Hip Hop Artist Turns Lettuce’s “Lude Pt. 6” Into Dope Rap Track [Listen]

first_imgProducer/rapper Jackson Whalan spent this past harvest season working in Northern California, many hours a day on the hill, steadily honing his craft, and immersing himself and his headphones in all things Adam Deitch. When Lettuce dropped their future-funk and hip-hop drenched Mt. Crushmore EP in November, the b-boy inside Whalan was engulfed in the titanic sonic offering. The essence of a new boom-bap was alive and kickin’; and Whalan heard the call to arms- loud as hell and clear as day.The result is the fantastic “#KeepKrushing”, a mixtape-type track where Whalan goes absolutely ham over Lettuce’s “Lude Pt. 6.” A producer/rapper, Whalan loops up the track, which the Lett krewe assembled with snippets and outtakes from the band’s psychedelic Dilla-dipped masterpiece “Phyllis”; the emcee then proceeds to destroy countless bars for nearly two minutes straight, barely coming up for air as he comes both conscious and correct. It is, in a word, flames.When asked about what prompted this song/idea/project, Whalan was reflective and inspired.“Lettuce, Deitch and those guys are making great art. The spirit of hip hop is alive and well in their music, and I wanted to honor the tradition of hip hop, and Dilla, and just jump on their track with bars. The intention here was to honor not just Lettuce, but all cats from the culture who have laid the foundation for me to create this music and connect with people. I hope that people can feel that in my music. This track is a prime example of that.”The burgeoning emcee/producer hails from Western Mass, but Jackson Whalan’s roots to the Lettuce krewe trace back to New York City, when both Deitch and Whalan lived in Brooklyn and the younger cat was trying to link with frequent Break Science emcee CX. Since that time, Whalan has released a few albums and most recently toured the West Coast with Brooklyn’s Moon Hooch, his college-era pals from The New School. Whalan had somewhat of a modest underground hit with his video-single “S.N.A.G. (Sensitive New Age Guy).”Just last month, he released a five-song EP Souled Out on Austrailia’s underground hip-hop label Adapted Records. Thanksgiving weekend, verbal darts sharpened from the aforementioned mountainside sessions, Whalan showed and proved through five rounds of competition to take home Hip Hop Medicine’s 2016 Freestyle Competition in Nevada City, California.last_img read more

Morrissey residents relocate to Pangborn Hall for renovations

first_imgThe men of Morrissey Manor have found a temporary home in Pangborn Hall while the Manor is being fully renovated for the first time in two decades. This overhaul of the South Quad dorm, constructed in 1925, follows renovations of Walsh Hall and Badin Hall in the previous two years. Residents of Walsh and Badin were also temporarily located to Pangborn during their renovations.Morrissey Manor’s Little Flower Chapel was renovated in 2015, but the building has not seen extensive improvements since 1998.“Morrissey will receive an elevator and fitness room for the first time in its history,” Morrissey Rector Zack Imfeld said in an email. “Every part of the building — except the Chapel — will be improved, balancing Morrissey’s classic 1925 feel with modern construction.”Residents of Morrissey, a hall long infamous for its small rooms, are looking forward to the new changes, Smith said.“Bigger rooms is the one thing that stands out, especially for a Morrissey guy,” sophomore Ryan Smith said. “It was pretty tight last year being in a double with such limited space. I’m looking forward to next year and having bigger rooms.”For the Manorites, the move across South Quad is a change of scenery but not of culture, as signified by their Little Flower Chapel, Smith said.“Seeing the chapel untouched while everything else is under construction was symbolic of how that culture and that vibe — no matter what you do to the physical appearance of Morrissey — you won’t touch that culture and that’s something that’s going to carry with us through Pangborn and to when we return to the Manor next year,” Smith said.Imfeld said the dorm has been preparing for the move since it was first announced during the 2015-16 academic year.“I don’t think the move will impact us drastically — we’ve been planning as a hall community for a few years, so all of our traditions and processes were created and enhanced to make our transition as smooth as possible,” Imfeld said. “The beauty of our move is that while the building may be different, the community is the same and that’s the beauty of the residential system here at Notre Dame.”Senior Brady McLaughlin, Morrissey’s hall president, said the Manor does not plan to commemorate their temporary relocation in any way.“Our plan this year is to keep on doing what we want to be known for, keep on doing what we have been known for,” McLaughlin said. “Honestly, as a senior, I would be kind of pissed off if we were trying to do something different this year. I stayed in Morrissey because I love Morrissey.”Smith said ensuring that first years who have only ever lived in Pangborn carry on the Morrissey legacy when they return to the Manor is a top priority for upperclassman.“We want [first years] to carry on the same traditions, and even though we’re being renovated that doesn’t mean that we’re wiping away the old Morrissey,” Smith said. “It still lives on pretty strong in our hearts and that’s something that we want to carry into the new building next year.”Smith said the changes may temporarily move Morrissey out of the home they love, but residents are optimistic about the new challenge and look forward to their return to the Manor next year.“It’s exciting because I think we do have a good community, and I don’t just say that as a Morrissey guy. I really do think it’s a great group of guys with great leadership at the top,” he said. “I think if we can carry that into a brand new building with brand new facilities, it’s going to be really great not just for us but for the rest of campus because we do some really cool stuff throughout the year.”Tags: Construction on Campus, Morrissey Manor, Pangborn Hall, renovationslast_img read more

