Mr. Talkbox Covers Vulfpeck And It’s Absolutely Amazing [Video]

first_imgByron “Mr. Talkbox” Chambers released an incredible video earlier today in honor of “one of the funkiest bands in all the land,” as he describes Vulfpeck. The mastermind performs the band’s hit “Back Pocket” only using a talk box, a cappella, in a similar fashion to Jack Stratton‘s recent online performance where he only uses a talk box to perform the four voices of the Bach fugue, “Contrapunctus IX.”Listen to Mr. Talkbox’s version of “Back Pocket,” which also includes a fresh remix of “Funky Duck” at the end. Too cool!For those who can’t get enough of the Vulf, the band will be making an appearance at the inaugural Fool’s Paradise this April 1-2 in St. Augustine, FL. Performing alongside Lettuce, GRiZ, Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue, The Nth Power, and Goldfish, this is one destination festival that you won’t want to miss! Tickets are on sale now and available here.last_img read more

Watch Full Video Of The Disco Biscuits’ Opening Night Of Bisco Inferno

first_imgLoad remaining images Last night marked the first of the four-night run known as Bisco Inferno, hosted by the jamtronica pioneers known as The Disco Biscuits. The group has been playing some of their best music in recent memory, and last night was no exception. The group hit Denver’s Ogden Theatre for the first of a three-night run, while the fourth night will be held at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO, with support from Twiddle.The band got to rocking with a great show from front to back, featuring a number of the band’s classic tunes. From the opening “Floodlights” to the first set “Helicopters” that concluded in the encore, the show was one for the books!Thanks to tDB, we have full pro-shot video of the entire performance! Check it out below.Don’t miss the Biscuits at Camp Bisco this summer as well, heading to Montage Mountain, PA from July 14-16. With sets from Odesza, Big GRiZmatik, Lotus, STS9 and more, it’s going to be one great weekend of music! More information can be found here.The full setlist from the performance can be seen below, courtesy of the band. Setlist: The Disco Biscuits at The Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO – 6/1/16I: Floodlights, Strobelights & Martinis-> Helicopters-> Gangster-> Strobelights & MartinisII: Mirrors-> Crickets (inverted)-> Moshi Fameus-> Spectacle, Pilin it HigherE: Wet-> HelicoptersCover photo via Dave Vann, check out his full gallery below.last_img read more

