Axl Rose Teams With ‘Looney Tunes’ For First New Single In Years, ‘Rock The Rock’ [Watch]

first_imgAxl Rose has been a busy guy as of late. The Guns N’ Roses singer has been on tour with his newly revamped rock band with their insanely successful Not In This Lifetime… Tour, which has earned almost half a billion dollars in gross revenue since beginning back in April 2016. With the tour now on a brief pause, Axl has the time to debut his new project, which sees him jamming away with characters from Looney Tunes in the music video for a new single titled, “Rock the Rock”.Rose debuted the new song on Friday in the form of a 2:11 minute animated cartoon where he and his new Looney friends attempt to literally rock the rock. Said “rock” would be an asteroid coming towards earth, with Axl, Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, and company in charge of destroying it with their rock and roll performance before it makes impact. The clip also acts as a promo for a new series within the Looney Tunes universe, titled, New Looney Tunes. The series airs on a new streaming platform named Boomerang, which must have bought the rights to debut Rose’s first new single since GnR’s Chinese Democracy arrived back in 2008 after years of waiting.Related: Guns N’ Roses Power Through Shortened Gig Despite Axl Rose Being ‘Severely Ill’The new song sticks pretty close to the trademark GnR sound, although it doesn’t appear any of the other Guns members had a role in the short new rock track. Axl moves and sounds pretty good as a cartoon character, and can even be seen showing off a few of his trademark dance moves from the classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine” video at one point. Bugs Bunny takes the place of Slash as the band’s lead guitarist and uses those shredding abilities of his to take that asteroid out for good.Axl Rose – “Rock the Rock” – New Looney Tunes[Video: Boomerang]Wishful rumors have spread amongst the rock community on whether or not the semi-reunited Guns N’ Roses will be releasing a new studio album to go along with their highly profitable tour. Axl, Slash, and Duff have been mum on the subject, possibly because they have no plans to record a new album together. Slash recently released his third solo album alongside Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, and Duff McKagan is also working on releasing a solo project sometime in 2019.Until then, fans will have to enjoy watching a cartoon Axl Rose rock the rock.last_img read more

SMC dedicates week to disabilities awareness

first_imgSaint Mary’s Student Diversity Board (SDB) will be holding a Disabilities Awareness Week this week. Events will be held daily, including Disabilities Awareness Activities Table from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Center Atrium today. “The purpose of Disabilities Awareness Week is to make people aware that there are disabilities all around us, whether the disabilities are physical or learning disabilities,” senior Adrienne Quatman, Students With Disabilities chair, said. There is a showing of “I am Sam” Tuesday in Vander Vennet at 8 p.m. with refreshments provided, Quatman said. On Wednesday, Josh Diehl, professor of psychology at Notre Dame, will give a lecture on Autism in Vander Vannet at 7 p.m. An SDB Gives Back to the Dining Hall Staff night is Thursday. A Disabilities Awareness table will be set up Friday in the Student Center atrium, Quatman said. According to Qautman, bracelets will be sold in the Student Center atrium all week for $1. Proceeds will go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation. The week is one of SDB’s annual events and it grows from year to year. “This is one of our annual events that we have had since the board was created,” Quatman said. “We have expanded on it, and each year it is different depending on who the board’s chair is. This year we have chosen to focus on a variety of disabilities.” According to Quatman, the goal of the week is to bring understanding to the variety of disabilities that exist. “We would like to make everyone aware of what it is like to have a disability and promote the understanding of the challenges that people with disabilities face,” she said. More than raising awareness, she said they also hope to bring a respect for those who have a disability. “We hope to encourage sensitivity about what it’s truly like to be a person with disabilities in a society that does not fully embrace their capabilities,” Quatman said. “We also really wanted to publicize the Disabilities Center provided at Saint Mary’s.” Quatman said this follows SDB’s goal of showing the value of all diversity on campus. “SDB recognizes that every person is diverse and contributes to making our community a better place,” she said. “Disabilities Awareness Week relates to our mission in that the events we promote emphasize equality and recognize the value of all peoples.” All events are open to everyone on campus. “Everyone is encouraged to come to all of our events,” she said. “We also hope that people are aware of the Disabilities Center on Saint Mary’s campus. There will be more information about it at our Disabilities Awareness table in the Atrium all next week.”last_img read more