Tickets Now On Sale to See Linda Lavin in Our Mother’s Brief Affair

first_imgTickets are now available to see Tony winner Linda Lavin in the New York premiere of Our Mother’s Brief Affair. Directed by Lynne Meadow, performances will begin on December 28 at Manhattan Theatre Club’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. Opening night is set for January 20, 2016.Written by Richard Greenberg, Our Mother’s Brief Affair follows Anna (Lavin), who, while on the verge of death (again), confesses to her grown children about an affair from her past. Anna fights for her legacy as her family attempts to distinguish fact from fiction.Additional information, including further casting and creative team, will be announced later. Our Mother’s Brief Affair Related Shows View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on March 6, 2016last_img read more

Proposed board actions

first_imgProposed board actions Proposed board actions Pursuant to Standing Board Policy 1.60, the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar hereby publishes this notice of intent to consider or take final action at its January 30 meeting on the following items. These matters are additionally governed by Rule 1-12.1, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, where applicable. Most amendments to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar that are finally acted upon by the board must still be formally presented to the Supreme Court of Florida, with further notice and opportunity to be heard, before they are officially approved and become effective. To receive a full copy of the text of any of these proposed amendments call (850) 561-5751 — reference any requested proposal by its title or item number and date of this publication. RULES REGULATING THE FLORIDA BAR Chapter 1 General Subchapter 1-3 Membership 1. 1-3.8 Right to Inventory Summary: Creates new subdivision (e) which would require each member of the bar who practices law in Florida and who is the only lawyer responsible for protecting the interests of the member’s clients to identify another member who is willing to serve as inventory attorney in the event of any need for such; clarifies that the designated member is under no obligation to serve in that capacity. Chapter 3 Rules of Discipline Subchapter 3-5 Types of Discipline 2. Rule 3-5.1 Generally Summary: Within subdivision (c), clarifies that a failure to comply with terms of probation or a finding of probable cause for misconduct during probation may be prosecuted as contempt and processed as other contempt proceedings elsewhere; additionally confirms that any order of sanctions for contempt hereunder may also terminate probation previously imposed; consistent with proposed changes in rules 3-6.1, 3-7.2, 3-7.10, and 3-7.12, within subdivisions (g) & (j), revises the term “disciplinary resignation” throughout, to read “disbarment on consent”; additionally within (j), streamlines verbiage to reflect that disbarment by consent shall have the same effect as and shall be governed by the same rules as provided for disbarment, and that matters involving disbarment by consent shall be processed in the same manner as conditional guilty pleas for consent judgment. Subchapter 3-6 Employment of Certain Attorneys or Former Attorneys 3. Rule 3-6.1 Generally Summary: Consistent with proposed changes in rules 3-5.1, 3-7.2, 3-7.10, and 3-7.12, adds attorneys who have been “disbarred on consent” within subdivision (a) as individuals subject to this rule. Subchapter 3-7 Procedures 4. Rule 3-7.2 Procedures Upon Criminal or Professional Misconduct; Discipline Upon Determination or Judgment of Guilt of Criminal Misconduct (disbarment on consent) Summary: Consistent with proposed changes in rules 3-5.1, 3-6.1, 3-7.10, and 3-7.12, revises verbiage within subdivision (j)(1), to reflect discontinuation of the term “disciplinary resignation.” 5. Rule 3-7.4 Grievance Committee Procedures Summary: Within subdivision ( l ), alters the requirement that the presiding officer of a grievance committee sign a formal complaint, to only require that the document be “approved” by such officer. 6. Rule 3-7.10 Reinstatement and Readmission Procedures Summary: Within subdivision (h), deletes language that requires the referee to copy The Florida Bar with the referee’s report as to reinstatement; also consistent with proposed changes in rules 3-5.1, 3-6.1, 3-7.2, and 3-7.12, adds verbiage within subdivision (n) to make this rule applicable to an attorney who has been “disbarred on consent”. 7. Rule 3-7.12 Disciplinary Resignation From The Florida Bar Summary: Deletes entire rule in view of proposed amendments to rules 3-5.1, 3-6.1, 3-7.2 & 3-7.10 which would supersede and moot current provisions, and otherwise create unnecessary redundancy. Chapter 4 Rules of Professional Conduct Subchapter 4-5 Law Firms and Associations 8. Rule 4-5.4 Professional Independence of a Lawyer Summary: Within subdivision (a)(4), clarifies existing language prohibiting bonus payments to nonlawyer employees based on the generation of clients or business, or calculated upon a percentage of legal fees received by the lawyer or firm. 9. Rule 4-5.8 Procedures for Lawyers Leaving Law Firms and Dissolution of Law Firms Summary: New rule, which sets forth guidance for allowable client contact by lawyers and law firms when a lawyer is leaving a law firm or when a law firm is being dissolved. Chapter 6 Legal Specialization and Education Programs Subchapter 6-9 Standards for Certification of a Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer 10. Rule 6-9.1 Generally Summary: Adds to purpose of standards the criteria of “character, ethics and reputation for professionalism”; also adds language to address uniqueness of Florida real estate law and necessity for applicants to demonstrate knowledge and experience in Florida real estate law and transactions. 