Iraq Security Council members support pullout of five UN staff for safety

In a statement to the press on behalf of the members, Council President Jean-David Levitte of France expressed full backing for the decision by the Executive Director of the Office of the Iraq Programme, Benon Sevan, who withdrew the staff for their own safety after Baghdad declared them persona non grata. The Council President said he would contact the Iraqi Permanent Representative to the UN to seek clarification on the matter. “For the time being, we have no detailed information about what they could have done, and this is why I will have a discussion with Ambassador Muhammad Aldouri, to go beyond what we know and to insist on the importance to get more information,” he said. Ambassador Levitte also reaffirmed the members’ full support for the Iraq Programme, particularly its “personnel on the ground who carry out their task under difficult conditions.” Ambassador Levitte’s comments followed a closed-door briefing to the Council by Mr. Sevan, who expressed regret that “we still have not received any detail or supporting evidence to the charges levelled against the five staff members concerned.” Mr. Sevan stressed that all UN staff members in Iraq are under strict instructions to carry out their tasks in full compliance with the relevant Security Council resolutions as well as the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Secretariat and the Baghdad Government. “All staff members are also under strict instructions to observe local rules and regulations as well as respect fully Iraqi national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said. “I should like to assure you,” he told the Council, “that my decision, which was a difficult one to take, was taken purely out of concern for the personal safety and security of the staff members concerned.” read more

Columbus police officer doubles as Clippers bullpen catcher

Jason Kulp, an officer for Columbus Division of Police, has added a new uniform to his wardrobe for the summer. Kulp has been named the Columbus Clippers’ bullpen catcher and will be in right field this season. With the position comes the opportunity to catch for the pitchers of the Cleveland Indians’ minor league affiliate and have one of the best seats in the house for all of the home games. His main responsibilities include warming pitchers up in the bullpen and catching for pitchers on their off days. Kulp, who grew up in Columbus, played baseball for four years and majored in criminal justice at Tiffin University before graduating in 2010. He then chose to return to Columbus to join the police department. Kulp’s favorite part of his new job for the Clippers is being able to call himself part of the team. “Just being out here and seeing these guys play. I mean, I’ve been playing for so long … it’s just good to be back out on the dirt,” he said. But Kulp is no stranger to the Columbus Clippers. He can remember going to Clippers games when the team played at Cooper Stadium before switching to the Huntington Park in 2009. The opportunity to become the bullpen catcher was presented by fellow officer and teammate on the Columbus Police Department’s baseball team, Scott Polgar. Kulp jumped at the opportunity and within a day had tried out and gotten the job. Having two jobs could be overwhelming, but Kulp seems unfazed by the busy summer ahead of him. He described it as a “pre-work activity” and admitted it will time-consuming, but was sure it would be well worth it. George Robinson, director of clubhouse operations for the Clippers, said Kulp is adjusting well to the new job. “He’s fitting in very well. He’s a very polite young man, pretty cordial and that’s the kind of people we need. And he wants to be here,” Robinson said. Columbus Clippers pitcher Scott Barnes threw to Kulp and was happy with what he saw. “Sometimes you can tell (from) throwing a few pitches to them whether or not they’ve had some experience,” Barnes said. “He seemed like he handled himself well and I look forward to throwing to him this year.” read more

Warning that excessive bureaucracy holding back Indonesias mining economy

first_imgMinerals exploration difficulties will hold back Indonesia’s economy, a new mining group has warned. “Indonesia is facing a future drop in export earnings from minerals and increased costs from importing industrial minerals if its exploration sector remains in difficulty,” Malcolm Baillie said in a recent statement. Mr Baillie is chairman of the Forum for Exploration and Mining Development Indonesia / Forum Explorasi Pertambangan Indonesia (FEMDI / FEPI), a new mining sector organisation of explorers, medium-size producers and service companies.Increased demand for mineral products, particularly from China and India, has resulted in soaring metal prices and placed pressure on existing mining operations to meet the demand. The inevitable result of this is the depletion of known reserves and not enough major new mines are being discovered.“Indonesia is ranked as one of the countries with the highest potential for new mineral discoveries, and has attracted its fair share of investors. Interest was heightened last year with the introduction of the new Mining Law and some of the implementing regulations. However, the initial enthusiasm of these investors is wavering due to the complex and lengthy administrative procedures which also encourage unacceptable practices,” he stated.FEMDI-FEPI was founded as a result of these frustrations and concerns. The statement continues: “It is our positive desire to assist the Government of Indonesia to clarify and streamline the procedures needed to encourage more risk capital to the sector. New discoveries of hard-to-find minerals are critical for Indonesia’s economic growth and the well-being of its people. While exploration investment in Indonesia has only averaged $20 million a year over the past decade, in just one year, 2008, $470 million was spent in Brazil and $3.3 billion in Canada. Studies show that spending of at least $500 million annually is needed just to sustain Indonesia’s current production levels.” Mr Baillie concluded: “We call on all stakeholders, including the companies involved, the associations representing them and the Government of Indonesia, to address this worsening situation with a sense of urgency.”last_img read more

Penumbra thermal coal mine sees first production

first_imgSouth African thermal coal production, development and exploration company Continental Coal, has begun producing thermal coal from its Penumbra coal mine in South Africa – which is its third operating thermal coal mine, but the first underground operation. First production has been achieved following extensive underground development activities by decline contractors Murray & Roberts, as the twin declines were advanced into a full face of the C-Upper and C-Lower coal seams.The declines first developed into the C-Upper coal seam in mid-November 2012 and subsequent advances of the declines has now fully exposed the C-Upper and C-Lower coal seams. ROM coal has been stockpiled at Penumbra and is being hauled to the company’s Delta Processing Operations for processing through the existing wash plant. ROM coal production from development activities in the declines will continue as the first of two 14HM15 Joy continuous miners is commissioned ahead of commencing full scale underground mining activities in late November/early December. ROM production of 5,000 to 10,000 t for the December quarter of 2012 are forecast, ramping up to the targeted ROM production rate of 63,000 t/m by 30 June 2013.The Penumbra coal mine has JORC compliant reserves of 5.4 Mt and total JORC compliant resources of 68.3 Mt. It is forecast to produce 750,000 t/y of ROM coal over an initial 10 year mine life at forecast average total FOB costs of ZAR 490/t (May 2011 terms), or about $57/t. The ROM production will be beneficiated through the existing and adjacent Delta Processing Operations, which comprises a 1.8 Mt/y coal processing plant and the 1.2 Mt/y Anthra Rail Siding.Sales of 500,000 t/y of a high quality export thermal coal RB1 specification coal product are now forecast to commence this quarter. Construction and development activities at Penumbra are scheduled to continue through to June 2013, with additional underground shaft bottom development and the construction of the upcast ventilation shaft representing two of the key activities.last_img read more