Broadway Idiot Documentary Will Air on Showtime

first_img View Comments Broadway Idiot, directed by Doug Hamilton, follows Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong from a punk rock concert at Madison Square Garden through the creation of American Idiot on Broadway. The film documents the behind-the-scenes world of the tuner, including footage from rehearsal, opening night and more. The documentary premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March of 2013. Take a look at the trailer here! Don’t have Showtime? Not to worry, because you can also now stream the documentary on Netflix! American Idiot uses hit Green Day songs, including “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “Jesus of Suburbia,” “21 Guns” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends” to tells the story of Johnny and Tunny, two jaded young men who try to escape their stifling suburban life, while their friend Will stays at home to work on his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. The original Broadway cast starred John Gallagher Jr. as Johnny, Michael Esper as Will, Mary Faber as Heather, Rebecca Naomi Jones as Whatsername, Christina Sajous as The Extraordinary Girl, Stark Sands as Tunny and Tony Vincent as St. Jimmy. Take a break from headbanging and set your DVRs, because Broadway Idiot is coming to the small screen! The documentary about the making of the Broadway musical American Idiot will receive its U.S. broadcast premiere on May 8 on Showtime.last_img read more

Virginia elections put another state squarely in the energy-transition column

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享E&E News:The Democratic governor of Virginia’s attempts to join the cap-and-trade compact of 10 states had been thwarted by Republican lawmakers, who had controlled the General Assembly in Richmond. That roadblock no longer exists.Climate policy in the U.S. has closely tracked with Democratic state victories in recent years. In 2018, Democrats seized control of all three branches of state government in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and New York and added to their narrow legislative majorities in Washington state.In the following months, New Mexico, New York and Washington all passed legislation to eliminate emissions from power plants by midcentury. Colorado passed a series of reforms meant to green its power supply while Nevada boosted its requirements for renewable energy.Northam has indicated that he wants to follow in those state’s footsteps. In September, he issued an executive order setting renewable energy goals for the state. They included generating 30% of Virginia’s power from renewables by 2030 and all power from non-carbon emitting sources by 2050.But with Republicans controlling the General Assembly in Richmond, the order lacked the force of other states. One big question will be how Democrats approach Dominion Energy Inc., the state’s largest utility. Dominion has emerged as a flashpoint in Virginia politics in recent years.But Dominion has also signaled it is willing to substantially boost its investment in renewables. When Northam issued his executive order establishing renewable energy goals, the utility responded with a statement saying “challenge accepted” Dominion recently announced plans to invest $8 billion in offshore wind.More: Democratic sweep thrusts Va. into ambitious role on climate Virginia elections put another state squarely in the energy-transition columnlast_img read more