11. Rule 6-9.2 Definitions Summary: Expands definition of real estate law to include matters relating to ownership and rights, examination of titles, real estate conveyances and other transfers, sales and other transactions, property owner associations and planned developments, regulation in land use and zoning. 12. Rule 6-9.3 Minimum Standards Summary: Within subdivision (a), requires applicants to demonstrate experience with Florida real estate law for at least 3 of the 5 years of law practice before filing an application; within subdivision (b), requires applicants demonstrate experience and involvement with Florida real estate law and transactions; within subdivision (c), requires at least 3 references to be licensed to practice law in Florida or alternatively authorize references from non-Florida lawyers, judges, and others; within subdivision (d), authorizes establishment of policies by BLSE to provide guidance on CLE accreditation. 13. Rule 6-9.4 Recertification Summary: Within subdivision (a), eliminates “continuous and substantial” as criteria for involvement in real estate law since last date of certification; within subdivision (b), provides BLSE with authority to establish policies to govern CLE credit allocations; within subdivision (c), requires 3 of the 5 references to be licensed to practice law in Florida and adds “character, ethics and a reputation for professionalism” as criteria for recertification. STANDING BOARD POLICIES 500 Committees, Sections & Divisions 14. SBP 5.10 Standing Committees Summary: Conforms name changes, additions, or deletions of various committees as necessary. 1000 Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning Policy and Procedure 15. SBP 10.50 – Long Range Planning Committee Summary: Transfers strategic planning responsibilities from the Long Range Planning Committee to the Executive Committee. 1500 Lawyer Regulation Policies 16. SBP 15.10 Waiver of Disqualification as Attorney for Respondents Summary: Within subdivision (b), revises current prohibition against a member of board member’s law firm representing a respondent in a disciplinary proceeding, and specifies those circumstances under which the board may grant a waiver for such representation. 17. SBP 15.30 Executive Committee Actions on Disciplinary Matters Summary: Within subdivision (b), clarifies existing policy for the disposition of unopposed reinstatement matters, to allow agreements or stipulations for reinstatement to be treated the same as consent judgments which do not require board or executive committee review. 18. SBP 15.55 Deferral of Disciplinary Investigation During Civil or Criminal Proceedings Summary: New policy in furtherance of rule 3-7.4(e), to provide additional guidance for deferral of the investigation of a disciplinary complaint that may have been initiated to influence a separate civil or criminal proceeding. BOARD OF LEGAL SPECIALIZATION AND EDUCATION POLICIES 200 Florida Certification Plan 19. BLSE Policy 2.13 Applicant Review Process for Certification or Recertification Summary: Adds new subdivision (n) to clarify the end of the substantive review process regarding peer review denial at BLSE level, and to confirm that any subsequent appeal shall only address procedure; revises all affected subdivision entries accordingly. 400 Appeal Procedures 20. BLSE Policy 4.03 Standard of Review Summary: Within subdivisions (a) and (b), clarifies scope and standard of review to be followed by the Appeals Committee in an appeal of certification denial at BLSE level; amends subdivision titles accordingly. 21. BLSE Policy 4.09 Consideration of Appeal Summary: Within subdivision (b), clarifies content of record regarding BLSE denial of certification if appealed to Appeals Committee. BYLAWS 22. Appellate Practice Section Summary: In Article IV (Duties & Power of Officers), adds that the section treasurer shall serve as chair of the website committee and shall supervise the development and maintenance of the section site; in Article VI (Meetings of the Section), clarifies that the executive council may direct matters to be submitted in writing to section members for mail vote “unless otherwise specified herein;” in Article IX (Committees) adds the website committee as a standing committee, and confirms that annual committees of the section may be created or dissolved either upon recommendation of the chair or chair-elect and majority approval of the executive council, or by motion of the council and its majority approval; and in Article XII (Amendments), clarifies that these bylaws may only be amended at the section’s annual meeting. 23. Labor & Employment Law Section Summary: Within Article III (Officers) and IV (Executive Council) deletes“continuing” from various references to legal education committees and seminars; within Article VI (Standing Committees) streamlines and updates existing provision by deleting selected standing committees, and by creating a smaller standing committee structure with subcommittees; also adds appropriate section/subsection headings throughout Articles II through VI where omitted.center_img January 1, 2004 LAWS Regular Newslast_img read more