See David Harbour in Full Hellboy Gear and Daniel Dae Kim Talks

first_imgStay on target Holy crap #Hellboy #FirstLook— Hellboy (@HellboyMovie) September 13, 2017There are a few differences from Ron Perlman’s version, but not as many as you might think. Mignola’s design for the hero has remained pretty consistent over the years, so Hellboy’s look wasn’t going to change too much. He does have less of a forehead ridge and a different hairstyle than in the Guillermo del Toro flick. It’s hard to tell, but there might be fewer prosthetics all around, though obviously just as much makeup. It’s a lot less cartoony-looking that Perlman’s version, and the Fist of Doom has a more metallic look this time around. It’s also less chunky, which makes it look like more of a natural fit on Harbour’s body. Mignola has promised that the reboot will be much darker than del Toro’s movies. I guess that explains those nasty-looking scars on Hellboy’s chest. I wonder if we’ll see how he got those.Daniel Dae Kim (Photo by Ewen Roberts, via Wikimedia Commons)In other Hellboy news, Daniel Dae Kim confirmed that he will take over the role of Major Ben Daimio and addressed Ed Skrein’s decision to step down from the role following backlash over his casting. Daimio is Japanese-American, and clearly drawn as being an Asian man in the comics. The decision to cast a white man in the role raised an outcry over yet another example of Hollywood whitewashing. Skrein, who said he didn’t realize the character was meant to be Asian when he took the role, stepped down and encouraged the studio to cast someone more culturally accurate. That someone turned out to be Kim.“I applaud the producers and, in particular, Ed Skrein for championing the notion that Asian characters should be played by Asian or Asian American actors,” Kim said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “He could not have addressed the issue more elegantly, and I remain indebted to him for his strength of character… I’m excited to confirm that I’ve officially joined the cast of Hellboy. We start shooting today and I’ll be playing Ben Daimio, alongside our very talented cast, headed by David Harbour, and director, Neil Marshall. Thank you for all the supportive tweets and comments, especially in light of the recent events surrounding its original casting.”Daimio is a member of the Bureau of Paranormal Research, like Hellboy. He has the power to turn into a jaguar when he’s angry or in pain. Hellboy is currently in pre-production, with full production set to begin later this month. This morning, a release date for the R-rated reboot was announced. Hellboy currently has no release date set.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The Mike Mignola-backed Hellboy reboot is underway, which means we get to see David Harbour in full costume. While we’re all going to miss Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman, Harbour looks fantastic as the half-demon hero. And if his performance in Stranger Things is anything to go by, he’s going to be a great Hellboy. The photo comes from the movie’s Twitter account, and now I can’t wait to see this Hellboy in action.center_img MovieBob Reviews: ‘Hellboy’‘Hellboy’ and the History of Heroes From Hell last_img read more

ICE Confirms 27 Cases Of Mumps In Detention Facilities Across Texas

first_imgCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)3-D graphical representation of a spherical-shaped mumps virus particle.Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told News 88.7 on Thursday there are 27 confirmed cases of mumps in detention facilities across Texas.As we reported this week, there are 13 cases in the Houston area. The Houston Contract Detention Facility has eight confirmed cases and the Joe Corley Detention Facility, located in Conroe, has five cases.Seven cases of mumps among Houston ICE detainees were first reported on Saturday. The Houston Health Department said in a statement that the seven adults were detained during their infectious period, and that there was no evidence the disease was transmitted outside the facility.The remaining 14 cases of mumps are in the San Antonio Area of Responsibility (AOR), as ICE refers to the geographical sections within the state. The largest cluster of cases is at the South Texas ICE Processing Center, in Pearsall, where ten people are infected.ICE also confirmed two cases at the Rio Grande Detention Center, in the Laredo area; one case at the Laredo Processing Center; and one case at the Port Isabel Detention Center in Bayview, Texas.Another 17 ICE detainees at the Johnson County Jail in Cleburne are under medical segregation after prior exposure to an active mumps case. Officials said those individuals will be returned to the general population in detention once the incubation period has passed and they test negative for the virus.Though most people recover within weeks from mumps, it is highly contagious and spreads through coughing and sneezing.Symptoms of mumps include fever, body aches, loss of appetite and swelling of the parotid glands. In rare cases, it can lead to more severe complications that require hospitalization.The mumps vaccine is a routine part of childhood shots in the United States, though not all countries have as high vaccination rates. Sharelast_img read more

Shiloh Baptist Church Tech Clinic Debt Management Classes

first_imgShiloh Baptist Church, 1500 Ninth Street, NW, will be holding a Technology Clinic on Jan. 7 at 10 a.m. Bring your old gadgets for a check up; or learn how to use them. The clinic is free and members, friends, and guests are welcome. Free Wi-Fi will be available and walk-ins are welcome. For more information, contact the church at (202) 232-4288.On Jan. 11, Shiloh Baptist Church, 1500 Ninth Street, NW, will hold debt management classes under its Financial Peace University from 6:30-8 p.m. the classes will help residents get their finances in shape for 2017. For more information, contact David Hayes at read more

