Pretty Lights Celebrates 10th Anniversary At Red Rocks With Live Band [Pro-Shot Videos/Photos]

Earlier this year as festival lineups of 2018 started being announced, fans of Pretty Lights waited patiently to see where Derek Vincent Smith and his band of beat assassins (keyboardist Borahm Lee, drummer Alvin Ford Jr., turntablist Chris Karns, and keyboardist Brandon Butler) would end up. Early into April, there was still no word as to where or when the next Pretty Lights Live show would be. With no festival appearances and no talk of doing another season of the wildly popular Episodic Tour, the Pretty Lights Family’s curiosity was at an all-time high.On April 17th Pretty Lights announced what would be his first and potentially only shows of 2018, another two-night run at Red Rocks Amphitheater. After opening for Sound Tribe Sector 9 in 2009, Pretty Lights has headlined the prestigious venue every year since–making this year the 10th anniversary. As the first day finally approached and the eight months of waiting to see Pretty Lights again ended, a sold-out crowd made their way to Morrison, CO to celebrate 10 years with one of Colorado’s most innovative artists.The night was kicked off by friends of Smith, Mux Mool, and Michal Menert and The Pretty Fantastics. Menert himself is having a huge week, from getting married on Wednesday to playing Red Rocks Amphitheater with his life-long friend Derek Vincent Smith only two days later. The love in the air was palpable and never felt more present than when Menert and his band broke out “Summer Love” and shouted out Derek Vincent Smith who was watching his friend perform from the crowd. As the sun set behind the Rocky Mountains and Michal Menert and The Pretty Fantastics left the stage, the sold-out crowd found themselves in a frenzy.Once the stage was clear, the work lights were turned off and the stage production came alive. Blue light emitted from the large LED on center stage along with LED towers on the ground as well as several floating LED towers that haven’t been seen in a Pretty Lights show until 2015. Borahm Lee, Alvin Ford Jr., Chris Karns and Brandon Butler all took the stage as the last song on Pretty Lights’ debut album Taking Up Your Precious Time, “Try To Remember”. That song, like many from Smith’s first album, was co-produced with Michal Menert making it all the more fitting as Menert and Smith walked out and took the stage together to the joyous screams of 10,000 fans. As Menert exited the stage once again, Pretty Lights Live kept things from the early era and dove into a hip-hop heavy Wrong Platform where Chris Karns got to demonstrate his World-Championship winning abilities on the turntables. In signature Pretty Lights Live style, the remaining members of the band began to improvise and Flip the track giving it new life. Following this, the band strolled straight into a seldom-heard song off the most recent and Grammy-nominated Pretty Lights album, “Press Pause” which was also flipped to absolute perfection by Smith and his band. The remainder of the evening saw Smith play an incredible discography-spanning set, pulling tracks form eight of his studio albums and EPs, most of which received the flip treatment for a night that never seemed to stop jamming.Other notable stand-out tracks included “I Can See It In Your Face”, “Solar Sailor (Remix)”, “How We Do”, “Looking For Love (But Not So Sure)”. As the night drew to a close, Pretty Lights Live fired off arguably the most popular Pretty Lights song, “Finally Moving” in which Derek Vincent Smith had the whole crowd in the palm of his hands chanting back the crowd-pleasing chorus: “Oh sometimes, I get a good feeling, yeah. I get a feeling that I never never never had before, oh no, I get a good feeling yeah.” Pretty Lights Live picked the tempo back up, playing the energetically-charged “Total Fascination”, following it up with one of the night’s deepest and darkest flips, “Hot Like Sauce”. Smith took the mic and told the crowd that he had only one song left to play, a song that “pulls from the past, present and maybe even the future too”. He was referring to his remix of “Shakedown Street” by the Grateful Dead which hadn’t been played since