Court gives win to euthanasia activist (Sth Africa)

first_imgNZ Herald 9 May 2015Five years after Sean Davison was arrested for helping his mother to die, an organisation he founded has won a landmark victory allowing assisted suicide in South Africa.Auckland-born Dr Davison served five months’ home detention in Dunedin in 2011 for giving a lethal dose of morphine to his mother, Dr Pat Davison, to relieve her pain when she was dying of cancer at the age of 85.Last week, a South African High Court judge ruled that a doctor could legally help another dying cancer patient, Johannesburg lawyer Robin Stransham-Ford, to end his life “either by administration of a lethal agent or by providing the applicant with the necessary legal agent to administer himself”.The judgment, and a similar judgment in the Canadian Supreme Court in February, has forced the issue of euthanasia on to the political agenda of reluctant Parliaments across the English-speaking world.Terminally ill Wellington brain cancer patient Lecretia Seales, 42, has filed a claim seeking the right for a doctor to help her die.It will be heard in the High Court on May 25. Her lawyer, Dr Andrew Butler, said he would rely on the Canadian and South African cases as precedents.“Lecretia has been very clear that she thinks it’s a topic Parliament should be addressing,” he said.A bill promoted by Peter Brown when he was a New Zealand First MP to allow euthanasia for terminally ill patients was lost by only two votes in 2003, and Dr Davison said he was surprised New Zealand had made no progress on the issue since then.“It’s a basic human right, at the core of our humanity,” he said. “This is what New Zealand should be leading the world on.”http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11445673last_img read more