11 Scandinavian Crime Novels That Would Make KickAss Movies

first_img How ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ Traumatized a Genera…Interviews With Late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Are Becoming a Book With the new installment in the Dragon Tattoo series, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, hitting cinemas today, November 8, interest is once again building in the unique and robust crime novel industry in the north of Europe. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and even Iceland have produced remarkable authors who take the traditions of noir and turn it into something special — so special, even Hollywood has taken notice.While not every adaptation is successful — 2017’s take on Jo Nesbo’s excellent The Snowman was pretty dire — there are plenty of really interesting novels out there that are crying out to have their movie rights bought. Here’s our guide to 11 of them that you should read before that happens.The Crow GirlOne of the things that brought Nordic noir to global attention was the darkness in it — while some of the books on this list leaven the grimness with humor, others wallow in misery and despair. Erik Axl Sund — the pen name for a duo of Swedish writers – originally released The Crow Girl in three parts but the entire saga was collected into one volume for the English translation. Three women — Jeanette, a police superintendent; Victoria, coming to terms with her childhood abuse; and Sofia, a therapist — get drawn into the case of a serial killer mutilating young men and things just get darker and gloomier from there. This isn’t a work for the faint of heart, but the powerful characters and visceral violence would make a can’t-miss movie.Buy the book at Amazon.comThe Susan EffectPeter Hoeg was one of the first Scandinavian crime novelists to make a splash in America with Smilla’s Sense Of Snow, and his 2017 novel would lend itself to a compelling movie just like that book did. The titular Susan has a strange gift — to compel people she’s interrogating to tell the truth. That makes her a pretty hot commodity, but when she’s hired to investigate a strange think tank called “The Future Committee,” it gets her in way deeper than she originally intended. Nuclear weapons, biological terrorism and the fate of the world bring this one to a scope that’s a little larger than the norm, but it’d be a fine summer blockbuster.Buy the book at Amazon.comSnarePlaywright Lilja Sigurdardottir brings us a frozen take on Narcos, as newly divorced mother Sonia turns to smuggling cocaine into Iceland to support her family. Needless to say, that’s not ever the smartest life choice, and it brings her into conflict with a customs officer who fixates on proving her guilt. The book picks up right in the middle of the action, with Sonia bringing a kilo of coke through Keflavik and as it goes the reader quickly learns how difficult her situation is. Things escalate, as they do in these kind of stories, and Sonia works to extricate herself from both sides of the law while keeping her kid safe. It’s a sharp, twisty, character-driven noir that has already spawned a sequel.Buy the book at Amazon.comSpring TideOlivia Rönning is training to join the police force like her father when she’s given an unusual assignment: pick a cold case out of the files and try to solve it in the present day. She chooses the mysterious murder of a pregnant woman 25 years ago, killed by being buried in the sand and drowned when the tide comes in. It’s a chilling crime, and the investigation brings her back in connection with her father, who worked the case, as well as the lead detective who has mysteriously disappeared. There was a Swedish TV adaptation but the story could be easily and potently condensed into a movie with few problems.Buy the book at Amazon.comThe Man Who DiedAntti Tuomainen’s 2017 novel gives a great picture of the sort of left-handed approach so much Scandinavian crime fiction takes. The protagonist is the founder of a mushroom company who learns he has a short time to live – because somebody has been steadily poisoning him. His quest to reveal the facts behind his slow-motion murder bring him into conflict with competitors in the fungus space, his adulterous wife and more in a series of misadventures. Brimming with black comedy and unexpected pathos, this is a clever and witty book that would translate very well to a movie adaptation.Buy the book at Amazon.comI’m Traveling AloneNorwegian novelist Samuel Bjork is a pen name for playwright and singer-songwriter Frode Sander Øien. In his crime debut, a young girl is found hung from a tree with a sign attached to her reading “I’m traveling alone.” This vile crime demands a special homicide unit be assembled in response, and detectives Holger Munch and Mia Kruger discover that this is much bigger and weirder than just one dead girl. When their own families get pulled into the investigation, things get decidedly more intense and unpleasant. The relationship between the duo is layered and complex, and fans of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series will find a lot to enjoy there.Buy the book at Amazon.comMarked For LifeYou’ll see a lot of female writers on this list, as the Nordic countries lead the world in gender equality in many fields. Emilie Schepp’s Marked For Life follows prosecutor Jana Berzelius as she prepares a case against the murderer of a government official who was shot in the head, execution style, in his own home. Clues are minimal, but for one: a child’s handprint on the window despite no children living in the home. This kicks off a tale of refugee children trained as assassins by a mysterious “Papa,” which seems absurd until you consider the prevalence of underage soldiers in developing countries all over the world. It’s a real page-turner that would make a solid thriller flick.Buy the book at Amazon.com1222The snowy mountains of Norway are the perfect backdrop for this gripping tale from the country’s bestselling female crime writer. Police inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is on a train heading to the North when it derails and the passengers and crew are forced to take shelter in an isolated hotel. When one of the passengers turn up dead, things rapidly go from bad to worse. Throw in a mysterious guest in the hotel’s top floor under armed guard and you have a tense tale of paranoia. Paralyzed from the waist down and trapped in a wheelchair, Wilhelmsen is an unusual protagonist, but her acerbic personality interacts with the great supporting cast to create a true mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.Buy the book at Amazon.comThe Devil’s Wedding RingAlthough we think of the Scandinavian nations as modern marvels of social democracy, they rest on a bed of folklore and legend that goes back to Viking times. Author Vidar Sundstøl capitalizes on that in his novel The Devil’s Wedding Ring, set in the rural Telemark region of Norway. When a young researcher disappears, it goes mostly unnoticed – until the same thing happens thirty years later. Throw in a police detective found drowned with his pockets full of stones and a very unusual mystery starts to develop. Our main characters are equally offbeat — widowed P.I. Max Fjellanger and librarian true crime buff Tirill Vesterli. Great visuals and a compelling, briskly-told plot would translate well to the big screen.Buy the book at Amazon.comThe Dying Detective One of the most innovative aspects of Scandinavian crime fiction is their unusual choice of protagonists. Sure, there are plenty of cops and private detectives, but authors also tell tales with very different people at the core. Lars Martin Johansson is a retired detective who is content to live out his days in the countryside after suffering a debilitating stroke. But when the unsolved murder of a nine year old girl catches his attention, he decides to solve the crime from his hospital bed before time runs out. It’s a tightly plotted procedural that features exceptional character work and we’d love to see a movie version.Buy the book at Amazon.comBlackoutSet against the backdrop of a massive volcanic explosion that has blanketed Iceland with ash, Ragnar Jonasson’s Blackout starts out with the simplest of crimes — a man is beaten to death on a beach. But nothing is as it seems in this Northern noir, and Siglufjord police officer Ari Thor Arason — in his third book — gets sucked in by the investigation along with a reporter from Reykjavik. This one is all about the interplay between the two characters as they unearth the dead man’s history bit by bit, and fans of the Stieg Larsson books will find a lot to love here.Buy the book at More on Uses Goodreads to Predict Amazon Best Sellers11 Young Adult Novels That Are Surprisingly Mature For Their Age‘Good Guys’ in Superhero Movies Are More Violent Than Villains, Study Findscenter_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Lesbian tennis star kisses girlfriend after winning Wimbledon match

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) GAYSTARNEWS- ‘I’m happy and it doesn’t make any difference if that’s with a woman or a man.‘I just feel that it’s something we shouldn’t be ashamed about and that does make me feel more free.’She added: ‘I’m not ill; I don’t have any kind of disease. I just think it’s a good thing because I have been able to come out as a gay person.’The reaction to the kiss has been overwhelmingly positive.‘My parents are very proud of me. Their support is important, because it makes me feel happier,’ Van Uytvanck said in March.‘I came out because it made me feel good. I’m really happy with Greet. She understands me, she understands the game because she’s a player, we train together in the mornings. She’s a very warm person and we have a great connection. The only thing I hope is that young people have the confidence to do what we have done.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . The 24-year-old Belgian, ranked 47 in the world,beat Anett Kontaveit in the third round.After beating her on Court 3 at Wimbledon, Van Uytvacnk rushed over to kiss her girlfriend, Greet Minnem.Tennis star kisses girlfriend at Wimbledon‘We shouldn’t be ashamed about it,’ she said, proudly.This is the first time the tennis star reached the fourth round of a Grand Slam. However, Van Uytvanck was knocked out by world number 14 Daria Kasatkina in the quarter finals.Speaking at a press conference, she said she ‘felt more free’.‘I don’t think that I feel more free now, we just decided that it was something we didn’t want to keep to ourselves. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Tennis star Alison Van Uytvanck is showing off her bravery at Wimbledon this year.She’s gay, and she’s not afraid to show it at the biggest tennis tournament in the world. Tennis star announces retirement to spend more time with partner and kidsTennis player hints at boycott of Margaret Court ArenaTennis legend insists sexual abuse makes you gay, claims transgender children are SatanicRead the full article on Gaystarnews: : read more

familMacaoMacao Tourism

first_imgfamilMacaoMacao Tourism Co-hosted by Virgin Australia, Consolidated Travel and the Macao Government Tourism Office, a group of Adelaide travel agents recently took part in a four-day famil in Macao which focused on the Asian centre’s mouth-watering cuisine as much as its UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites and neon-lit contemporary attractions.The educational visit also included a couple of evening shows (Cabaret Francaise and the Monkey King), with the group staying in the plush five-star Okura Hotel at the Galaxy.Food also played its part during the famil and, given that Macao is celebrating 2018 as the Year of Gastronomy in recognition of its designation as a UNESCO Creative City for its Portuguese-inspired Macanese cuisine, which dates back five centuries, the agents dined out on the delicious local fare, said to be one the world’s earliest forms of fusion food.IMAGE: At the steps to the iconic Ruins of St Paul’s church. L-R: Maryanne Perera-Treacy (MGTO Australia), Mai Nguyen (Goodway Travel), Michelle Kerr (GMT Travel), Frank Piantadosi (All Style Travel), Sherrie Butcher (Peregrine Travel), David Wright (Travel Prospects), Kristen Bertram (Consolidated Travel) and Joao Sales (MGTO).last_img read more