All Good Music Festival in 2013. With this assistance of Greg “The Lazershark” Ellis, the stage was flooded in a rainbow of lasers as Pretty Lights Live took the Dead classic and gave it the modern Pretty Lights treatment, bringing the past and present together for one non-stop nine-minute dance party. As Smith thanked the crowd and wished them goodnight, all that could be heard was the sounds of thousands of screaming fans eager to see what the next day had in store.Setlist: Pretty Lights Live | Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, CO | 8/10/18Try To Remember (w/ Michal Menert), Wrong Platform > Remix > Flip, Press Pause > Flip, Let The World Hurry By > Flip, Shining Bright Despite The Plight > Flip, I Can See It In Your Face, Make You Feel > Flip, Drift Away (Superstition – Stevie Wonder sample), Solar Sailor (Remix) > Flip, So Bright > Flip, How We Do > Flip, Yellow Bird, Always All Ways > Supervision Remix > Flip, Looking For Love (But Not So Sure) > Flip, Lost & Found (Odesza Remix) > Flip, Finally Moving > Remix, Understand Me Now > Flip, Total Fascination > Flip, Improv Jam, Hot Like Sauce > Rustified Remix, Shakedown Street RemixPicking up from where night one ended, Pretty Lights Live got Red Rocks Amphitheater in an uproar from the first song and didn’t look back. Opening with the rare and highly sought-after Dinoysus, Smith took control over an already electric crowd and set the tone for what was to come. Still having an arsenal of weapons to choose from, Pretty Lights Live continued to drop music from most of their studio work over the last 12 years of Derek Vincent Smith’s career. After playing a truly unforgettable “Out Of Time” with a sampled violin section from when Pretty Lights performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra at Red Rocks in 2014, Smith and company performed several songs in a row from his first two studio albums before flying into the latest Pretty Lights single, “Rainbows and Waterfalls”. Whether performing old or new material, the band seamlessly transitioned from pre-recorded works into the improvised flips in which each member was able to showcase their undeniable abilities.Since 2016, the goal for Smith has been to blend together the two worlds of recorded electronic music and live instrumentation. Watching the band grow together for the last few years, it was truly remarkable to see just how far this music project had really come. Every single member of the band (including the lighting designer Greg Ellis) was on the same wavelength allowing music and light to live harmoniously under a perfect Colorado evening. With no news of when the next Pretty Lights show will be, both Pretty Lights Live and the attendees seemed to be treating the night with the intention of leaving nothing behind. All around, all that could be seen were groups of friends smiling and wiggling underneath a starry night overcast with lasers.Emotions were running high throughout the evening, but never did it feel more so as when Pretty Lights Live began to play “The Time Has Come”. Before diving into this song, Smith took a moment to get on the mic and make an announcement, “We’ve played this song many times over the years. But somehow right now here in this moment, it seems like what I’m trying to express with ya’ll. Let’s all work together to manifest a moment here in time at Red Rocks.” From there, the band took it away as Greg Ellis drowned the 10,000 fans in a sea of purple and green lights. On stage, you could visibly see each member of the band bobbing around having just as much fun as those in the crowd. Throughout the years, Smith has created music that taps into a deeper level of human emotion ranging from both sadness and uncertainty to absolute joy and love.A major moment of the evening was when Smith invited his younger brother and fellow producer (Motifv) following another emotional Pretty Lights classic, “We Must Go On”. Upon inviting up his brother, Smith told the crowd: “For real, this music is directly linked to my heart and I think you’ll feel that.” Watching the two Smith brothers dance on stage together was a sight to behold. You could see the smile on Derek’s face from 30 rows back. Derek