Venice will tax one-day tourist visits from next summer

first_imgThe council has not ruled on the penalties that will apply to tourists who do not pay the fee, although authorities proposed in February that the fine be up to 450 euros. The collection of the tax, which the Venice Council calls a “contribution for accession”, will take effect on July 1, 2020. This move has been announced for almost a year, but the introduction of the tax has been postponed several times because city officials have been considering ways to impose it, reports The Telegraph. The goal of this move by the Venetian government is to enable the millions of travelers who visit the city every day to contribute financially to the maintenance of the lagoon city. “The goal is to improve the quality of life of the population”, Said Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice earlier this year. “We didn’t decide on this move to make money.” When the system is launched, tourists will pay 3 euros to enter the city in the pre- and post-season, 8 euros in the season and 10 euros during critical periods of the season, such as summer weekends, when the number of visitors reaches excessive levels. The charge will also apply to islands in the Venetian lagoon such as Murano, which is known for its glass-blowing workshops. “The tax will not apply to locals or people visiting the city for study or work”, Explained Michele Zuin, city official. The tax will apply to tourists coming by bus, cruise ship, water taxi, plane and train. “It will be charged through vending machines that will be installed at strategic points of the city and cards through the online store, City officials said. Source / photo: The Telegraph; Pixabay The tax revenue will be used to cover the high fees residents pay for public services such as cleanliness, which is quite high due to city canals. Also, by 2022, tourists will, in addition to paying taxes, have to make an online reservation to enter Venice.last_img read more