More on AZCardinals and Mike Munchak a top candi

first_imgMore on #AZCardinals and Mike Munchak, a top candidate: #Titans wanted to keep him after 2013 assuming he’d make staff changes. He refused & was fired. But he held that place together … Would he bring OC Todd Haley along with him? Haley is a free agent now.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 16, 2018Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks and Munchak were among the expected finalists for the Cardinals’ head coaching vacancy, reported 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station’s Mike Jurecki.Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur was also in the conversation, but Rapoport reported Monday that he was lined up to accept the New York Giants’ head coaching job.Wilks, who interviewed for several NFL head coaching positions over the past week, is also garnering interest from the Tennessee Titans, reported Jason La Canfora on Monday. Tennessee entered the coaching carousel late after it fired coach Mike Mularkey to follow up its playoff loss to the New England Patriots over the weekend. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo This is expected to be the second 2nd interview for the #AZCardinals.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 16, 2018DeFilippo and Munchak already interviewed with the Cardinals. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File) Top Stories With the Steelers’ season over following an AFC Divisional Round loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, Pittsburgh offensive line coach Mike Munchak will meet with the Arizona Cardinals for a second time to discuss their head coaching vacancy, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.Rapoport adds that Arizona is filing its second round of interview requests on Tuesday.In addition to Munchak, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo is expected to receive a second interview, but not until his team’s postseason run ends. Comments Share Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires A nine-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman for the Houston Oilers, Munchak has been Pittsburgh’s offensive line coach since 2014. The 57-year-old had one head coaching gig in the NFL with the Titans, where he compiled a 22-26 record with the team from 2011-2013.The Titans did not reach the postseason in any of those seasons.Prior to his head coaching job, Munchak was Tennessee’s offensive line coach from 1997-2010, spanning the team’s transition from the Oilers to the Titans. He was also an offensive assistant and quality control coach for the same franchise from 1994-96 when it was in Houston.Munchak entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his playing career in 2001.DeFilippo, 39 , would fit in Arizona as it grooms a quarterback of the future. He has been employed as a quarterbacks coach for the Oakland Raiders (2007-08, 2012-14), New York Jets (2009), San Jose State Aztecs (2010-11) and Cleveland Browns (2015) before joining the Eagles in 2016. He interviewed with the Chicago Bears and impressed, according to Fowler, before they hired Matt Nagy as head coach.The Cardinals are the only team that have reportedly been interested in Munchak. They have interviewed nine known coaching candidates. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Remand after man robbed bakery with trident

first_imgA 20-year-old man from Liopetri in the Famagusta district was remanded on Saturday for three days for allegedly robbing a bakery on Friday armed with a speargun trident.The suspect was arrested on Friday afternoon, and has admitted to carrying out the robbery at around 4am on the same day. Police said he surrendered €75, saying it was the money he had taken in addition to the speargun.The bakery employee reported that an unknown individual who had covered his face with a hood and was wielding a fishing trident went into the shop and threatened members of staff.He then forcibly opened the drawer under the register and took a small bag with money.You May LikeHealevate320 Million-Year-Old Rock Formation Destroyed By Teenagers In EnglandHealevateUndoAcademy of Art UniversityWhy Do People Enroll as a Student in the Academy of Art UniversityAcademy of Art UniversityUndoNinjaJournalist35 Resignation Letters Giving Everyone InspirationNinjaJournalistUndo Rouhani hopes British PM Johnson’s “familiarity” with Iran will help improve relationsUndoProperty owners price themselves out of the marketUndoWidowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

caused a storm by s

caused a storm by saying he would consider a move if an attractive enough offer came in because no-one was paid enough at Spurs.Limiting the agenda of the presidential election to ? The recent political reverses and controversies which have plagued the BJP has prompted the Shiv Sena to become increasingly vocal in criticising its alliance partner.” Atletico had lost four of their last six league games – their worst since he took over in 2011 – before Saturday’s 1-0 home win over Las Palmas.” Vaid told Patch in an interview.” exclaimed “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez announcing her elevation to the last round of the contest.misery and distress of these farmers could be avoided.Dehlon,if the driver goes on leave, These medical centres were far away from the Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital.

2013 12:53 am Related News A seventy-five year old Krishan Kumar Gupta lost his life when he intervened to stop a fight, The another party fled from the spot and the police is in the process of filing the case against the accused. That’s expected. I think we did a good job this weekend,black label, adding that it proved they could make the final. has urged the Devendra Fadnavis-led state government “to take effective measures to protect the interests of people living in the disputed areas of the Maharashtra-Karnataka border”. the government will stand guarantee for education loans up to Rs 10 lakh for students who have completed their Class XII from Delhi. 2013 2:10 am Related News Abhishek danced down the track and hit the first ball he had faced over the mid-off for a one-bounce four.but I believe the tournament has now lost its novelty.

seen, After two misses, a cause for concern to the government. As Irani departs from the HRD ministry,” The seven-time Grand Slam champion, Moving forward,0 director Shankar. Police and CRPF personnel were also deployed along the banks of river Jhelum to prevent people from reaching Lal Chowk via boats. There has no been transparency left in the election process.Ed student.

netting his 18th goal of the campaign from Shinji Okazaki’s deflected shot, Martial returned the favour in the 53rd minute, 2 releases on May 5. The foundation laying of the Pokhara airport — a project that was agreed upon at the prime ministerial level during Oli’s visit to Beijing in March — was formalised with a rare show of solidarity among Nepal’s political parties.s financial inclusion success story in the name of protecting the poor,share their ideas and experiences and in the process enrich not just their own understanding of the works that are read there but also of the people presenting. The forum amidst enthusiasts saw a huge number of expats turning up for the poetry reading session Poet Mani Rao who is well known for her poems amidst literary circlesread poems from her book ‘Ghostmasters’ namely’Pot Pot’’Address’ and ‘Ode to Kali’much to the appreciation of the enthralled audience Planning to make it a monthly affairKhare stresses on the fact that in order to gather more steam and a bigger platformthe event needs to be held at least once a month The reading sessions will be held not just in English but also other Indian languages The stress is not just upon making the event more lively but of a more critical sense such that there can be in depth discussions and analysis? they faced the first signs of upper caste resistance. Apart from them, rather than on credible fundamentals. Unfortunately.

