investigated how nationality affects travelers ’preferences

first_imgTravelers from China and Taiwan attach relatively great importance to a “simpler way of life” (83% and 76%), while travelers from Japan, Germany and Hong Kong travel the most “to escape the demanding everyday home” (66%, 72% and 80 %). Finally, for some travel travelers it is a matter of social status: travelers from Indonesia (75%), India (75%) and the Philippines (80%) claim that their motivation for travel is “to visit destinations that my friends have not visited”, and the same thinks and 32% of passengers from Croatia. If we look at the countries to which travelers from Croatia travel relatively often, it is clear that we know how to appreciate our neighbors: BiH, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, Albania and Slovakia. In addition to the motivation to travel, the destination itself can also vary depending on the country of the traveler. Most global travelers choose a destination based on categories such as “personal safety” and “cleanliness”, but travelers from many countries prioritize “natural beauty” or “delicious local food”. According to research, excitement and relaxation are at the top of the list as the most popular motives for travel, and personal cleanliness of accommodation and safety as the main motives when choosing a destination. The biggest differences are noticeable when it comes to adventure tourism: travelers from Russia say they like to spend their free time “looking for excitement”, while travelers from the Netherlands and Germany rate this aspect on average with the lowest rating. A new survey conducted by, gives us an insight into the wishes of travelers by nationality, ie motivation to travel. Source: Of course, travel decisions also depend heavily on what is more affordable. Probably that’s why most guests in Bhutan are travelers from India, travelers from Argentina are the most frequent guests in Paraguay, while travelers from South Korea are the most frequent visitors to Guam. Destination However, if we compare the most popular motive for traveling among travelers from different countries, it is clear that travelers from different parts of the world have different desires. Thus, travelers from Argentina are most driven by nostalgia, so 73% of Argentine travelers say they travel “to relive the good old days”, while more than half of travelers from Croatia (53%) travel for the same reason. Most passengers, as many as 85% of them (84% of passengers from Croatia) say that the important motive for travel is “giving yourself time to rest”, which is the most popular motivation for traveling to all nationalities. The exceptions are travelers from Denmark and France, who cite “freedom to behave as I wish” as their most popular motivation.last_img read more