moe. Makes Wishes Come True At Monumental Boulder Show

first_imgHaving spent their set break clowning around with their new toy, the band came back out smiling and laughing to each other before launching “Spine Of A Dog,” a tune that does a good job showcasing the band’s diverse strengths. Nonsensical lyrics give fans a fun hook to sing along with, while intricate and intense guitar melodies and a wild drums and percussion break whipped the audience into a frothing frenzy to the band’s delight.The layout of the Boulder Theater made it an ideal place for interaction, with the terraced main floor and low and close balcony keeping moe. and their “moe.rons” eye level and completely connected.A tight version of the deceptively named “Jazz Wank” gave way to the first notes of the instantly recognizable Pink Floyd classics “The Happiest Days Of Our Lives>Another Brick In The Wall” accompanied by a boisterous welcoming cheer. Fans who had been online fooling with the hot line noticed that one of the messages that had been answered was a request for the spunky percussionist to sing, and now, minutes later he was doing just that. Coincidence? Whatever the reasoning, the walls echoed with demands of teachers to finally leave those kids alone.Closing out a long run of songs segueing with the dance party jam “George”, moe. paused to catch their breath and were bent back from the waves of cheers and positive energy. Riding that love, Derhak sent shivers up spines with the first bass notes from “Buster.” The normally generous portion of expansive jamming that dominates the second half of the tune was blown out yet farther, with all five members seizing attentions with grandstanding solos that still managed to propel the melody and thrust of the tune. To be able to find fresh ground on such a well explored song bodes well for the creative force of the band.As the odd time signature end of “Buster” gave way to an escalating, twinkling jam, the patience of “Rebubula” fans was rewarded with a call back to the previous night’s unfinished version that once again united the entire club in a wicked loop of energy passed from the stage to the crowd and back again. When the song came to its tragic, calamitous conclusion the audience seemed to come crashing down with it from the heights the band had elevated them.Leaving to uproarious cheers, the band caught a much needed respite before the earnestly chipper Schnier came out to connect with the crowd in the segment of the show affectionately known as “al.nouncements.” The pun loving crowd was thanked by the guitarist profusely, who read a series of notes passed to him and the crew earlier in the day. Mentions were made of birthdays, bachelor parties and show anniversaries that ranged from someone’s second show to someone else’s 251st.That sort of dedication shows plainly speaks to the loyalty fans feel towards the music that feeds their souls, and moe. has made a lot of life long friends through their music over the decades. One of the messages read was from a fan who had been seeing the band for 16 years, and her wish for them to consider playing their version of the Violent Femmes’ “Blister In The Sun,” which had been played at her first show. She was on up front as he read her message, and thanked him profusely for the love he and the band had brought into her life. She spoke for herself, but her words could have just as easily come from anyone in the love filled room.While he always loved working with his friends in Gov’t Mule, Schnier explained that he had been, like many of the fans in the room, looking forward to this chance to really spend an extended period with the audience. As he said those words, long time guitar tech Frank Robbins whisked out stools and acoustic guitars and bass for the guys on the front line, while drummer Vinnie Amico picked up his jazz brushes to take the band on a special acoustic encore set.“Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes,” written to Derhak’s mischievous daughter, especially benefited from the acoustic treatment, with the lyrical whimsy strengthened by the lighter instrumentation. The western themed “Shoot First” gave Garvey a chance to slip into fun-slinger mode, and his alternating laughter while singing and deep focus while nailing the glass slide solo showed the dexterity of performance skills that the bands 25 plus years has honed to razor sharpness.Deep cut and fan favorite bluegrass tune “Blue Eyed Son” made a welcome appearance at the planned end of the set, before the band decided to honor the recent request and whipped out an unrehearsed and delightfully on point rendition of “Blister In The Sun.” Tears of appreciation were still being wiped away from one fan’s face while the band grabbed up their electrified instruments once more for a rousing closer, “Sensory Deprivation Bank.”Some four hours after the first notes the band stood waving at a lit up crowd of people who been on a journey with them faced each other one last time for the evening, thanking each other for sharing the night. Derhak took a moment to personally pass along a set list to the woman who had had her “Blister” wish granted, reminding her the song wasn’t written on it. He quickly got a pen and added the tune by hand, and made her souvenir complete before passing it back to her.Any fears fans might have about moe. growing complacent or weary after their decades of inspirational performances should rest easy after shows like the one for the ages the band turned in Friday in Boulder. If anything, the band is at the top of their game, and with new material and what has been described as a “touring year” on the way the future is decidedly bright for the band and the people who live for the lift their music brings to the world.Thanks again to the efforts of taper Flarcus you can stream the entire show below:moe.8/26/16Boulder Theater ~ Boulder, COI: Defrost > Akimbo > Smoke > meat. > Tubing The River Styx > The Pit > Tubing The River Styx > Tailspin > meat.II: Spine Of A Dog > Jazz Wank > The Happiest Days Of Our Lives > Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) > George, Buster > Rebubula#Enc: Blond Hair And Blue Eyes*, Shoot First*, Blue Eyed Son*, Blister In The Sun, Sensory Deprivation Bank* acoustic# completes 8/25/16 version Load remaining images A full gallery of shots from our own Rex Thomson is below: center_img The second half of moe.‘s two night run in Colorado saw the band wound up and ready to bring faithful fans from near and far who had packed the Boulder Theater for a show for the ages. After a spectacular showing the day before at the Red Rocks Amphitheater as part of an epic co-headlining set with Gov’t Mule, moe. continued their year long habit of playing a special, smaller scale show that was filled with surprises, treats and smiles all around. Die hard fans have learned not to miss the intimate shows as the band rewards lucky attendees with deep cut special shows that delight and amaze. As guitarist Al Schnier would later note to raucous cheers, this night was billed as an “Evening With moe.” and it was planned from the beginning to be an expansive two set and extended encore affair. A task left unfinished from the day before, an open and unfinished “Rebubula,” whose first half had opened their Red Rocks set and lay looming and ripe for revisiting and solidly uniting the two evenings that had sharp eared fans listening for familiar chords. Reaching all the way back to their very beginnings moe. opened the set with the until recently long dormant “Defrost Kelly” to warm fingers and hearts before sliding into an always welcome “Akimbo.” Always a showcase for guitarist Chuck Garvey and Schnier to comically square off against each other, a clearly bemused bassist Rob Derhak watched on as his flanking band mates traded licks and grins. After filling the room with a spicy “Smoke” the band started a funky “Meat” that had funky ebbs and flows before the song turned into a showcase for the exemplary vibraphone, xylophone and marimba skills of percussionist Jim Loughlin.Mallets were flying and minds were melted as halfway through “Meat” the equally vibe heavy tunes “Tubing The River Styx” lead into a dark and spiralling visit to the very depths of “The Pit.” Loughlin’s furious work disguised the amazing precision he has steadfastly worked to hone over the last few years. The entire first set flowed from song to song unabated into an epic “Tailspin” that upped the energy in the room approximately a thousand percent. Derhak gleefully dove into the bass slapping solo. His perma-grin was part of the overwhelming vibe of silliness and contagious joy shared between the band, crew and crowd as old friends and new threw themselves into the evenings revelries with equal abandon that honestly was a pleasure to behold. With all the worries of the world, the gift given by the performers of a few hours escape any thought outside ones of life affirmation and joy.That infectious spirit that has always been a big part of moe.’s identity was on display beyond the stage that night, as a sign on the stage announced that a new twist in the way the band communicated with their fans had been established…a moe. “Hot Line.”A small sign posted on the stage monitor had fans pulling out their cell phones at set break to see what would happen. People were shocked to find that the band was not only responding, they were showing a snarky sense of humor as always. The internet quickly filled up with snapshots of screen captures and reports of bizarre conversations which have continued to this day.last_img read more