Springtime Stoke at the New River Gorge

first_img– Jay Reese is a rock climber for the B.R.O. Athlete Team. Check out his bio here. Rock climber Jay Reese from the BRO Athlete Team fills up on sun and psyche as Spring wakes up in the New River Gorge of West Virginia. It’s 6am and bells are chiming. My eyes peel apart from 4 hours of unconsciousness, a few hours too early after a few beers too many. I slap around for my phone to turn my alarm clock off, cursing the late night game of high stakes trivia that got me into this predicament. But it’s not my phone making the noise. Maybe it’s the alarm clock? Nope. Sounds like a doorbell? What doorbell? My doorbell! Growing tired of waiting at our normal meeting place, my climbing partner David decided to trek down to the source. A common rule among the crew is that anyone that doesn’t make it to the meet-up is considered dead or immobile, but will be given the opportunity to correct their actions at the price of paying for breakfast. Since I was both of those things a few minutes earlier, ham biscuits would be on me. After a shotgun packing job I was in a car and bound for West Virginia.Cirque Wall New River GorgeThe New River Gorge in West Virginia was not our original destination, having just the night before made the call to scrub plans to go to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky due to a little snow. In this case “a little snow” was 20″ of a traffic jamming, ice forming, road ruining weather system known as Thor. Days of pouring over guidebooks, watching videos, and dreaming of rice bowls at Miguel’s fizzled before our eyes as news came in that Lexington, a town 45 minutes away from the Red, was reporting the most snow since 1943. Luckily for the trip, the New only got around 10”, so we closed one guidebook and opened another. After a cold winter of training in gyms, sneaking outside only to freeze stiff, and staring at pictures of Lynn Hill on Quinsana Plus, I was pretty excited to get back to the New and get on the Nuttal Sandstone cliffs that pepper the side of the valley.David and I rolled into the parking lot at the New to find we were alone save for some tire tracks in the deep snow. The tracks told a story of attempts at parking, spinning, pushing, and retreat. A bit of a concerning start to the day, hopefully the hike to the other side of the hill would be a bit better. We unpacked and repacked our climbing gear as the last member of our crew sauntered in. The sun was beaming and it was already in the high 40s. The temperatures would turn the friction up to 11, ideal conditions, so long as we could find some South facing, sunny rock that had already shivered off the thick layers of ice that could be seen from the bridge. Luckily we had just the place in mind.The Cirque, an amphitheater of brightly colored, bullet-hard sandstone, it is the crescendo of the 4.5 mile stretch of Endless Wall. Containing some of the hardest, most technical routes in the area, it’s not uncommon to pass a few broken dreams when walking the base of the cliff. Due to its concave shape, lack of tree shade, and South facing orientation, the Cirque is an ideal winter climbing location. Today it was host to a chaotic symphony of shattering glass. A hundred feet above us, giant icicles were warming up, losing their footing, and cascading to the floor below. The steep overhang of the wall kept us safe from the icefall, but every time a refrigerator size chunk of ice dislodged from the top and came roaring down I felt the need to duck and cover.Climbing at the Cirque is nothing less than perfect, albeit on the difficult side. We warmed up on a route aptly named “The Warmup”, where a less than easy start leads into a steep roof that burns the forearms and wakes up the brain cells. After a few laps on the climb we were ready to head to our respective projects for the day. Ricky (our tardy third member) was first on the rotation. A winter of living on homemade cheesecakes had apparently not hindered his superhuman pulling power as he danced up “Trebuchet Jr.”, a technical thinker of a route. Making it past the crux, a botched hand sequence sent Ricky down to the tight end of the rope. A quick rest and he was back on the wall and at the top. “One hanging” a project, where a climber only falls once during their attempt, is considered the last step before actually sending a route. It was Ricky’s first run of the day so he was off to a solid start.Cirque Wall New River GorgeNext up was David, my partner for the next 3 days of climbing and sleeping in the slushy mud. David is an odd cat, full of try-hard, physics equations, and grape nuts cereal. David and I had our sights set on a route called “Hasta La Vista” located at the end of the massive wall. Just to the right of the route was a beautiful waterfall, spraying bits of ice and water from the melt above. Chandeliers of ice bordered the spray, making for a beautiful setting for the climber but a nervous belay down near the drop zone. David styled his way through the route and after a few attempts he had the thing mostly dialed.It wasn’t until I was standing below the route tying in that I had the old familiar feeling of dread that comes from not climbing outside for a while. As a personal confession, heights terrify. that might seem weird in a sport where the very name of the game is heights, but in practice it rarely affects me. It’s only when I’ve been away for a while that the fear creeps in. Luckily I have learned to manage away this fear by assuring myself that nothing will break, my belayer is competent, and that as long as I take care to remember the fundamentals I shouldn’t end up like all that ice tumbling down around me.With fear pushed to the back of my mind I tied in and got ready to throw myself outside of the comfort zone once again. I had spent most of my winter training and I was excited to check and see where my fitness was after being away from real rock so long. On my first attempt I fell at the second hard throw, making it a bit further than I had expected for a first attempt. The fall had reassured my mind that falling is a normal part of climbing and my anxiety quieted down. After a few attempts I made it through the throw and up to the anchors. I managed to get on the route a few more times that day but was never able to put it all together. With the light fading, we all hopped on a few more routes, took some pictures of the ice, and discussed what to do next.The day ended like most of our trips to the New, at Secret Sandwich Society talking about how amazing the day was. The secret to climbing with a full tank of stoke is that every climbing day is the best climbing day you’ve ever had. This leads to a lot of enthusiasm and odd looks from non-climbers a table over as you pantomime your favorite moves of the day with a mouth full of french-fries and an IPA sloshing about the table. Ricky was heading back to Roanoke to do some sort of lumberjack woodworking project; as for David and I, we were about to drive into the dark of night, through the back roads West Virginia and into Kentucky. We had heard that temps were on the rise and most of the snow was gone at the Red. It was a bit of a foolish gamble for us to leave dry routes and cozy tents to head into questionable weather. But as soon as we pulled into Miguel’s campground at 1am and saw the fire blazing and tents strewn across the field I knew we made the right decision. That night we were so pooped that I slept in the passenger seat of my truck and kicked David to the bed of the truck with a sleeping pad and a guidebook. As the driver, I had first dibs on car sleeping spots. The next morning with a hunched back, soggy from sleeping in a steamy cab I asked David how he fared in the bed, he said had slept great with a perfect view of the Kentucky sky. Chalk that up to karma and all that gibberish.Cirque Wall New River GorgeWe rounded out our trip with a few more equally amazing days of climbing. Heading into Muir Valley the first day there and getting on some of the classic routes in the Solarium, “Air Ride Equipped” “Manifest Destiny” and my personal favorite “Super Best Friends”. The second day we finished off the trip by venturing into the Motherload. After spending a good bit of time staring in awe at the Madness Cave, we headed over to Buckeye Buttress to hop on a few more routes before packing it in. We finished off our trip with a few Ale 8’s and a 5-hour drive filled with conversations on climbing, the importance of pi, and how bad we smell.The beginning of spring is always a kick-start for the psych. With a crew of motivated friends, a rope, and a half a dozen routes bouncing around my head, I’m ready to soak in all the good things that spring has to offer. The ice is thawing, bluebird skies are becoming more and more common, and the stoke couldn’t be any higher.last_img read more

