core i5 and Core i7 dual-core processors. The 15 and 17 inch models (starting at $1,799 and $2,499, respectively) have a quad-core Core i7 processor.All models feature Snow Leopard (naturally), LED backlighting, glass trackpads, and batteries that should last up to seven hours. Check it out–new MacBook Pros. The big news here is the introduction of the new Thunderbolt I/O technology–a co-production between Apple an Intel that promises to offer 10Gbps transfer speeds, delivering “PCI Express directly to external high performance peripherals such as RAID arrays.” Using the appropriate adapters, the technology can support USB and FireWire external devices and Gigabit Ethernet.last_img read more

Samsung Galaxy S2 launching in the US on ATT Sprint and TMobile

first_imgIt’s a rarity for a top-notch smartphone to launch somewhere other than the U.S. first, but that’s precisely what happened with Samsung’s Galaxy S2. Heck, even in Canada — where folks like me usually wait weeks or months for new gadgets to launch after their U.S. debut — the Galaxy S2 has been available since June.Finally, however, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With an avalanche of press releases today, Samsung has revealed that a trio of Galaxy S2 phones are launching in the U.S. The Galaxy S2 boasts some impressive specs: a 1.2GHz dual core processor, 16GB of internal storage, Super AMOLED screens at 480×800 resolution, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras, and microSD expansion.On AT&T, you’ll find the Galaxy S2 sporting a 4.3-inch display, HSPA+ support, and a 1650mAh battery. They’ll be selling it as the “thinnest 4G smartphone.” Sprint customers will be able to pick up the Epic 4G Touch with WiMax support, a larger 4.52-inch screen, and a more capacious 1800mAh battery. The T-Mobile variant splits the difference with a 4.52″ display and HSPA+ support. Unlike the others the processor on this one is not confirmed as being Samsung’s Exynos.The Samsung Galaxy S2 will arrive in the U.S. on Sprint first, where it will begin selling on September 16th for $199.99 with a new two-year contract. You can pre-order now with the purchase of a $50 Sprint gift card at participating stores. If that’s too steep for you, you could always skip Android and pick up one of Samsung’s less expensive new Bada-powered Wave handsets that were also just unveiled.When Russell previously shared the four upcoming flavors of the U.S. Galaxy S2, he mentioned Verizon — who was notably absent from Samsung’s announcements. Verizon’s as-yet-unnamed LTE slider could still be on the way, but we’ll have to wait patiently for more details.last_img read more

Dominos releases sneaky Pizza Hero game

first_imgEveryone loves a good video game. There’s nothing like being presented with a visually-appealing challenge — complete with clear sets of objectives, obstacles, and actions. Even if only in your imagination, games can let you become a superhero plumber, a Greek God, the Dark Knight, or a flock of pissed-off birds. Well now you can add minimum wage employee to that list, with the new marketing app Domino’s Pizza Hero for iPad.Let’s be frank: Domino’s Pizza Hero is, first and foremost, a way to sell more pizza. Sure, there is a “game,” complete with levels, a ticking timer, and feedback from your manager, but that’s merely the pizza chain’s way of getting your attention. Once you’re finished “playing,” you’re (blatantly) reminded that you can order that very pizza from your local Domino’s from within the app.With that said, the game portion can be surprisingly fun. While “Domino’s employee” isn’t exactly the first fantasy role most of us would select, the developers have utilized the iPad’s touchscreen well. You’re encouraged to quickly roll out dough into a perfect circle, spread sauce without getting it on the crust, and add just the right amount of cheese. There is even a segment where you have to place pepperoni on markers before the timer runs out.The funniest thing about the app is that your manager is pretty picky about your pizza-making skills during the game portion, but then when you’re making a pizza for a real order, the app suddenly becomes your best friend. If you make a mistake in the game portion, you’re told that you aren’t up to snuff to work in this kitchen and had better improve your skills. If you make the same mistake while preparing a real-life order, it politely offers to fix it for you, and takes you on to the next step. These guys aren’t stupid.Domino’s Pizza Hero makes for a solid casual iPad game, just don’t play it while hungry — you might end up ordering pizza when you weren’t planning on it.Download Pizza Hero from the App Store, via 9to5Maclast_img read more