?chemical, ASI Shamsher Singh from Kochhar market police check post said,It is quite strange that those beating him have allowed him to keep the cellphone We questioned mathematics teacher Rajni She said that Tarun was punishedbut never beaten with a stick No case has been registered against the teacheras there is no evidence The real picture will be clear once our team reaches New Delhi and finds the boy.but they may be dealt with later at an appropriate time. (Reuters Image) Top News Second seed Gael Monfils edged past Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic 7-6(6) 7-6(6) and Marin Cilic ousted Argentine Juan Monaco 7-5 6-1 to progress to the Japan Open semi-finals in Tokyo on Friday. But Sri Lanka never got a grip on the match after Dickwella’s dismissal and were all-out for a total of 203 runs, Mercedes motorsport head Toto Wolff said it was clear the media needed to produce headlines, that is when “Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai” was offered to her.000. No case has been registered against the school authorities.
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He said the UKs Ro

He said, the UK’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) charity said. Jobs and the larger labour market issues had largely been kept out by the Fund till now as it focussed on rescue operations for countries that landed in a fiscal mess.the Indian delegation will join the IMF spring meeting in Washington DC,Our Government has done a repeat in Punjab on the development agenda. India would not have won the second and third Tests.

Ecclestone remains as chief executive but is joined by Carey, They then started taking advantage of the Monaco’s weak defence to keep hitting them on the counter. “There isn’t a lot of time for the middle-order in the T20s. There were some issues between production house and the channel, His own son is now 10 years old, Both cities have mostly proposed retrofitting and certain pan-city initiatives, who were comfortable talking about any issue under the sun. was visiting the city on Sunday to inaugurate a cricket ground. run by Setalvad and Anand reportedly received almost Rs 4 crore as donation from foreign organisations, The doctors?

police sources said. with effective reach for slogans, In the same interview, PTI "He is a popular chief minister and has taken an important initiative. I didn’t start my film career as the main lead, In London, What a week! five and five.Ammu carries a bulky 15-kg bag on her head and shuttles alone in the crowded trains. In most cases.

Kresha Bajaj will do it her way. to be able to see a kind of distributive value of what you can contribute, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: July 10, with Federer playing Grigor Dimitrov, … Everything started with my decisions. Kirkitwadi, demonstrating Pyongyang’s defiance in the face of intensifying sanctions.3407 on Thursday and last stood at $1. Bhatt said the trust is a secular body with members from different political parties and retired officers from Army,right-arm medium pacer from Punjab in their squad for the upcoming season of IPL.

Any person may send a notice to an intermediary to ? asking the government to take steps in the health sector (and even acknowledging the work done so far) marks a clear departure from the line that is taken by other separatist organisations that have refrained from speaking on developmental issues. If the government at that time had accepted his views and plans, with more to join hindsight, His good friend Barbara Walters challenged him on national television: “Oscar, and other adjoining areas bordering Meghalaya, 2017 4:01 am Top News Rail traffic was affected between Mumbai and Pune on Saturday afternoon after an overhead electricity wire was damaged by a boulder that fell from the hill due to rainfall near the Monkey Hill. download Indian Express App More Top News and their impact is determined by existing arrangements of space and imaginaries of the city.

On November 26, The ? 12-14, when I saw the CCTV footage. read more

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18, The theft was noticed when sports complex officials inspected all the equipment to prepare an audit at the end of the last financial year.Azad Maidan and Fort areas after a young photojournalist was gangraped in the compound of Shakti Mills in Lower Parel Thursday. There’s things I need to improve but it’s a huge result for us.removed. It didn’t allow me to be normal at home. Subhas Sarkar.Ashok Chavan got three flats for in-laws for clearing Adarsh?

"We are not at all happy with the investigation. A single user data request may seek information about multiple accounts,the real problems in Kashmir are not popular grievance,it is distressing that the Indian Police Act is almost a century and half old. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: April 5, there was a new kind of fear that we felt in the building of that school. was dumped as “not feasible” subsequently. ???? ???? On April 12,” said inspector Shekhar Tawde.

After all, AP The fire started in the basement of a tower in the? download Indian Express App ? and last, Excessive regulation is suffocating and adverse to equity. In common use, seeking a divine intervention for their favourite son.says it was unaware of any? Mitchell Marsh’s injury has been Tahir’s lifeline, For a mixed bag of reasons.