Costa Rica Acts to Stem Contraband, Illegal Immigration from Nicaragua

first_img SAN JOSÉ — The Costa Rican government is stepping up efforts to reinforce police control along its border with Nicaragua — especially at its Peñas Blancas northern border station. “Between Dec. 15 and Jan. 15, we’ve seen nearly half a million people pass through the border,” said Freddy Montero, Costa Rica’s coordinator for the Regional Program of Border Security in Central America (known by its Spanish acronym SEFRO). “This huge influx has been handled with order and agility.” Police were ready for the annual year-end immigration flood, with border commanders at Peñas Blancas opening up 14 windows to check documents as well as new stations to search luggage and transported goods. New scanners provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock ensured that everything going in and out of the country was monitored. Police credited the new equipment for a 300 percent increase in contraband seized at the border compared to the same period a year ago. Drugs penetrating border crossing By Dialogo February 04, 2013 Influx of mojados concerns authorities New laws in the past few years have given Nicaraguans looking to emigrate even more incentive to cross the border as mojados. In 2005, the Costa Rican legislature passed a new foreign migration law strengthening measures related to rejections and deportations. The law also established criminal penalties for illegal immigrants. For Costa Rican authorities, the safety of illegal border jumpers is a major issue. While many people say they’re willing to help mojados cross the border, it doesn’t always go smoothly. In late December, a young girl crossing the border illegally with her family was raped. “It is things like this that make the police force call for the prevention of illegal border crossings,” said police spokesman Ricardo Camacho. “Whether these people are nationals or foreigners, they need to take safely established measures to cross the border legally.” center_img Nicaraguans encouraged to cross more than ever Nine percent of Costa Rica’s population of 4.3 million is foreign-born, according to the country’s 2011 census. That’s one of the highest rates in Latin America — and nearly three-fourths of those foreigners come from Nicaragua. In a 2008 survey conducted by the Central Bank of Costa Rica, 39 percent of Nicaraguan immigrants said they crossed the border for better job opportunities; another 20 percent said they moved to Costa Rica because it was more politically and economically stable. While no real estimates are available, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) noted an increase in the number of illegal border crossings from Nicaragua every year since Hurricane Mitch devastated northern Central America in 1998. These droves of border jumpers call the illegal crossings — and even themselves — mojados, or wet in English. Rather than risk crossing near immigration stations, mojados pay farmers to pass through their land onto Costa Rican soil, according to a Nicaraguan Army report from 2011 that identified 38 blind spots along the border. “We need to reinforce police control in certain zones,” said Border Police Commander Orlando Cuadra. “Our efforts are constantly focused on our northern border.” Police records show that the newly renovated Peñas Blancas border station oversees the passage of 600,000 people annually. This volume — which also includes 400 transport trucks a day — gives police an average of 30 seconds to examine each traveler’s documents before clearing that individual to enter Costa Rica. The Peñas Blancas post is located along the Pan-American Highway, a long-recognized drug route, and drug seizures from traffickers attempting to legally cross the border have become a common occurrence. In 2012, Costa Rican authorities seized more than twice the amount of cocaine as in 2011 and tripled the amount from 2010. Between May 8, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2012, police confiscated nearly 27 tons of cocaine; marijuana and crack seizures were also sharply up last year. Most confiscations took place at border crossings, said Security Minister Mario Zamora. “Crack is not made here in Costa Rica,” Zamora said at a press conference announcing the results. “We are finding crack here in our streets more and more, and it indicates that people are bringing it in from beyond our borders.”last_img read more