left the stage temporarily and left his brother at the helm with the band as they played one of Motfiv’s singles “Insufficient Lighting” off his forthcoming EP, The Path. While the future is unknown for Pretty Lights, it was certainly nice to know that there is another Smith capable of making thought provoking and beautiful music, maybe it’s genetic. The two shared the stage together for the next 15 minutes before Motifv exited, leaving Derek back with the band with just under an hour to play.Pretty Lights Live continued to dazzle in both track selection and execution. The band danced around and pulled material from the first Pretty Lights album, Taking Up Your Precious Time, including the fan-favorites “Samso” and “Last Passenger”, performed consecutively. For longtime fans of Pretty Lights, they know how rarely these songs see the light of day and were sure to enjoy every second of them. As the night began to wind down, emotions were running rampant, and Smith elevated that to the next level with the heart wrenching, “Cold Feeling”. During the chorus “the time for us is now”, Greg Ellis lit the audience in a cascade of blue light, illuminating every corner of Red Rocks Amphitheater.Before leading into an all-time Pretty Lights classic, Smith and the band created magic on stage at Red Rocks. From using every single instrument and member, Pretty Lights Live created a song from scratch. It was deep and dark in nature, full of low end notes that led to a perfect transition into “I Know The Truth”. Once again, the band had hands in the air bouncing and people wiggling all over the rocks as Greg Ellis painted a portrait over the masses. When at long last the 2 hour and 45 minute set came to an end, Pretty Lights Live closed out with one of the first singles since it’s creation in 2016, “The Sun Spreads In Our Minds”.The song really encapsulated the theme of the weekend and Pretty Lights in general. “Human energy is a form of light. Our souls are connected by unbreakable wires. We must learn this truth in order to be healed.” The light omitted from the attendees reflected that of the lights shown from the stage as thousands made the transition from living in the dark to shining bright. As the band wound down, Derek took to the mic one last time and thanked his team, his band, all his openers from the last two evenings. “Thank you so much for sharing the love and vibrating like ya’ll do, it’s incredible…So much more to come Red Rocks, from the center of my heart, I thank you so much for sharing the love that you do and representing one at a time. It’s been an honor to grow together.”From all over the United States, fans traveled to see this momentous Pretty Lights show. Some drove for over 24 hours, others braved airline debacles, but for all of those that made it, the journey was well worth it. Pretty Lights Live was truly on a level that they have not yet been on. While there is still no news of new shows, this band showed no signs of slowing down and performed as smoothly as they ever have. This weekend’s shows were wrapped in such mystery and uncertainty, and coming out on the other side it was clear that Smith truly understands his fans and makes music that deeply touches both himself and unites his community of faithful followers. Until then, fans are left with two wonderfully perfect shows at the world’s most beautiful venue and memories that will never die.Setlist: Pretty Lights Live | Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, CO | 8/11/18Dionysus, Is There Any Love > Flip, Out Of Time > Flip, Almost Familiar > Flip, At Last I Am Free > Flip, Double Love > Flip, Rainbows and Waterfalls > Flip, Look Both Ways > Flip, One Day They’ll Know (Odesza Remix), The Time Has Come, Wiggle (Jason Derulo Remix), We Must Go On, Insufficient Lighting > Flip, Jewels (Illuminati Congo w/ Motifv), Jam, The Love You Left Behind > Dark As The Sky, Samso > Flip, The Last Passenger > Flip, Cold Feeling (Remix), Analog Jam, I Know The Truth, All I’ve Ever Known > Flip, The Sun Spreads in Our Minds.Pretty Lights Live | Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, CO | 8/10/18 | Photos: Andrew Rios Photo: Andrew Rios Load remaining images read more