Kay starts history-making night with win in Arnold Motor Supply Hawkeye Dirt Tour

first_imgSetting the stage for a history-making night, Justin Kay won Tuesday’s Arnold Motor Supply Hawkeye Dirt Tour feature for IMCA Modifieds at West Liberty Raceway. (Photo by Barry Johnson)WEST LIBERTY, Iowa (June 13) – A driver best known for his IMCA Late Model prowess contin­ued his run of success in a sanctioned Modified Tuesday night.Justin Kay held off challenges from Cayden Carter and Joel Rust in winning the Arnold Motor Sup­ply Hawkeye Dirt Tour main event at West Liberty Raceway. The victory paid $1,000 and came just before he completed the unique sweep by winning the Deery Brothers Summer Series Late Model nightcap.Carter, another two-division star, finished as the runner-up while Rust was third. Kurt Kile and new tour point leader Kelly Shryock completed the top five.“There’s no replacement for being out there and having a lot of laps. A lot of it is knowing what line to run and track conditions,” said Kay, who became a seven-time Deery winner at West Lib­erty in final race of the night. “The Modified guys were right behind me. Running, and winning two features wasn’t something I could have done without my crew guys. They were awesome.”Kay was pursued early first by Marshalltown tour winner Todd Shute and then by Richie Gustin. Carter closed to third before back-to-back cautions on laps nine and 10.Carter was up to second before the 30-lapper reached midway and within a carlength of the leader not long after. A slide job put Carter ahead briefly on lap 18 before Kay went low to get the front spot back on the same set of turnsThe last yellow of the night waved with six laps left as the frontrunners navigated traffic. Gustin fell off the pace but neither Carter nor Rust could shake Kay from the lead before the checkers.The win was the HDT career third for Kay, already on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot.Hancock County Speedway’s Tuesday, June 27 Salute to Veterans special is next on the Arnold Motor Supply Hawkeye Dirt Tour schedule. The main event at Britt pays $3,000 to win.Feature results – 1. Justin Kay, Wheatland; 2. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 3. Joel Rust, Grundy Center; 4. Kurt Kile, Nichols; 5. Kelly Shryock, Fertile; 6. Larry Herring, Lone Tree; 7. Kyle Brown, Madrid; 8. Jacob Murray, Hartford; 9. Colby Springsteen, Wapello; 10. David Brown, Kellogg; 11. Derek Walker, Riverside; 12. Eric Barnes, Colona, Ill.; 13. Brett Moffitt, Mooresville, N.C.; 14. Jerry Luloff, Independence; 15. Jordan Walker, Cedar Rapids; 16. Richie Gustin, Gilman; 17. Jesse Sobbing, Malvern; 18. Steve Stewart, Burlington; 19. Todd Shute, Des Moines; 20. Matt Bodman, Muscatine; 21. Derrick Stewart, Ainsworth; 22. Dan Brockert, Grandview; 23. Dan Helm, Sher­rard, Ill.; 24. Chris Zogg, New Liberty.1st heat – 1. Carter; 2. Shute; 3. Derrick Stewart; 4. Herring; 5. Bodman; 6. Walker; 7. Luloff; 8. Zogg.2nd heat – 1. Barnes; 2. Shryock; 3. Rust; 4. Gustin; 5. Kyle Brown; 6. David Brown; 7. Sobbing; 8. Moffitt.3rd heat – 1. Kile; 2. Murray; 3. Springsteen; 4. Kay; 5. Brockert; 6. Steve Stewart; 7. Walker; 8. Helm.last_img read more

Obagoal set to replace Ighalo

first_imgRelatedPosts Martins joins Wuhan Zall Ighalo: My best moment as ‘Red Devil’ Ings not interested in leaving Saints, Southampton manager says Nigerian striker Obafemi Martins is on the verge of a return to Shanghai Shenhua, Chinese media have reported. Martins, who was previously contracted to Shenhua from 2016 until the end of the 2018 season, was reported by Titan Sports to have arrived in China on Tuesday and was being lined up to replace Odion Ighalo ahead of the Chinese Super League season. China’s domestic league has yet to start the 2020 season after kick off was delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak, but speculation is mounting that the campaign will begin in late April or early May. Ighalo will make his stay at Manchester United a permanent one this summer. The striker has made an impressive start to life at United, scoring four times in eight games since signing on loan until May 31 from the Chinese Super League club. England’s Premier League has been suspended due to the pandemic and will not resume before April 30.Tags: Chinese Super LeagueObafemi MartinsOdion IghaloPremier LeagueShenghai Shenhualast_img read more