Education, food outlets rule Jakarta malls as department stores give way

first_imgGandaria City is an upscale mall in South Jakarta. ( halim)Dewi Aristyowati, a 51-year-old mother of three, epitomizes the new consumer trend. Her youngest son Fandi takes lessons at Wall Street English in Gandaria City mall and at music education center Yamaha Music School in Pondok Indah Mall, both in South Jakarta.“We chose the places because they’re close to our house,” she said. “Our family would meet him after music practice on weekends, have dinner, go shopping and go home.”Since his second year at junior high school, Fandi liked to hang out at the mall with his friends after class, said Dewi. Fandi even tried to synchronize his schedule with his friends, so they could watch a movie together or share a meal, she added.Fandi, now in his second year of high school, still attends both English and music lessons.Ivy of Pakuwon Jati said doing more than just shopping had become increasingly common at malls in the last five to 10 years, especially in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung.“Going to the mall has become a lifestyle, and people seek experiences now,” she said, adding that the trend would continue, especially for locals and domestic tourists, while it was usually foreigners who came to shopping malls to actually do shopping.Read also: 115 million Indonesians not yet economically secure: World BankOne reason behind such behavior, Taylor of JLL said, was the growing urban middle class.“But consumer habits are also a factor,” he said. “Now people are more likely to spend their money on experiences rather than tangible goods.”A 2018 Euromonitor International survey found that Indonesians’ spending habits were shifting from the purchase of products to services, which entailed experiences like traveling and dining.The research company noted that two categories – consumer food services and travel – had seen great growth over the last five years, compared to other categories, such as clothing and household goods.Euromonitor also found three megatrends that would shape Indonesian consumer behavior in the future, one of which is the emphasis on experience.JLL’s Jakarta Property Market Update for the fourth quarter of last year also found that new malls expected to be completed in 2020 and 2021 would add around 210,000 square meters to retail space supply this year.Last year, the shopping malls occupancy rate for Jakarta was about 90 percent. It is expected to drop to a still healthy 85 percent this year because of the new supply.Topics : Education institutions, food and beverage outlets and fast fashion retailers are gradually replacing department stores at Jakarta shopping malls as the emerging middle class increasingly looks for experience rather than tangible goods, a recent report suggests.Property consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Indonesia’s Jakarta Property Market Update 4Q19 issued in January showed that department stores, which were traditionally anchor tenants to attract cross-section visitors, are now being replaced by so-called “mini anchors”.JLL research and digital markets head James Taylor said education institutions, specifically English schools, were one type of tenant that had taken up mall space—sometimes in locations where department stores have closed.“Other tenant types that have taken this kind of space are food and beverage outlets, entertainment facilities like cinemas, fast fashion stores and gyms,” he told The Jakarta Post in an email.English education institutions, such as Wall Street English and English First (EF), have recently been opening new branches in shopping malls. Wall Street English branches in Jakarta are found in shopping malls Kota Kasablanka, Central Park, Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Pacific Place and Gandaria City. Meanwhile, EF has branches in Pejaten Village, ITC Permata Hijau, Mal Pluit and Taman Mini Square, among others.Kota Kasablanka developer Pakuwon Jati said the learning institutions inside shopping malls were targeted more toward adults, because they offered experiences other than just education.“The education institutions also have seminars, talk shows and are a good place for networking,” Pakuwon Jati business development director Ivy Wong told the Post over the phone on Wednesday. “Malls are also [easily] accessible, and students can hang out after class.”last_img read more