Harper Institute allows professors, students to conduct cancer research, promote awareness

first_imgPhoto courtesy of Jess Hatfield The Harper Cancer Research Institute facilitates collaboration between students and faculty. The Harper Society is an organization affiliated with the institute that aims to engage students and promote cancer awareness.Siyuan Zhang, an associate professor for cancer research, began his lab in 2012, making him one of the first researchers at the institute. Zhang said his lab centers around the study of breast cancer, particularly its response to drug treatments and its spread to other organs of the body. “The problem with cancer in general is when some tumors metastasize, which means to disseminate to different parts of the body, … they become a new tumor in a different organ and then at that point the surgeon cannot remove them and it’s very difficult to treat,” Zhang said. The close proximity of the HCRI allows students to explore and gain experience in cancer research. This semester, Zhang has enlisted two postdoctoral students, five graduate students and a handful of undergraduates to assist him in his research.Zhang also teaches a course in the department of biological sciences at Notre Dame, allowing him to work with undergraduates both in the lab and in the classroom. Zhang describes his current position in academia as his dream job.“Through teaching the classes and interacting with the students, both graduate [and] undergraduate, you can literally see that what you do every day is really making a mark on their career trajectory and interests,” Zhang said. In an effort to connect more students with the HCRI, the Harper Society was founded. The society is a student-led club that seeks to promote cancer awareness and bridge the gap between professors in the field of cancer research and Notre Dame students. Junior Alex Thomas, president of the Harper Society, spoke to the club’s professional relationship with HCRI researchers. “This isn’t a direct goal of our club, but a lot of students are able to do research at Harper through the Harper Society,” Thomas said. “It’s not something that we directly advertise, but it’s a great way for students to get connected with the institute, and being in the society, they’re able to meet with different researchers at the institute and then be research assistants or apprentices for semesters.”Thomas hopes the society can continue to help students interested in research feel less anxiety when searching for opportunities.“Research is one thing students are always super intimidated to start, so we try to make that process a little bit easier and give people the courage to send an email to a principal investigator that they’ve never heard of because you never know what’s gonna happen,” Thomas said. Although a large aspect of the society is getting involved in cancer research, Thomas explained that the club is open to all regardless of academic interests. He said he would encourage any student looking for a community to join. “Most people know someone [who] is affected by cancer. So, along with raising awareness about the institute and the research component of it, … we also want to be a club where people are able to come together and unite in the fight against cancer,” Thomas said. Senior Jess Hatfield, vice president of the Harper Society, was inspired to join the club after he witnessed his godmother struggle with breast cancer. “I feel like everyone has their own story where cancer has been there,” Hatfield said. To promote cancer awareness, the Harper Society holds numerous events around campus. Hatfield said his favorite event the society has hosted so far was a research roundtable where cancer researchers shared their work with students. “We brought in five professors that had research labs, either in Harper or on campus, and we invited the society members to come and just talk with these professors and ask about their research,” Hatfield said. “We had about 40 students come and be engaged, which was really cool to see.”In addition to speakers from the cancer research field, the society hosted a talk with Paqui Kelly — a breast cancer survivor and wife of Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly. Thomas explained how Kelly’s story and influence aligns with the society’s overarching goals. “She shared a couple of stories with us about when she was a patient, and then also how she’s used that as motivation to help promote the Kelly Cares Foundation, … highlighting the positive aspect of how she’s been able to do a lot of cancer awareness,” Thomas said. This semester the club is tentatively planning to sponsor a variety of events including blood drives, a charity run, spiritual events, another research roundtable and an activity for students to participate in for cancer awareness day, Hatfield said. Thomas said he realized the importance of the club’s support system during a reflective event at the Grotto. “Last semester we had a ‘Light the Night’ spiritual event at the Grotto where everyone offered candles. Then, we let members offer up intentions, and it was really amazing to see,” Thomas said. “[We had] about six to 10 students speak up about family members and friends who had been affected by some sort of cancer, and they were able to offer up their intentions and they felt comfortable with doing that which was awesome.”Tags: Cancer research, harper cancer research, harper society At the corner of Angela Boulevard and Notre Dame Avenue lies a building unknown to many Notre Dame students: the Harper Cancer Research Institute (HCRI). Established in 2011 as a division of Notre Dame Research, the institute serves as a hub of collaboration between cancer researchers, professors and students. last_img read more

Thunder makes noise at Seattle Showcase Tourney

first_imgBy Bruce Fuhr,The Nelson Daily SportsThe Kootenay Thunder received a taste of some elite competition as the local squad competed in the Seattle Field-turf Showcase Tournament this past weekend in the Emerald City.The squad coached by Dave Spendlove of Soccer Quest in Nelson, finished with a record of 0-3-1 in the toughest division of the tournament — Group A.“These showcase tournaments are for players looking to gain full-ride scholarships to the United States and inquiries have already started to come in for some of these Kootenay Thunder players,” Thunder coach Dave Spendlove explained.“The compliments on the Thunder’s style of play from parents and coaches of the opposing teams are a great credit to how the girls performed.”Kootenay opened play Friday against Puget Sound Slammers. Despite losing 2-0, Puget Sound did not score any of the goals.“One goal was scored when the Thunder keeper cleared the ball outside the box which hit the Slammer’s attacker and rebounded into the goal,” Spendlove said. “The second goal was accidentally headed into the goal by a Thunder player.”Thunder defender Samantha Einarson was selected player of the game.Saturday, the Thunder opened the day with a heartbreaking 2-1 setback to Synergy FC. Again the Thunder scored an own goal to help kick start the State Champion squad.Brenna McKay scored the only marker for Thunder. McKay shared player-of-the-game status with centerback Brittany Wheeler.North West Nationals then posted a 4-1 win over Kootenay.The contest was evenly played, except it was the Nationals converting their chances.Ameeta Bhabra scored the lone goal for Kootenay.The final game Sunday morning was the best of the tournament for Kootenay. However, the Canadian squad failed to convert chances and settled for a scoreless draw. Taylor Stewart earned player awards in the final to games.The Thunder is idle until the spring when the team travels to Surry to compete in the Whitecaps Showcase Tournament in March.sports@thenelsondaily.comlast_img read more