Couple sues an IVF clinic after the clinic inserts wrong embryos

first_imgA couple from New York is suing an IVF clinic after they say the clinic accidentally mixed up their embryos with another couple’s embryos and attempted to conceal the mix up.The incident occurred at the CHA Fertility Clinic earlier this year.The couple who was only identified as Asian-Americans became concerned when in March, they gave birth to twin boys who were not of Asian decent.They then contacted the clinic which later confirmed the couple’s concerns about the twin boys and the couple was then forced to give up the children to their biological parents.In addition to that, the clinic reportedly told the couple that they do not know what happened to their embryos.The couple is now suing the co-owners of CHA Fertility Center, Dr. Joshua Berger and Simon Hong for fertility clinic of medical malpractice, negligence, and emotional distress among several other counts.A lawyer for the couple says that after their clients were unsuccessful with having a child on their own, they spent more than $100,000 on in vitro fertilization, had a successful pregnancy, and then had their dreams stripped from them due to the negligence of the clinic.While experts on IVF facilities say the incident suffered by this couple is not uncommon in IVF due to all of the moving parts, the lawyer for the couple says their clients are not only suing for”traumatic emotional injuries and financial losses” but to also make sure that other couples who opt for IVF do not have their experience.last_img read more

Yobo Pledges Continued Support to Super Eagles

first_imgFormer Super Eagles captain Joseph Yobo on Friday in Port Harcourt pledged his continued support for the national team, as he dedicated his football career to God.Yobo said this during an interview with sports writers shortly after his testimonial match, which Team Nigeria won 5-4 against Team World 5-4 at the Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium, Port Harcourt.“It only takes the grace of God to attain what Joseph Yobo has done. Six African Nations Cup, three World Cups, and I think that says itall. “When I was fit, I always played. I am very thankful to God. I don’t know how I did it. Yes, it was 101 caps, but I don’t know how I did it,” he said.Yobo however said he would continue to support the Super Eagles and urged the team to believe in itself.“The team should believe in itself, regardless of the setbacks. The players should believe that they can always still do it. I had my setbacks and I still bounced back,’’ he said.The former player of Everton FC of England urged Nigerians all over not to relent in supporting the Eagles.“This is because we have only one national team and I am very proud of the national team,” he said.Yobo commended all his friends who came for the match, especially his coach at Everton FC, David Moyes.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that former Eagles striker Emmanuel Emenike scored a hat-trick for Team Nigeria, hitting the net in the 13th, 18th and 28th minutes.Joel Obi and Yobo scored the team’s other goals in the 15th and 43rd minutes.Former Black Stars striker Sulley Muntari scored for Team World in the 14th minute, while former Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o scored in the 16th and 23rd minutes.Nollywood actor Osita Iheme, alias Paw-Paw, scored the fourth goal for Team World in the 54th minute.Waidi Akanni, Chairman of the match’s Organising Committee, said the game was a success because notable international stars honoured it.He said the match lived up to expectation because the players gave a good account of themselves.Former Eagles captain Austin Okocha entertained fans with dribbling skills and accurate passes which kept the spectators thrilled.Team Nigeria was coached by Samson Siasia while David Moyes coached Team World.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Racing action at Limerick Junction

first_imgThe Group 3 Coolmore Stud Fairy Bridge Stakes is the feature event on an 8 race Flat card at Tipperary this afternoon.Dermot Weld has won this race for the last three years and the Rosewell House trainer is represented this time with Tempera ridden by Leigh Roche and stable pick Raymonda, the mount of in-form stable jockey Pat Smullen.The going is soft this morning and the first race goes to post at 4.25. Photo © Tipperary Racecourselast_img