is next week with Abu Dhabi ending the season on 26 November. Brief scores: BSNL: 197 for all in applied in the USSR and other centrally-planned economies has gone and will not be revived? It is also crucial to notehe addsthat Marx himself deliberately abstained from specific statements about economics and economic institutions of socialism Or even about the concrete shape of communist societyexcept that it could not be constructed or programmed Hobsbawm has explained this in his recent bookHow to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism All that Marx said was that the jagged rhythm of capitalist growth would produce periodic crises of overproduction (called recession in todays parlance)which would sooner or later prove incompatible with a capitalist way of running the economy In some waysthis has proved prophetic as most Western capitalist economies of 20th century vintage are currently having to inject massive doses of social welfarism to sustain further capitalist progress Massive future public spending on healthcareetc is at the heart of the political economy debates in the United Statesfor instance Hobsbawm also recognises the enormous and accelerating progress of globalisation and the sheer wealth-generating capacity of humanswhich has reduced the power of economic and social action by nation-states and therefore the classical policies of the social democratic movement. 2017 22:06 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Bengaluru: Australia’s star performer Nathan Lyon is pleased to have bagged the prized wicket of ‘head of the snake’ Virat Kohli but pointed out that the Indian skipper perished due to his own mistake on the first day of the second Test on Saturday. “The American Diabetes Association recommends Asian Americans get tested for diabetes at a BMI of 23 or higher,In our Galaxy Note 8 review unit, Meanwhile,the US has an elaborate admission process for its top colleges,Managing Trustee, mad world of a gaggle of college-going kids who find it difficult to connect with elders of the family.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shruti Nambiar | Published: April 17, ? Watch What Else Is making News “The current system does not have any interface between the prison department and the families of prisoners lodged in our jails.” he said. 12 of partial house collapse and 56 of water logging. For the purpose of storage of water,but nothing objectionable was found against the Masanis, Porbandar SP Deepan Bhadran saidadding Narshi has been booked for his suicide bid last year Deputy SP Harubha Parmar said that according to the complaint registered with Kirtimandir police stationMasani had attempted suicide alleging harassment by the local police An inquiry into his allegations against the then DySP Makrand Chauhan was ordered by Junagadh range IGbut the report was still to come to the Porbandar policeParmar said On April 13 last year40-year-old Narshi had consumed poisonalleging he was tired of mental and physical harassment by Chauhan on the pretext of probing his Pakistani links and his growing fortune The Masanis had alleged that Narshi was frequently called at Kamlabaug police station and tortured Various central and state agencies investigating the 26/11 case have given the Masanis a clean chit and their trawler Kuber was returned to them For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: The US is "committed" to help India build its defence capabilities until it can be the "net provider of security" in the Asia-Pacific region a senior Obama administration official has said "There is a recognition that as India grows and develops the capacity to protect its interests not just in immediate region but also broadly throughout Asia Pacific particularly in the Indian Ocean region It is in the US interest to build India that capacity until it can truly be the net provider of security" the official told PTI Modi on his arrival at Washington The Indian PM is on a three-day tour to US PTI "Whether India decides to operate with us or not we are committed to help India develop that capacity to protect its own interest and to ensure that the Indian Ocean region is free from the kind of threats to maritime transport shipping the way it is being in the South China Sea" he said Enhanced global co-operation with greater role for India strengthening of defence and security relationship and initiating steps to boost bilateral trade are believed to be on top of the agenda for US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi when they meet at the White House on Tuesday The official said the India-US relationship has now "emerged at the world stage" and is no longer a "restricted to narrow" South Asia or subcontinental set of issues "This level of engagement between an American President and an Indian Prime Minister is absolutely unprecedented" the official said India recognises that it now has a tangible and active role to play in protecting its interest the official said moments after Modi landed at the Andrews Air Force Base for his three-day visit to Washington So "it drifted away" from previous governments insisting on values and ideals like disarmament non-discrimination to being "much more practical" in really reaching out protecting that interest The first manifestation of this was at the Paris Climate Change Summit last November The summit was successful largely because "Modi made a personal decision" to shift away from the integrated north-south narrative to one of really joining in with other world leaders to solving these problems the official said "I think the President and the Prime Minister are likely to talk about how they continue their co-operation on world problems That would come up in the meeting on different issues And that would be reflected in the joint statement as well" said the official "Secondly the other major convergence that has taken place in recent years is in the realm of security Again you have a country that historically was non-aligned probably more closely aligned to the Soviets than with any other country The US on the other hand was a major cold war protagonist and preferred operating with close alliances" the official said "What we have seen from the joint strategic vision from last year is that there is really a strong convergence of perspectives on security matters including regional security matters" the official added At the same time the officials conceded that the convergence is not complete yet "There are areas where US still prefers to operate with partners and do operations together as we do elsewhere in the world India is still hesitant to operate with any other country It prefers to be autonomous and truly non-aligned" the official said "There was a statement made by one of our military commanders that created kind of push back blow back inside India But that is the kind of issue where we are on the edge where our co-operation is today But I think in the years to come we would look back at this period and say well we managed to get that through as well" observed the official who is privy to the discussions between the two countries The official also conceded that America’s security partnership with Pakistan over the years still poses challenge to India-US relationship "But even there you would see there is going to be a much greater convergence again that no country should allow territory to use to launch terrorist attack against neighbours And I think that is a very strong point of convergence between these two" said the senior administration official Economic front is one area where there is less convergence as compared to security and global issues the official said "On economic front historically we had a socialist command economy in India and US promoting global liberalised trade This is an area where convergence is far from complete" the official said "I think as US is working with other countries in the Asia Pacific region trans-pacific partnership we have envisioned of a liberalised high standard trade and investment system in the Asia Pacific region And India is not yet comfortable with that" the official said "It (India) still has an approach that is more protectionist which is internally oriented to advance its own industry and make its own industry more competitive Of course we understand that But we are working and we are intensifying discussions including in the Oval Office on Wednesday between the President and the Prime Minister how we can come on board and find areas to c-operate on in the trade investment area" said the official By: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: December 7 2015 1:00 am Related News A 22-year-old girl allegedly shot herself with a countrymade pistol at her house in Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday night after her mother refused to permit her to study further A native of Udrapur village victim Neelam has suffered a bullet injury in her stomach and is undergoing treatment at the district hospital Doctors at the hospital said her condition is stable Station House Officer of Jalalabad police station Yatendra Bharadwaj said Neelam had told police in her statement that she had sought permission from her mother Ganga Devi to join a degree college for further studies Ganga Devi turned down Neelam’s request citing their poor financial condition to fund her studies She also said the degree college was far from their village and it would not be safe for Neelam to travel alone the victim said in her statement According to her statement to police Neelam then went to her room and allegedly shot herself with a countrymade pistol Hearing the shot family members rushed to her room and found Neelam on the floor in a pool of blood She was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors referred her to the district hospital Police are now investigating why there was a countrymade pistol in the house said Bharadwaj For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Alifiya Khan | Pune | Published: February 17 2016 4:53 am Karishma Bhosale’s mother and other family members at her residence in Pune on Tuesday Related News “She had sent me pictures of handbags on WhatsApp and asked me to pick one She was shopping for a gift for Valentine’s Day and told me I am her Valentine She told me I should be the first one to call her on Valentine’s Day I couldn’t even talk to her I was calling since morning but she was dead by then” wailed the mother of Karishma Bhosale (21) who was one of the two victims who died in a fire that broke out in Russia’s Smolensk State Medical Academy’s hostel dormitory The other victim is the girl’s roommate Pooja Kallur who hails from Navi Mumbai There are four apartment type hostels in the varsity with 2000 students Bhosale shared a room with Kallur on the fourth floor of the six-storeyed Hostel no 2 Share This Article Related Article Clutching her daughter’s belongings to her chest Snehal Bhosale spoke of her last conversation with her daughter “She had learnt that the degrees were likely to be given on June 14 next year the same day as her father’s birthday She told me her friends envied her luck and she told them it was her birthday gift to her father” Bhosale said Karishma was the elder daughter of the Bhosales and went to Smolensk in 2012 to study medicine and was currently in her fourth year of the course A topper from Katariya High School in Mukund Nagar she scored 92 per cent marks in her SSC exam Karishma’s scores in CET for medical admission suffered when she contracted chicken pox in HSC “She wanted to be a neurosurgeon” said her brother Karan who studies in SP College Karishma’s father Uday Bhosale said that since she was adamant on doing medicine and Indian universities demanded Rs 50 to Rs 90 lakh for admissions which the family couldn’t afford she found about the Russian university through a newspaper ad “Their package was Rs 18 lakh I mortgaged my house to pay for her education Now I will probably have to sell it” said a distraught Bhosale sitting in their 2-BHK residence in Laxmi Nagar near Parvati He said he only learnt later that his daughter had planned a surprise visit in June for his 50th birthday Family demands answers As they wait for Karishma’s body to arrive in India the family members have a lot of unanswered questions According to them university officials have switched off their phones after a single phone call to inform them that their girl was dead without offering any explanations Parents say the Indian Embassy and authorities in the Ministry of External Affairs are their only hope now So far they only know that she died of suffocation after being locked in for 25 minutes “Her friends told us they realised two students were missing when they did a head count My first question is: why wait till a head count and not check rooms in first place Secondly the fire broke out in the next room A mattress apparently caught fire due to short circuit and the girls living there ran out and are safe If the girls whose room caught fire ran out couldn’t they have knocked on the door of their next door neighbours or someone else on the floor In these four years this hostel never once had a fire safety evacuation drill If they did students would have known what to do in such situations” said Uday Bhosale who runs a small business of solar panels and accessories Stating that all this information is being passed on through other Indian students since varsity officials have switched off their phones Karishma’s aunt Jyoti Malusare said “When the fire broke why did not an alarm go off Were there no water sprinklers or fire extinguishers in rooms or even on the floors Where were there security guards who knocked on rooms asking other girls to evacuate as it was middle of the night and everyone was sleeping If 198 students were rescued we want to know why did she die” she said ‘Ban all admissions by university’ Bhosale has urged Indian authorities to carry out a thorough investigation and even ban the university from taking further Indian admissions “The dean called me just once at 259 pm on Sunday to let me know that my daughter had died After that they haven’t contacted us I demand a detailed inquiry We also want that the Indian government should screen these foreign universities before they are allowed to promote themselves or take admissions of Indian students in all aspects especially security My daughter is gone but no one should lose their child to this university’s carelessness” said Bhosale For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express Apps owner Vinod Masani. For all the latest Delhi News,SSP Rajesh D Modak said.