My Morning Jacket Last Played Madison Square Garden, Five Years Ago Today [Full Audio]

first_imgFive years ago, on December 14, 2011, My Morning Jacket performed to a sold-out Madison Square Garden. Their sprawling 24-song, two-and-a-half hour set was a landmark night in the band’s history.The night saw special guests make appearances as well, with Ben Bridwell from the opening band, Band of Horses, coming out for “Wonderful” and flutist Brian Jackson and the Dearland Horns coming out for “The Bottle.” To bring symmetry to the evening, which kicked off with a performance by Band of Horses and to give nod to the holiday season, the epic show ended with Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket closing out the evening with Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”You can reminisce by listening to the full show below, courtesy of Jon Pasternak.last_img read more

Hip Hop Artist Turns Lettuce’s “Lude Pt. 6” Into Dope Rap Track [Listen]

first_imgProducer/rapper Jackson Whalan spent this past harvest season working in Northern California, many hours a day on the hill, steadily honing his craft, and immersing himself and his headphones in all things Adam Deitch. When Lettuce dropped their future-funk and hip-hop drenched Mt. Crushmore EP in November, the b-boy inside Whalan was engulfed in the titanic sonic offering. The essence of a new boom-bap was alive and kickin’; and Whalan heard the call to arms- loud as hell and clear as day.The result is the fantastic “#KeepKrushing”, a mixtape-type track where Whalan goes absolutely ham over Lettuce’s “Lude Pt. 6.” A producer/rapper, Whalan loops up the track, which the Lett krewe assembled with snippets and outtakes from the band’s psychedelic Dilla-dipped masterpiece “Phyllis”; the emcee then proceeds to destroy countless bars for nearly two minutes straight, barely coming up for air as he comes both conscious and correct. It is, in a word, flames.When asked about what prompted this song/idea/project, Whalan was reflective and inspired.“Lettuce, Deitch and those guys are making great art. The spirit of hip hop is alive and well in their music, and I wanted to honor the tradition of hip hop, and Dilla, and just jump on their track with bars. The intention here was to honor not just Lettuce, but all cats from the culture who have laid the foundation for me to create this music and connect with people. I hope that people can feel that in my music. This track is a prime example of that.”The burgeoning emcee/producer hails from Western Mass, but Jackson Whalan’s roots to the Lettuce krewe trace back to New York City, when both Deitch and Whalan lived in Brooklyn and the younger cat was trying to link with frequent Break Science emcee CX. Since that time, Whalan has released a few albums and most recently toured the West Coast with Brooklyn’s Moon Hooch, his college-era pals from The New School. Whalan had somewhat of a modest underground hit with his video-single “S.N.A.G. (Sensitive New Age Guy).”Just last month, he released a five-song EP Souled Out on Austrailia’s underground hip-hop label Adapted Records. Thanksgiving weekend, verbal darts sharpened from the aforementioned mountainside sessions, Whalan showed and proved through five rounds of competition to take home Hip Hop Medicine’s 2016 Freestyle Competition in Nevada City, California.last_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee And Spafford Hit Vegas For St. Patrick’s Day [Photos]