Khali’s wrestling-entertainment show scrapped over differences with organiser

first_imgIt was supposed to be yet another great show by professional wrestler Great Khali, but the slated October 8 event at Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Gurgaon to promote the sport in India has been cancelled. The cancellation is the fallout of a dispute between the organisers and the ticket distributor company.Dalip Singh Rana, better known as The Great Khali, and his manager Balwan Singh told Mail Today that the ticket distribution company ‘Book My Show’ hasn’t been performing as per expectation.ORGANISERS ‘DUPED’ US, SAYS KHALI’S MANAGER”We paid an advance amount of Rs 6 lakh to the company and the profit from the event was to be shared according to the contract. The company’s officials were giving several excuses and asked us to submit various ‘no objection’ certificates from different agencies of the district administration. They have been also demanding more percentage of profit which was turned down by us. The event was backed by the Haryana government,” Singh said. “We will file a legal case against the company for duping us at this juncture. We have also terminated the contract of the company for the next scheduled event at Panipat on October 12. The event of Gurgaon would be rescheduled but its date has not been finalised as yet,” he added.The organisers were finding it difficult to obtain the ‘no objection’ certificates. The local police also have security concern as the Khali Show would be held at the same venue which was chosen by the Haryana government to organise PM Narendra Modi’s rally on November 1 to celebrate golden jubilee of the state. Besides, there were issues pertaining to visa of two other main wrestlers who have not reached India. However, Singh claimed that six foreign wrestlers have already arrived in Delhi. The rest are expected to arrive by Friday evening.advertisementThe wrestling event was announced on September 6 by Khali. Around 16 foreign and about 35 domestic wrestlers were supposed to be a part of the show.Reacting to this, a spokesperson from BookMyShow said:BookMyShow is the preferred ticketing partner for all major sporting events in the country and we take pride in successfully managing them with utmost transparency and commitment while ensuring customer satisfactionThe event in question has been cancelled solely at the discretion of its event organizers Continental Wrestling Entertainment Private LimitedBookMyShow confirms the receipt of the advance received of Rs. 3 lakhs only against the listing of the event. Since the event, which was due to happen over two venues- Gurgaon and Panipat, has been cancelled in its entirety, we will refund the advance to the organizers after duly adjusting the costs already incurred by BookMyShow for the sameBookMyShow is already in the process of making refunds to the users who had purchased the tickets for the said event Also read: This TVC featuring The Great Khali is simply too funny!last_img read more