Record labels join forces against Grooveshark

first_imgGrooveshark has the biggest and best library of any music streaming service. This statement could easily be made with more than a hint of sarcasm; unlike licensed services Spotify, Rdio, and Mog, Grooveshark operates on shaky legal ground, dancing around the blurry edges of the DMCA. Universal has been trying to sue the pants off of the service for some time now, but it has now been joined in the lawsuit by fellow labels Sony and Warner Music Group.Grooveshark’s unspoken strategy has been to gain popularity through unlicensed content, and then use that to buy its way into legitimacy. The approach has shown signs of working, as the company signed a deal with EMI in 2009. Universal, however, launched a copyright infringement lawsuit in early 2010, and another last month. The more recent lawsuit is asking for $150,000 per alleged infringement — $17 billion total — from Grooveshark; this is the suit that the other labels have piled onto.Why the sudden piling on? Music streaming services has exploded in popularity this year, and the labels want to make sure customers’ only options are the ones that are paying up. But the biggest reason for the lawsuit surge relates to alleged leaked emails. They supposedly document Grooveshark employees uploading music themselves and intentionally taking their old sweet time with DMCA takedown requests. The labels have always hated Grooveshark, but now they think their case against them is stronger.Will this be the end of our favorite quasi-legal subscription service? Not necessarily. There are parallels to Viacom’s 2007 lawsuit against YouTube, which was ultimately thrown out. That judge ruled that Google’s service was protected by the “safe harbor” provision of the DMCA. This allows services like YouTube to host potentially-infringing content, as long as the company responds to copyright holders’ takedown requests. Grooveshark’s biggest problem might be the alleged email leaks: evidence of a company deliberately flipping the bird to copyright holders could spell trouble.No matter the end result, the legal battles aren’t likely to end anytime soon. Grooveshark is still here, and will probably still be here months from now. If you’re a subscriber, enjoy; just don’t be shocked if you have to find a new service a year or two from now.via ReadWriteWeblast_img read more

Job listing confirms Blizzards next MMO will contain advertising

first_imgThe details of Blizzard‘s next MMO, codenamed Titan, won’t be known until Blizzard decides to reveal what it is, such is the nature of how tight control is around everything the developer works on. But it can’t hide everything from view, especially when the company is posting job listings.One of the most recent positions that has gone up on Blizzard’s website is for a Franchise Development Producer. It seems like a pretty standard, business-facing role until you spot the bullet point that states the job requires working with, “major consumer brands to facilitate product placement and licensing within the world of Blizzard Entertainment’s next-gen MMO.”You can’t get much better evidence that Blizzard will be using advertising in their next MMO. Can we take anything away from that? Well, it suggests the setting will likely be more modern or futuristic as consumer brands don’t really fit well in a fantasy setting. You’re not going to see a billboard advertising Mountain Dew in a Warcraft setting, are you? So modern day or some future reality sounds more plausible.There’s also a possibility advertising means Blizzard is considering a free-to-play model. However, that’s by no means certain as plenty of other games have used advertising, so Blizzard could just be planning alternate revenue streams alongside collecting your monthly subscription for Titan.The Franchise Development Manager sounds like a pretty sweet role. As well as talking with major consumer brands eager to get their name in the game (meaning loads of freebies), you would also be responsible for creating merchandise including books, action figures, comics, movies (shorts) and clothing. All you need for the role is that “track record of shipping AAA products.”via Joystiq and NeoGAFlast_img read more

Founder of Commodore Business Machines Jack Tramiel dies at 83

first_imgAnother technology visionary has passed on. Jack Tramiel, the founder of Commodore Business Machines, has died at the age of 83. The driving force behind one of the best-selling home computer systems in history, Tramiel was a pioneer in creating affordable hardware for the everyday consumer that still possessed enough horsepower to push the envelope. Tramiel was a true American success story that started with nothing in his pocket to become one of the leading experts in the computing industry. Jack Tramiel and Michael Tomczyk celebrating 1 million in VIC20 sales.Born on the 12th of December, 1928 in to a Jewish family that resided in Poland, Tramiel was just eleven-years old when and thousands of others were interred into the Auschwitz concentration camp. Both of his parents died during the tragic experience. Tramiel survived long enough to be rescued by the 84th US Infantry Division in 1945. After the hostilities ended, he emigrated to the US in 1947 believing that he could accomplish anything after surviving.After working as a taxi driver in New York for some years, Tramiel bought a Bronx-based storefront so that he could repair office equipment to take advantage of the skills he had learned in the Army to make money. In just two-years, he had made enough to found Commodore Business Machines to sell typewriters in North America. After selling adding machines and calculators and getting burnt both times by suppliers like Texas Instruments, Tramiel bought MOS Technology and began developing processors which led to the creation of the wildly popular VIC20 and Commodore 64 computers. Of course, as many of you know, Commodore went on to create the highly sought after Amiga line of media computers, which helped to cement the it in the history books as one of the most influential companies of the early computing era.Known for the famous quote “It’s time to create computers for the masses, not the classes,” Tramiel is often credited with the explosion of home computing in the world.A prototypical rags-to-riches story, it’s safe to say that Tramiel was indeed able to accomplish anything he put his mind to.via Computer Worldlast_img read more