first_imgSetlist: Umphrey’s McGee | Brooklyn Bowl | Las Vegas, NV | 3/17/2017Set One: Flamethrower > Puppet String > Rocktopus, Attachments, Out of Order > Puppet String, Got Your Milk Right Here > Der Bluten KatSet Two: Gurgle > Speak Up > The Floor > I’m On Fire > The Floor, Kapump > Comma Later > In a Silent Way > It’s About That TimeEncore: Glory > The Good Times Are Killin Me > Mad Love Load remaining images Last night, Umphrey’s McGee continued their tour with Spafford, hitting Sin City and Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas for Friday’s St. Patrick’s Day performance. From the start of Umphrey’s first set, which kicked off with “Flamethrower,” marking the start of a heater of a first set. A “Puppet String” sandwich took up a large part of the first set, housing “Rocktopus,” “Attachments,” and “Out of Order” within it. Set two was a seamless and nonstop musical showcase, with the band moving through nine tracks with only a single song break falling after a reprise of “The Floor.” For their encore, the band came out with “Glory,” before moving into Modest Mouse’s “The Good Times Are Killing Me” and finishing off the night with “Mad Love.”You can check out a gallery of photos from last night below, courtesy of photographer Paul Citone. You can also watch the set opener, courtesy of TourGigs, and peep the setlist for Spafford’s and Umphrey’s performances.Setlist: Spafford | Brooklyn Bowl | Las Vegas, NV | 3/17/2017Set One: Windmill, Simon & Lilly, On Fire, Leave The Light On > Hollywoodlast_img read more

The Big What? Announces Full Lineup With The BIG Something, Turkuaz, Consider The Source, And More

first_imgThe Big What? is back this year for its sixth year and slated to take over Pittsboro, North Carolina, toward the tail-end of summer. Running from August 17th through 19th, the festival serves as a home base to jamband up-and-comers The BIG Something. The BIG Something will play at least three times across their festival in addition to a bunch of performances by other favorite acts from the jam scene. The recent announcement of the full festival lineup reveals that the weekend will also see performances by Turkuaz, SunSquabi, Zach Deputy, Consider the Source, Aqueous, Everyone Orchestra, Big Mean Sound Machine, The Fritz, Spiritual Rez, Town Mountain, the reunion of BIG DADDY LOVE, and more. Early bird GA and VIP tickets for the intimate festival, which is nestled in the Shakori Hills of North Carolina, are available here. You can also get more information about The Big What? on the event’s website here.[Photo courtesy of Rob Roane]last_img read more

Stevie Wonder Discusses Motown, MLK Jr., Obama, Prince, & More On New Podcast Episode

first_imgIn the latest episode of What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito, the one-and-only Stevie Wonder discusses his love for Motown, campaigning for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, thoughts on Barack Obama, and missing Prince. The once child prodigy, now living legend is the recipient of 25 Grammy Awards, an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Despite losing his sight shortly after birth, Wonder has remained one of the top artists in soul, pop, R&B, and funk, delivering timeless songs like “Superstition,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” “You are the Sunshine of My Life,” and so many more. His 56-year career is packed with generations of stories, perspectives, and understandings, so any sliver of insight into Stevie Wonder’s mindset is inspiring.On making music with Motown Records, he says “The difference between then and now: Back then, I had this tape bag I carried around for years, of melodies and ideas and all that kind of stuff. I had in that bag the idea for “My Cherie Amour,” the idea for “Hey Love.” I had a chance to put the music to work with Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy. It was the melodies and music idea that I would give them. It was a great marriage, one that really made it possible for me to continue to be in Motown, because I think by the age of 14 and a half, they had this meeting at Motown saying, “You know what? His voice is changing, things are different, we don’t know what to do with this kid. We think we’re gonna have to let him go.” … Sylvia Moy said, “You know what, I think I’m going to commit to working with him, Hank, if you’re with it. He’s got some melodies and some things we wanna kinda like, mess with and see what we get.” And so they did and we started doing stuff together.”On love and spirituality, he says “I think that my thing is basically, God — when I think about it, I say, “God, how can I make you even more happy?” Because, you know, obviously I’m appreciative of the fans and success and all that. But to please God is my greatest joy. And for those who might be Muslim, to please the God that you serve, Allah, or whatever your religion is. Like I said before, it’s not about the religion, it’s about the relationship.And so my thing right now is I’m thinking: How can we deal with this situation where people are prostituting the most high with their negativity, with their evil? That hurts my heart so deeply. And that’s everywhere. And so, to me, the one thing you’ve heard through and through every religion is: Hey, just love. Just love. That’s the most important thing: Just love. That’s what’s gonna see us through. So when I hear these little children singing my songs or singing songs, hearing those voices and I think of those little kids in Manchester, just going to see a concert and then someone uses that as a source of their anger — it’s unacceptable. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, it doesn’t matter. And for me, not seeing anybody, it means that I’m looking at their souls.”Listen to the full episode of What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito below:[photo by Dave Vann]last_img read more