The One Admission OJ Simpson Made During His Special

To put this #didojconfess scenario into context. Years ago a book publisher gave OJ simpson a book deal to create a “hypothetical murder” narrative. And part of the deal was for him to elaborate that narrative in detail. And now they are framing it as an actual “confession”. #smh— Tariq Nasheed (@tariqnasheed) March 12, 2018 This is a confession. Some writers aren’t even this detailed. OJ Simpson went into a rage, blitz killing Nicole and Ron #DidOJConfess— Stephanie. (@qsteph) March 12, 2018 Lawyer Chris Darden is not amused by the support for O.J. Simpson. The former Los Angeles prosecutor weighed in on the recently unshelved Fox special, “The Lost Confession,” and he held nothing back.“Twenty-five years of nonsense and now here he is to explain to all of the naysayers and all of the doubters,” Darden says of the special in which Simpson gives a hypothetical account of what could have happened if he did murder his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and restaurant worker Ronald Goldman.“That was my glove, I left it. Nobody planted it. Nobody planted it,” said Darden reciting O.J. Simpson’s words from “The Lost Confession?”Darden is referring to evidence of a bloody glove found at the crime scene, while the other glove was discovered behind Simpson’s home in Brentwood. Both gloves, according to investigators, contained DNA evidence from Simpson, Brown and Goldman. During the trial, Darden believed if Simpson would try on the glove, the demonstration would be a pivotal moment in the case. He told Los Angeles’ NBC 4 in 2014 that he “looked at his hands and I looked at the gloves and I thought they would fit.”The moment the glove didn’t fit spurred a well-known catchphrase from Simpson’s lawyer, Johnnie Cochran: “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”When host Soledad O’Brien says he sounds “furious” about the outcome, Darden goes on to explain how he felt when he saw rapper Kanye West in a “Free O.J.” shirt a couple of years ago.“Well, you freed him and look at what you freed,” he says.And Darden wasn’t the only one sounding off on the special. Though not actually on the case, “The People vs. O.J.” actress Keesha Sharp played the wife of defense attorney Cochran on the FX series.Ahead of the program airing Sunday, March 11, Sharp told TMZ photogs she wasn’t sure she’d tune in, but feels that Simpson wasn’t innocent as it was ruled during the Trial of the Century.“I think people know point blank period that he did it,” she says. “Most Black folks today … believe he did it. I think there was a time back then that people didn’t hear all the details.”She said once the civil case came three years after Simpson walked free in 1994, “people changed their mind in terms of who did it.”“I haven’t met one person who thinks he’s [innocent],” Sharp continues. “[Not] one Black person that I know. And they used to think that. Now they’re like, ‘He did it.’”And it seems her thoughts on folks’ change of heart have been echoed on social media. And yet others had differing thoughts.Everybody who celebrated the verdict #OJConfession— A. (@c3sutton) March 12, 2018 OK, I gotta ask. Who greenlit this “release” of this “lost” confession from OJ Simpson. Cause nearly 12 years ago, there was enough public outcry that the whole thing got shelved. And who benefits (besides Fox) from this even coming out?— The Kneel Down (@jmark79) March 7, 2018 And, to think that some of you were actually cheering when they freed this man. This “hypothetical” confession is despicable! 😖 #OJ #OJSimpson— acinoM anigeR (@TheMFWIC) March 12, 2018 read more

Launch of the Ports Authority Turks and Caicos Islands newsletter The Navigator

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, July 7, 2017 – Providenciales – Yesterday, the Ports Authority of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) launched the inaugural issue of its industry newsletter, The Navigator.Ports play a fundamental role in the development of the Turks and Caicos Islands. For many years, their importance to our economy has not been fully realized, yet we have come a long way from the days of the salt industry and sustenance trade with our neighbors as our ports now facilitate international cargo imports and cruise ship operations.In this inaugural edition, the Ports Authority seeks to raise greater awareness of the importance of ports to the sustainable development of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the maritime challenges we are currently faced with. In this issue, contributions have been made by the Hon. Premier, Chairman of the Ports Authority Board and the Director of Ports.The Navigator will be published on a quarterly basis. Our next issue is scheduled to be published in September 2017.Press Release: TCIGlast_img read more

Second Suspect Arrested In Killing of East Village Business Owner

first_img Updated: 10:16 AM Posted: October 31, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom Second Suspect Arrested In Killing of East Village Business Ownercenter_img October 31, 2018 SAN DIEGO (CNS) – Authorities Wednesday announced a second suspect was arrested in connection with the Oct. 10 killing of the proprietor of an East Village flooring-materials store at the victim’s downtown business.Lorena Del Carmen Espinoza, 34, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the slaying of 49-year-old Ghedeer “Tony” Radda of El Cajon, according to San Diego police Lt. Matt Dobbs.On Oct. 17, Kevin Eugene Cartwright, 51, was arrested in El Cajon in connection with the killing, Dobbs said. Police did not disclose what led investigators to identify Cartwright and Espinoza as suspects or what either person’s role was in the alleged killing.A customer made an emergency call shortly before 3:45 p.m. on Oct. 10 to report finding Radda dead inside his Bottom Price Flooring store in the 1000 block of H street, Dobbs said.Radda was found with apparent trauma to his upper body, Dobbs said. Details on those injuries were not released.A surveillance camera inside the business captured images of the suspected killers — a man wearing a Halloween-style old-lady mask and a light- skinned woman with long purple hair, possibly a wig.Police have not disclosed a suspected motive in the killing.Espinoza was booked into Las Colinas Detention Facility around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday, according to jail records. She is being held without bail pending arraignment, scheduled for Friday afternoon.On Oct. 19, Cartwright pleaded not guilty to a murder charge and he was ordered held in lieu of $5 million bail.At Cartwright’s arraignment, Deputy District Attorney Matthew Greco called the attack on Radda “a calculated, violent and lethal ambush.”Radda was lured into a back room by a woman wearing a purple wig, Greco said. Cartwright then allegedly came into the room, shot Radda multiple times, and took money from the register, the prosecutor said.Cartwright is due back in court Thursday afternoon. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Amar Sirohi The Stand Out Food Blogger in the Crowded Blogging World