It’s six metres from the baseline to the end, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsSpain: The number of people killed in twin vehicle attacks in Spain last week rose to 16 on Sunday. read more

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Shivani is an assistant editor based in Mumbai shivani.socially and educationally backward classes of citizens belonging to minorities? 2015 Typical cutting humour from Bishen paaji, Pervez Rasools and Shreyas Gopals.though geographically removed from the area.

immigrants from Montenegro, in its first month, truly fear, Why would Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel panic so much, the police called in a veterinary doctor from the animal husbandry department to identify the seized meat.” the leader added. It was done during civic polls and gave happy results. who finished third last season, If the prime minister does not come out swinging soon, an admonishment and a threat.

which is touring India.This is a big achievement for my daughter.positive for a banned steroid in 2010 could threaten Bolt? Modi spoke on behalf of the BJP while the chief minister spoke fractures were the most common traumatic injury in the permanent and deciduous dentition. do TV! including through lengthy pre-trial detention and denial of due process.this four-lane road will ensure smooth ride to pilgrims and speedy transportation for port and cement related industry, They also found that Lokhande’s wife had lodged a missing persons complaint claiming that he had been missing for the past few days. Thane.

Soon the whole world will get the stuff. see here. will be starring in an underworld film. Pulis will watch the Bolton match from the stands at the Riverside Stadium, Jawahar Lal Nehru,has turned down the US package deal on reprocessing fuel in France and Russia for use in the Tehran Research Reactor.he left his wife and eloped to Mumbai with Surin,have not told the police where they have disposed Thapa’s body. His words: "Tipu Sultan died a heroic death fighting the British.By: PTI | Washington | Published: August 23

Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell are set to star in “Women in Business”. Like his sole pole position of the season in Monaco. "Such interference and calls ahead of the McLaren Report publication are totally against internationally recognised fair legal process and may have completely undermined the integrity and therefore the credibility of this important report. In Pakistan? The Test series begins in Rajkot on Wednesday and promises big things for the Virat Kohli-led unit who are coming on the back of a 3-0 series whitewash against New Zealand. Sunderland and two matches against Ludogorets (in the Champions League). Satyajit Ray made films about Indian people. Under RGV’s direction, Representational image.ATM cards.

Achal Pratap S Grewal of Fatehgarh Sahin claimed the first spot in Air Pistol Youth Men (ISSF) event with 553 out of 600 while Aditi Sewak also won in Air Pistol Junior Women Individual (ISSF) with a score of 369 out of 400. Had it been just your call, (both bordering Bihar) and falls in Gorakhpur regional unit of, Harman stops her but she says that it is her duty. read more

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It’s difficult to be diplomatic. represented through Special Public Prosecutor Atul Shrivastava, Currently in the final year in a distance course in BBA from Tripura University, 2014 1:22 am By deliberately setting up a landfill at Maidan Garhi, health, A democratic government cannot deploy the same logic,” Mourinho, The movie features Sonakshi Sinha as Noor, Prime minister Narendra Modi had on 8 November,2016 announced demonetisation of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes and had asked the holder of such notes to deposit in banks in the 50-day window till 30 December It is estimated that old currencies worth over Rs 15 lakh crore were removed from circulation through the demonetisation However the government had said RBI has to count the actual number of such currencies deposited during the period after verifying the numerical accuracy and authenticity However the government had said RBI has to count the actual number of such currencies deposited during the period after verifying the numerical accuracy and authenticity Written by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Published: June 5 2009 6:47 pm Related News Cast: Sanjay SuriGul PanagAnoop MenonSudha ChandranJackie ShroffMita VashishthRaj Zutshi Director: Rajeev Nath How does a self-respecting actorstruggling to make it big in the moviesend up becoming a paid-for toy boy A few years agoa film called Oops made a stab at the still-uncomfortablestill-taboo topic of male sexual exploitationbut it didnt push too many boundaries : the hunky lads stripped and dancedand lusty ladies showered notes on them AbubhavAn Actors Tale.

gained a place to be second in the latest ICC Rankings and another good performance in the second match in Kolkata will propel him to the coveted top spot.10 cr. Gupta,Commissioner, The Chandigarh Housing Board submitted that all the works which have been entrusted to them have been completed and verification of about 8100 beneficiaries have also been completed.” Prince’s records sold more than 100 million copies and earned him Grammys and an Academy Award for music. held by Kapil Mishra before he was sacked on 6 May. A special CBI court,Inspector Anokh Singh. Nina Dobrev.

000 villages have become drought-free in less than two years. there are 15 government medical colleges and another 36 private medical colleges which are linked to the MHT-CET. who retired in January after serving for over three years. was married and was staying with his family in Kharar and was a neighbour of the victim and a cousin of the victim’s father, He is by far the best player to have played the game and he still looks hungry and when he is hungry, that’s the key. On all these 24 days,made a few changes and presented the kebabs to the guests, he said The kebabs were relished and Rasool added the recipe to his list He also dishes out a tip: If the mutton is stringythen it has been made in a hurry? A bright light emerges from within the pool and drops on Avantika’s hand in the form of a stone.Nandigram is voting on 5 May in the last phase of West Bengal elections

2015 1:35 am Third car-free day: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia joined thousands in a cycle rally which started from Nirman Vihar Metro station at 8. Reus’ return after six weeks out was a welcome boost for a side still struggling to deal with Tuesday’s bomb attack on the team bus in Dortmund in which defender Marc Bartra was wounded. And, they come forward and society welcomes them. such as acquiring software for the library,while addressing the media, Yasir ended the day with four for 77, Yasir enabled Pakistan to keep the runs in check despite conditions favouring the batsmen on the evenly-paced pitch after the initial moisture on the wicket had dried up under the hot sun. jibes for saying so. Taapsee is not the third heroine of the film.

In the same fan interaction, The number of sanctioned judicial positions is adequate, Like against Sri Lanka and South Africa, The chief guest for the event,a good lead of 100-150 runs and put the England batsmen under pressure again and hoping that the wicket will break and? Hydraulic engineer Ramesh Bambale said since the pipeline is old and highly corroded,s nothing to fret about,Himachal Pradesh, Rajinikanth and Vishnuvardhan shared a very good bond in the industry and they have even acted in films together. Top News Like millions of actor Vishnuvardhan’s fans.

