Morrissey residents relocate to Pangborn Hall for renovations

first_imgThe men of Morrissey Manor have found a temporary home in Pangborn Hall while the Manor is being fully renovated for the first time in two decades. This overhaul of the South Quad dorm, constructed in 1925, follows renovations of Walsh Hall and Badin Hall in the previous two years. Residents of Walsh and Badin were also temporarily located to Pangborn during their renovations.Morrissey Manor’s Little Flower Chapel was renovated in 2015, but the building has not seen extensive improvements since 1998.“Morrissey will receive an elevator and fitness room for the first time in its history,” Morrissey Rector Zack Imfeld said in an email. “Every part of the building — except the Chapel — will be improved, balancing Morrissey’s classic 1925 feel with modern construction.”Residents of Morrissey, a hall long infamous for its small rooms, are looking forward to the new changes, Smith said.“Bigger rooms is the one thing that stands out, especially for a Morrissey guy,” sophomore Ryan Smith said. “It was pretty tight last year being in a double with such limited space. I’m looking forward to next year and having bigger rooms.”For the Manorites, the move across South Quad is a change of scenery but not of culture, as signified by their Little Flower Chapel, Smith said.“Seeing the chapel untouched while everything else is under construction was symbolic of how that culture and that vibe — no matter what you do to the physical appearance of Morrissey — you won’t touch that culture and that’s something that’s going to carry with us through Pangborn and to when we return to the Manor next year,” Smith said.Imfeld said the dorm has been preparing for the move since it was first announced during the 2015-16 academic year.“I don’t think the move will impact us drastically — we’ve been planning as a hall community for a few years, so all of our traditions and processes were created and enhanced to make our transition as smooth as possible,” Imfeld said. “The beauty of our move is that while the building may be different, the community is the same and that’s the beauty of the residential system here at Notre Dame.”Senior Brady McLaughlin, Morrissey’s hall president, said the Manor does not plan to commemorate their temporary relocation in any way.“Our plan this year is to keep on doing what we want to be known for, keep on doing what we have been known for,” McLaughlin said. “Honestly, as a senior, I would be kind of pissed off if we were trying to do something different this year. I stayed in Morrissey because I love Morrissey.”Smith said ensuring that first years who have only ever lived in Pangborn carry on the Morrissey legacy when they return to the Manor is a top priority for upperclassman.“We want [first years] to carry on the same traditions, and even though we’re being renovated that doesn’t mean that we’re wiping away the old Morrissey,” Smith said. “It still lives on pretty strong in our hearts and that’s something that we want to carry into the new building next year.”Smith said the changes may temporarily move Morrissey out of the home they love, but residents are optimistic about the new challenge and look forward to their return to the Manor next year.“It’s exciting because I think we do have a good community, and I don’t just say that as a Morrissey guy. I really do think it’s a great group of guys with great leadership at the top,” he said. “I think if we can carry that into a brand new building with brand new facilities, it’s going to be really great not just for us but for the rest of campus because we do some really cool stuff throughout the year.”Tags: Construction on Campus, Morrissey Manor, Pangborn Hall, renovationslast_img read more

Braun: LeBron deserves NBA MVP award

first_imgJonah is a sophomore majoring in journalism and Hebrew and Semitic studies. Who is this year’s NBA Most Valuable Player? Does LeBron really deserve it more than Kobe? Send your thoughts to As a Los Angeles sports fan, I’m inclined to like Kobe Bryant. Putting his past aside, he’s really an incredible athlete and probably the best player in the NBA.But with my never-ending infatuation with No. 24 comes my realization that this year, unlike last season, Kobe might not be the Most Valuable Player.In fact, I don’t think he should even be in the running for the MVP Award, considering how stacked the entire Lakers team is.To go along with big men Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, the Lakers have players like Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic and Jordan Farmar.All off the bench.I forgot to mention that forward Trevor Ariza, who isn’t exactly a prolific scorer, can defend almost anybody in the leagueNow, I’m not saying Kobe hasn’t been good this season — that would be a complete lie. His 27.1 points per game stand out with Dwyane Wade’s and LeBron James’, and he’s taking better care of the ball than ever before, dropping his turnover average by .5 from last season.As for James, his sidekick Zydrunas Ilgauskas (12.9 points, 7.5 rebounds per game) isn’t exactly an ideal big man, and although Mo Williams averages a solid 17.9 points per game, they don’t exactly stack up to what Kobe has around him.Game after game, James has shown that he can do it all by himself. Whether it be hitting a game-winning shot, knocking it down from a distance or doing one of his now-patented slam dunks, he displays the true essence of what it means to be an MVP.Oh, and the super-stacked Lakers don’t match up record-wise with LeBron’s Cavaliers, either.Obviously, James and the Cavaliers don’t have to face as tough opponents as often as the Lakers do. I mean, aside from the Celtics and Magic, the Cavs don’t face much competition at all. But don’t take that away from LeBron.Wade, who is in a similar albeit a bit worse situation as James, hasn’t performed well enough to push the Heat into serious contention for a spot in the NBA Finals.Even while leading the league in scoring with 29.9 points per game and making game-winners like he did against the Chicago Bulls on March 10, it seems like Wade hasn’t continually displayed the heroics necessary to get the Heat to where they want to be.Maybe that’s why Miami is only sitting in fifth place in the weak Eastern Conference. Simply put, if Wade wants his name with Kobe and LeBron, he needs to push other players on his team to perform the way they should.But at least for now, with the Lakers and Cavs with the Western and Eastern conference’s MVPs, respectively, a possible NBA Finals matchup keeps looking better and better. Kobe might not be by himself on this one, but since Shaq left he hasn’t won a championship, and you can bet he’ll be playing as hard as he can to win it all, especially with his current supporting cast.As for LeBron, he might not have as much around him as Kobe does, but he’ll want to show everyone that he deserves the MVP Award, and he might even have more motivation to prove that he is the best player in the NBA by winning a title without another superstar on the roster.Unfortunately for James, he may have saved his MVP season for the wrong year. As much as he deserves the award, it will be as sour as Bryant’s was last season, when he was dubbed MVP but lost in the NBA Finals. For LeBron, he has yet to prove that he and the Cavs can top the big three in Boston or even Dwight Howard and the Magic.So for LeBron, that championship might have to wait a season, but standing at a youthful 24-years old, it will be a treat to see him get better as the years progress.What will be even more intriguing, however, is if he ever surpasses Kobe altogether. It might not be this year, but looking at where Kobe was at the same age, you’ve got to be excited.last_img read more