Financing closer

first_imgA DM2·8bn funding package for reconstruction of German Railway’s Sachsenmagistrale main line linking Hof with Dresden and Leipzig will be agreed later this year, according to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Transport Minister, Johannes Nitsch. He told Sachsen Economics Secretary Dr Wolfgang Zeller on June 9 that the funds will cover upgrading of 306route-km: the 226 km from Hof to Dresden and 80 km from Werdau to Leipzig. A symbolic sod-turning was held on December 18 last year, and completion is scheduled for 2006. As well as renewal of track, bridges and stations, level crossings will be replaced and the power supply network renewed. Over 140 signalboxes covering 270 route-km will be replaced by six electronic control centres.Some curves will be realigned, raising the minimum speed from 70to 120 km/h. In May 1999 DB will introduce 160 km/h tilting trains, cutting the Hof – Dresden journey time by 45 min to 2h 45min. Completion of the upgrading will cut this to 2h 15min, and bring the 171 km Hof – Leipzig trip down to a round 2h.last_img read more

Schools told to let students choose their gender identities and names

first_imgThe new guidelines have a focus on those areas, as well as gender inclusivity, sexuality guidance for Māori, Pasifika and disabled students and guidance on how to make schools inclusive. “Because we’re not having these conversations with you, well many of you, are getting your information from what is not a realistic portrayal of a healthy relationship,” Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin told Onslow College students at the announcement of the new guidelines today in Wellington. NZ Herald 8 September 2020Family First Comment: Another example of NZ First failing to be the block in Parliament to radical agendas and indoctrination….“The issue of teaching children about choosing their gender identity has been controversial. A Family First poll last year found that 54% of New Zealanders did not believe that children should be taught that their gender can be changed through surgery and hormone treatment (only 35% said yes).”Schools have been told to let students choose their own gender identities and names.New relationships and sexuality education guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education say that schools must “uphold the human rights of all people”.“All people have the same rights and freedoms, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics,” the guidelines say.“This means that schools need to:• “Ensure inclusive environments for all young people.• “Allow their ākonga [students] freedom of expression in relation to their gender identities and sexual orientation, including the right to determine their own identity and name.• “Include content on the diversity of sex characteristics, sexuality, and gender identities in their curriculum programmes.”The new guidelines have been welcomed by Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmonds as the first “meaningful change” since guidelines were first developed in 2002.“It’s close to 20 years since we first developed guidelines and we’ve had no meaningful change since then,” she said.“The Education Review Office and others working in this field know that implementation is patchy and not all young people are receiving the holistic relationship and sexuality education they deserve and as the ministry has prescribed.”The new version puts more emphasis on relationships, adopting the broader title of “relationships and sexuality education” to replace the term “sexuality education” used up to and including the last revision in 2015.But the issue of teaching children about choosing their gender identity has been controversial. A Family First poll last year found that 54 per cent of New Zealanders did not believe that children should be taught that their gender can be changed through surgery and hormone treatment.The new guidelines include separate documents for primary schools (Years 1 to 8) and secondary schools (Years 9 to 13).Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin said the guideline “responds to feedback from the Korero Mātauranga [Education Conversation] calling on schools to take more action against bullying, violence and child abuse, for schools to be more inclusive, and for schools to help students recognise the importance of diversity and respect in relationships”.READ MORE:, gender inclusivity and porn to be included in revised sex education guidelines in NZTVNZ One News 8 September 2020Five years after the last revision, the Education Ministry has released new relationship and sexuality guidelines for primary and high school students.The guidelines allow schools to meet the health curriculum but with community input on what students learn being a requirement under the Education Act, there’s no guarantee all students will be taught all of the guidelines. The Education Review Office stated after a 2017 evaluation that while biology and puberty was well covered, teaching of consent, healthy relationships and the impact of social media and pornography needed be covered in more detail. The guidance includes unisex toilets, not separating class activities into groups based on “boys” and “girls” and including gender-neutral uniform options.READ MORE: read more