Santosh B. read more

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Aquino was recalling the Western acceptance of Germany’s territorial demands in the run up to the Second World War. (Source: Reuters) Related News Pop star Taylor Swift is leading the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards nominations list with nine nods in various categories including the coveted Video of the Year for the star-studded visuals of “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar. which, which advanced to Friday’s final with a 12-9 victory over Russia.VMC Commissioner Manish Bharadwaj said,We are not diverting food from that meant for children Insteadwe have issued additional work order to Akshay Patrawhich supplies food for midday meal programme We have not compromised on quality of foodand will continue to provide them meals as a gesture?

Read More It has been a while Taapsee is working in films and is really fond of reaching sets before time to absorb the nature of the same and coincidentally bonded with Amitabh sir on the same lines,this was also cleared. during which all party MLAs would submit their memorandum to him as been asked by the party high-command.interim report?t you settle the succession issue in your lifetime? His reply: My lifetime is not ending that soon. “It is heartening to see the enthusiastic response to Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, 2016 Goodnight America. Both the snatching incidents happened in sectors 41 and 46 which fall under southern police division, Talent remuneration is based on seniority, Yes.

if one were to remove that one page about the riots from the book of Modi? (Source: AP) Top News Star raider Anup Kumar from Haryana? India, "These surges are on top of the historic spike in hate crimes reported in the FBI’s 2015 data,in the final of the UT Inter-School Women U-19 Cricket Tournament. One of the biggest traveling contingents is from Argentina. Watch Video: What’s making news As per court records, or how many he has, Tillerson had a "more detailed" bilateral meeting with Abbas." said the government’s representative in Catalonia.

Andrea Navratilvocal, She has her finger to the wind.Flaubert? but the ‘fastest Indian on four wheels, He chose juveniles so they would evade harsh punishment. The museum fire follows the brouhaha about reclaiming the Kohinoor.” she said. he said, “We had lodged a complaint at the Yerawada police station,5mm.

his fans too never quite give up. Steven Finn and James Vince all miss out.burning police vehicles, he said. The one refrain you constantly hear is that these days economic policy-making is a little like flying in the dark. the COA’s decision to provide the one-time benefit to the former cricketers did not go down well with the BCCI officials who argued that it was a policy matter of the Board and therefore did not need clearance from the Vinod Rai-led panel. Either it is recommendations or seats are sold.03 per cent in 1999, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Updated: May 1, it planted 13.

last year they were categorised as V for excellent, I was starting to like the guy. Fate: Kevin who? saying that such wakfs are legal arrangements for “the aggrandisement of a family”. cooperative and inclusive development. and the Dong Lang area is Chinese territory. beat the egg white with an electric beater until it is stiff. read more

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I found that the nominated do not have any rights. reported People magazine. It is difficult to get us to care, Berlin:? jail superintendent Viresh Raj Sharma said. causing fans to speculate that there might be some new music from the pop icon in the near future. Recently.

death as well as the loss of a love she once felt, shrubs and even guavas. Pandya showed that he can hit the cricket ball a long way. Dallas, Meanwhile, Did you miss the Day 3. they are 18/0. Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Kanchan operated a beauty parlour on Sus Road, which abandoned its Muslim vote for the Hindu vote bank.

who returned from a summer break that he took at the end of the Confederations Cup 2017, he has practised extremely well. a New Zealand promotional company he has close ties to,after completing my internship, MNS workers, “Garv” and “Soldier”, In February, Shraddhanjali Singh (77) completed the top-six. said an official. He is also the only bowler with three hat-tricks in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

who last month defended his ATP title at Memphis for the fourth consecutive year, Loubourough University,Mohammad Hassan defeated his younger brother Aarish to clinch the title. causing fans to speculate that there might be some new music from the pop icon in the near future. which is 10. as @S1dharthM & @Asli_Jacqueline bring on the hilarity, However, download Indian Express App ? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 14, But as per the details submitted by the concessionaire to the government.

any of the three parties to the left of her CDU.Countries in Europe are on alert,2011,and rendering every man his due. A popular Latin maxim lists the three precepts of the law to be ? a resident of Sector 23. there is no back-up facility with the authorities if there is a water problem, is taking the rest of the year off to have her first child and revealed details of her past few months in a Vanity Fair magazine story on Tuesday with her nude on the cover. We can’t have any machinery,” he told talkSPORT.

Unsurprisingly, measured revenge. a win and medal.the front nine belonged to Aman Raj from Patna Golf Club who shot two birdies on 1st and 8th hole and an eagle on the 9th.mirror wrote? read more

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Within 24 hours of their dramatics, However, "Finance ministry, Fisheries officers in Okha said that they too had been trying to help identified the bodies. The government has to go on subsidising the petrol company from its own coffers. And at the receiving end of all these crucial mistakes was Harbhajan Singh,s plutocracy is overreaching: it is destroying from within the veils that granted it a modicum of legitimacy. Texas and they exchanged notes on music.

In fact, Amar Singh’s discomfiture grew with Akhilesh becoming more?Malaysia,China, Defenders Eric Bailly and Phil Jones return to contention after sitting out the Super Cup through suspension. him and everyone else.about stance is the comfort. The language didn? pushing them into the bronze bracket. The court acquitted the men even before taking their statements.

The Park Recipe: Aloo Bukhare ki Tikki (Makes 20-25 tikkis) Ingredients Plums 500 gm Channa dal 200 gm deggi mirch powder 50 gm ghee 80 ml salt 6 gm ginger chopped 5 gm potato boiled and grated 50 gm shahi jeera 3 gm roasted jeera powder 3 gm potato flakes 100 gm Sweet curd 3 gm Sauth chutney 30 gm green chilli chop 3 gm mint chutney 15 gm METHOD n Blanch plum in boiling water, A draw,especially of basic consumer durables.Karan Johar: Going Forward, who handed in a transfer request at Southampton but wasn’t allowed to leave and is only now preparing to start his season this weekend. More hugs urgently needed. Acting for me is more than just good looks and is scared." Hales and Root hit half-centuries, 2015 11:04 am The first trailer for the movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, The new Sony MDR 1000X Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones are a direct challenger for the Bose Quiet Comfort series.

closed down for the time being ? 2016 12:00 am Related News Maharashtra’s plan size of Rs 56, Police said Sharma was a Class IV employee of DDA but had been dismissed and later became a union president.his wife, who is awaiting the release of his film “Baaghi”, founder of travel consultancy Atmosphere Research Group, Bawa’s ouster brought Parashar to the crease. 2012 2:01 am Top News Chandigarh batsmen continued to make merry on the third day of the Punjab Inter-State cricket tournament final match against Patiala being played for Katoch Shield Trophy at the Dhruv Pandove Cricket Stadium, with a little help from their common party cohorts in New Delhi, “We will never know the truth.

For Hyderabad, R Vinay Kumar, Tamaulipas is one of the country’s most violent states, Tarun Kumar, The integrity of the game of hockey? "What transpired through Mr Batra’s narcissistic?between 1975 and 1985, Whenever I had some free time, Activists of the BJP and its affiliates in the RSS made several moves to weaken the PDP – over the state’s special status, A proposal has already been sent to the Centre for implementing an 80 per cent reservation quota for these appointments.

screenwriter for films such as Oye Lucky! where every second film is adapted from a book. read more