first_imgBlogging has become quite a rage as of late. In every niche there are countless bloggers. To make a name for yourself amongst this crowded field is a massive job. Amar Sirohi has done it in food blogging through his Instagram page: @foodie_incarnate . When we talk of the best food bloggers in India, his name definitely pops up in the mind and when it comes to vegetarian food bloggers in India, he is right there at the very top of the mountain.In his own words, ” You have to be different to stand out from the crowd. I never followed any trend of the blogging industry, i set up my own trends. When bloggers were only posting restaurnat food on their pages, i covered the streets of Delhi and started posting street food delicacies. When everyone started posting street food of Delhi, i moved on to explore Mumbai & other Indian cities. People do not wanna see the same content over and over again. It’s ad nauseam. I work really hard to bring new content to my followers, something that people have not seen before. Fresh content keeps people attached. Having said that, unlike other pages where people see the same content over and over again, people out there know that I shall post something new. Another thing i do is, i do all my posts with proper details in the caption. Posting a picture and just writing the name of the dish without any info, i don’t consider it blogging. A lot of people are doing this, i always write meaningful captions with all the details about the picture that i post. It takes extra efforts but it also creates a connection between me and those who read the caption.”His unique approach reflects in his Instagram feed which is so properly organized and has so many dishes from different parts of the country. Doing new things, bringing new content and good content has made him a force to be reckon with in the food blogging world. One of the most popular food blogger of India already, he looks set to carry the baton of food blogging in India for a long time to come.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more

EU not to send observers but to keep eyes on polls

first_imgEuropean Union flag Credit: EU websiteThough it will not send any observer team because of a lengthy preparatory process, the European Union (EU) will closely monitor the next national election in Bangladesh.The EU will be keeping eyes on the developments in the coming weeks, a diplomatic source said, adding that not sending an observer team does not mean that they are not going to follow the elections.Meanwhile, a delegation of European Parliament is scheduled to meet prime minister Sheikh Hasina at 6pm on Saturday, said an official.On the other hand, two election experts of the EU are scheduled to arrive in Dhaka on Tuesday to meet key interlocutors, including chief election commissioner KM Nurul Huda, said another official.Such an expert team usually submits a report to the EU headquarters on its observation, the diplomatic source said mentioning that they might stay in Bangladesh until January depending on the evolving situation.The EU thinks sending a credible observer mission is a very big operation as it involves a good number of observers and needs a long preparation.It, however, expects free, fair, credible and transparent elections in Bangladesh.“We’re looking forward to free, fair, credible and transparent elections in this country,” said managing director for Asia and the Pacific at European External Action Service Gunnar Wiegand during his Bangladesh visit in July last.last_img read more

Houston School Board To Start Interviews With Superintendent Candidates

first_imgThe Houston Independent School District has been hunting for a new superintendent for months. This weekend trustees will start to interview candidates.They are scheduled to gather Friday and Saturday to talk with candidates to lead the state’s largest school district, according to the board’s publicly announced meetings.But the interviews and the candidates themselves won’t be made public. They’ll meet at a business office away from HISD headquarters.To guide the search, HISD hired a firm to ask community members what they wanted and develop a leadership profile.That wish list includes someone who’s focused on the community, who is culturally competent and racially sensitive and someone has experience working in a large school system.HISD is looking to replace longtime superintendent Terry Grier, who retired in February. The district’s chief financial officer Ken Huewitt has stepped in as interim schools chief since then. Sharelast_img read more