Serie A: ‘Sad to play’ in empty stadium, says Juventus chief

first_imgEarlier in the day, Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora called for the league season to be put on hold.His statement caused chaos at the early game between SPAL and Parma, with confused players sent back to the dressing rooms from the tunnel before eventually taking to the field 75 minutes after the scheduled kick-off.Juventus’ game against Inter in Turin did go ahead, although in an empty Allianz Stadium, with the defending champions taking a one-point lead over Lazio at the top of the table“It’s all a little strange and sad to play football in these conditions, sad for the fans and the players,” Juventus director Fabio Paratici told Sky Sport Italia.“We trained in the empty stadium yesterday to get accustomed to the situation, but to be honest, I don’t think we can ever really get used to it.”Reports in Italy late Sunday suggested that the Serie A season could even be suspended on Tuesday once government officials have met with league and player representatives.“Our position is that Juventus will respect what the authorities indicate,” added Paratici.“We all understand that this is the situation and we must behave responsibly to help ensure it passes as quickly as possible.”Juve coach Maurizio Sarri told Sky Sport Italia that he “doesn’t know what is the right thing to do” when it comes to the thorny question of cancelling matches.“What have to I ask is whether it’s right to take away two hours of enjoyment from those who are stuck indoors or if there really is a serious risk for the players and staff, I just don’t know the answer to those questions,” said the 61-year-old.On the game itself, he added: “This is an important victory, but there are still 12 games to go, so it’s a long road ahead.”Antonio Conte’s third-placed Inter are now nine points adrift, but with a game in hand on Juve and Lazio.Douglas Costa went closest in a tight first half, but was denied by an excellent save from Inter goalkeeper Samir Handanovic.The hosts broke the deadlock 10 minutes after the break, as Cristiano Ronaldo got to a low ball first inside the box, with it then falling kindly for Ramsey to sweep a low shot into the net from close range.It was the Wales midfielder’s fourth goal of the season after joining Juve from Arsenal last year.The 29-year-old created his side’s second goal 12 minutes later, playing a neat one-two with Paulo Dybala, who wriggled clear of two defenders and fired home.Inter substitute Christian Eriksen went close to pulling one back when he drilled a shot narrowly over the crossbar.Things went from bad to worse for the away side when Daniele Padelli, sitting on the substitutes’ bench, was shown a red card for dissent. Loading… Real Read: Juventus ready to offer Zidane £7mSpadafora quickly sounded his own support for the idea of suspending the season right away.“The FIGC (Italian Football Federation) should consider immediately STOPPING Serie A,” Spadafora wrote on Facebook.Elsewhere on the pitch, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s fourth goal since returning to AC Milan could not prevent the seven-time European champions from slipping to a 2-1 loss at home to struggling Genoa.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Aaron Ramsey starred as Juventus beat title rivals Inter Milan 2-0 on Sunday night to reclaim top spot in Serie A in a game played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus outbreak.Advertisementcenter_img Read Also: Victor Moses suffers injury setback, set to miss Inter’s matches– ‘FIGC should consider stopping Serie A’ –The climax of the season remains uncertain, though, after a deadly outbreak of the new coronavirus in Italy which has claimed the lives of over 350 people.Italians woke up to discover the entire Lombardy region around Milan and other parts of the north in which a quarter of all Italians live – and most big teams play – under lockdown.Italian Footballers’ Association president Damiano Tommasi tweeted that “stopping football is the most useful thing for our country right now”.“The teams to cheer are playing in our hospitals, in emergency rooms,” Tommasi wrote. Promoted ContentThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?You’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show You7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterThe 10 Best Secondary Education Systems In The World5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks7 Theories About The Death Of Our UniverseThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show Youlast_img read more