SunSquabi To Donate $1 Per Ticket To Can’d Aid Foundation On Current Tour

first_imgSUNSQUABI TOUR DATESMar 10 – Riviera Theatre – Chicago, ILMar 16 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WIMar 17 – Cabooze – Minneapolis, MNMar 21 – Rose Music Hall – Columbia, MOMar 22 – Exit/In – Nashville, TNMar 23 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GAMar 24 – Asheville Music Hall – Asheville, NCMar 25 – 1904 Music Hall – Jacksonville, FLMar 28 – 123 Pleasant St. – Morgantown, WVMar 29 – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PAMar 30 – Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, PAApr 4 – Madison Live – Covington, KYApr 5 – The Mousetrap – Indianapolis, INApr 6 – The Magic Stick – Detroit, MIApr 7 – The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MIApr 21 – Red Rocks Amp – Morrison, COApr 22 – Backwoods Music Fest – Ozark, ARJun 21 – Electric Forest – Rothbury, MIJun 28 – Electric Forest – Rothbury, MIJuly 13 – 14 Camp Bisco – Scranton, PAAug 2 – 4 – Summer Meltdown – Darrington, WASept 20 – 22 – Resonance Festival – Thornville, OHView All Tour Dates SunSquabi kicked off their Just A Little tour on Friday night in Madison, WI, and are heading all over the country for the next 3 weeks. The band has teamed up with the Colorado brewing company Oskar Blues / Can’d Aid Foundation on this tour to give back to the community by raising money from concert tickets, with the intention of donating music instruments to public schools in need. For every ticket sold on the Just A Little tour, the band will donate $1. As a reult, CAN’d Aid and their TUNES Ambassadors will be able to host music workships, teaching kids how to jam to blues, rock, funk, and more. Learn more about Can’d Aid Foundation here. So far, instrument donations are scheduled for Madison, WI and Jacksonville, FL on this tour.Appropriately named Just A Little, this tour is just a sliver of what Sunsquabi has in store for the future as they continue on in their musical odyssey. Joining the band on support will be friends Exmag and Beak Nasty. Back in November, SunSquabi sold out their first headlining show at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO. The accomplishment solidified the band into a headliner position in Colorado as they recently announced a co-headline appearance at Red Rocks with Opiuo on April 21st. The Just A Little tour is the largest headline run to date for the trio, and you can catch them in a city near you.You can enjoy pro-shot video of SunSquabi’s tour opening show below, courtesy of the band.last_img read more

Willie Nelson Releases New Weed Strain To Go With His New Album

first_imgCountry music legend Willie Nelson released Last Man Standing on April 27th. That last sentence may seem unremarkable—he has released 66 previous albums, after all—yet it gets a little more exciting when you realize Last Man Standing isn’t just the name of Willie’s latest record. It’s also the name of his latest marijuana strain.Nelson, who celebrated his 85th birthday on April 29th, has been in the music business for 62 years. While he’s famously been an advocate of the marijuana plant since the 1960s, his time in the marijuana business—at least officially—began much more recently in 2015. That’s when Nelson co-founded Willie’s Reserve, a brand that sells paraphernalia, edibles, and old-fashioned buds on the United States’ growing legal marijuana market.Considering Nelson’s music and marijuana ventures, it’s no surprise that some co-branding is in order. If anything, the only surprise is that it’s taken this long to happen. Last Man Standing is the fourth album that the prolific singer, songwriter, and musician has released since 2015, but it’s the first to lend its name to a Willie’s Reserve product.“It comes from this huge plant with beautiful buds,” Shane Osburn, who bred and cultivated the strain at Sol Grow Mendocino with his wife Amelia, told Taste of Country. “It’s so expressive of its characteristics. When you walk past the plant it smells like an orange tree.”“Willie is a soldier for the cannabis community,” adds Amelia. “We have total respect for how he’s told the world about what we do, through his music and through who he is… We’ve come pretty damn far from the point where they’d put you in prison for life for a seed to where we are now. It’s a lot of progress.”In addition to both versions of Last Man Standing, Nelson has also released a video for the album’s first single, “Ready to Roar”. The clip finds the icon and members of his band diving into some old school Western swing in the studio, and you can check out it below. Checking out the new Last Man Standing strain, on the other hand, can only be done Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California. Willie Nelson – “Ready to Roar”last_img read more