3 Toronto officers found not guilty of sexually assaulting a colleague

first_imgTORONTO – Three Toronto police officers have been found not guilty of sexually assaulting a female colleague on a night of heavy drinking after an Ontario judge said the woman’s testimony was “fraught with problems.”Justice Anne Molloy told a Toronto court Wednesday she “looked in vain for corroboration” of the woman’s version of events on Jan. 17, 2015, but couldn’t find any evidence to support her account.Leslie Nyznik, Joshua Cabero and Sameer Kara had pleaded not guilty to a charge each of sexual assault. All three hugged supporters after the verdict was handed down. The complainant was not in court.Nyznik, the only accused to testify, said during the trial that it was the female colleague’s idea to return to a hotel room rented out by two of the accused where she instigated sex with all three men.The woman — a parking enforcement officer whose identity is protected by a publication ban — had testified she had several drinks during the course of the night and was unable to stop the men from having sex with her.“I was powerless, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t stop what was happening,” she testified.The judge said the case came down to the reliability and credibility of the woman, which she found lacking. There were many problems with the complainant’s evidence, Molloy said, finding some aspects “simply untrue.”“Given frailties of evidence I simply cannot be sure to make a finding of criminal guilt,” she said.Molloy said, however, that she didn’t necessarily believe Nyznik’s testimony, which “appeared to be scripted or rehearsed” and rang false at times. But the judge said she could not reject it as untruthful.Nyznik’s lawyer said outside court that his client looks forward to having his life back and going back to work.“Mr. Nyznik is very happy to finally have this process behind him,” Harry Black said. “He took the stand and he faced the allegations and he has answered them and he is now vindicated.”During trial, court heard Kara had invited the complainant to join in on a “rookie buy night” where rookie officers buy drinks for the veterans. The two, who worked out of the same division, had become friends, court heard.Kara and Nyznik booked a room at the Westin Harbour Castle that day and began drinking there that afternoon, court heard.Around 6 p.m., the three men went to CC Lounge and Whisky Bar with other officers, court heard. Shortly before 9 p.m., the female parking officer arrived at the bar. She wasn’t there long before the group moved to the nearby Pravda Vodka Bar.Court heard Kara was so drunk he had to be helped back to the hotel room around 10 p.m.The woman and Nyznik told court differing accounts of what happened after.The woman testified she walked with one of the accused to the Brass Rail, a strip club. She later conceded under cross examination she took a cab, blaming her memory lapses on intoxication. A police officer, who was with the accused and the woman, later told the court the group hailed a cab to the strip club.Around midnight, the woman ended up in a hotel room with the trio, periodically blacking out, she told the court. She testified she was at the whim of the three officers, all constables in a downtown Toronto division, who took turns having sex with her against her wishes.She testified that she believed she had been drugged, but she said she didn’t know when, where, how or by whom. The judge didn’t buy her version of events, comparing it to security video obtained from several bars and a downtown hotel.“Her evidence as to the symptoms she was experiencing is inconsistent with the objective video footage,” Molloy said. The judge also said the woman’s testimony that she was drugged was not plausible.Nyznik, meanwhile, said on the stand that the woman didn’t appear intoxicated during the night and instigated sex and oral sex with the officers at the hotel room.He said the woman surprised them when she entered the cab that was to take Nyznik and Cabero back to the hotel where Kara was sleeping.last_img read more

NEB names threemember panel to conduct Trans Mountain expansion review

first_imgCALGARY – The National Energy Board has named the panel that will conduct its reconsideration of the controversial Trans Mountain expansion project.The board has assigned Lyne Mercier, Alison Scott and Murray Lytle to the panel and has started the application-to-participate process.It is also seeking comment on the focus and design of the hearings.The deadline for applying to speak at the hearings is October 3rd.The federal government approved the Trans Mountain expansion project in November 2016, following a recommendation by the NEB. However the Federal Court of Appeal quashed the approval earlier this year, citing insufficient consultation with Indigenous communities and a failure to assess the environmental impact of additional oil-tanker traffic.Last week, the federal government ordered the NEB to go back and conduct a review of tanker traffic and issue its report no later than Feb. 22, 2019.The Trans Mountain pipeline was owned by Kinder Morgan Canada, but it was bought by Ottawa for $4.5 billion, hoping federal ownership would help overcome the obstacles stopping it from being built.last_img read more

The great 2026 debate Calgarys yes and no sides state their cases

first_imgCALGARY — The Canadian Press asked the No Calgary Olympics and Yes Calgary 2026 organizations for five points in their arguments against and for the city bidding for the 2026 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games.The ‘no’ side provided the following:— Calgary 2026 is not the right project for Calgary now. An Olympics won’t solve the city’s biggest problems, including 27-per-cent downtown office vacancy and rising property taxes.— Every deadline so far has been missed and costs have already increased just for the bid process. It’s not possible to host an Olympics without cost overruns.— Nostalgia is not a vision. 1988 was great, but nothing about 1988 is true today. The plan to update facilities and venues has same risk of cost overruns as new builds.— The International Olympic Committee’s interests are not Calgary’s interests. The IOC has total control, yet all of the risk is Calgary’s.— Calgary 2026’s rationale is ‘the Olympics is all we’ve got’ and ‘short-term jobs are better than nothing’. Voting ‘no’ says we believe in Calgary and its future.The ‘yes’ side provided the following:— Calgary 2026 is an investment in our community.— Calgary 2026 is an opportunity to get the infrastructure our communities needs and wants, for much less money.— Calgary 2026 will provide a legacy of sport and recreation opportunities for all Calgarians.— Calgary can have confidence in the Calgary 2026 budget.— Hosting the Paralympics is a new opportunity for Calgary, one that will help ensure barrier-free access around the city and to community facilities.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

McGill science group takes aim at pharmacies for selling quack flu remedy

first_imgMONTREAL — A McGill University science communication group is taking aim at a commonly available homeopathic flu remedy and questioning why pharmacies continue to sell what it calls “quack remedies.”A survey of 150 Montreal pharmacies conducted last month by the McGill Office for Science and Society found that two-thirds of them stocked Oscillococcinum despite the fact that the product “does not work (and) cannot work according to our scientific knowledge,” reads a publication on the office’s website.The product, which claims to shorten the duration of flu symptoms, was retailing for $37.99 for a box of 30 doses at a Montreal Jean Coutu pharmacy on Wednesday.Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic pill that is made by taking the heart and liver of a duck and diluting it until there is no trace left of the organs, according to Jonathan Jarry, a science communicator who helped conduct the study. Jarry, who has a master’s degree in molecular biology, said he decided to target Oscillococcinum in particular because he considers it the most “egregious” of homeopathic products on the market. “Nothing in homeopathy really makes any sense or is scientific, but this one because of its high dilution factor is particularly ridiculous,” he said.Homeopathy, which dates back to 1796, is based on the principle that “like cures like,” or the idea that a disease can be cured by ingesting a low dose of something that produces similar symptoms in a healthy person.Unlike other herbal or alternative medications, proponents of homeopathy believe that a product becomes more potent the more it is diluted — a principle Jarry says “violates basic laws of physics, biology and chemistry.”Jarry pointed to overseas studies, including a review of the scientific data on homeopathy published in 2015 by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council, which concluded that “there are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.”But Boiron Canada, the makers of Oscillococcinum, says doctors, pharmacists and patients have been recommending and using the product for decades because it works. The company provided links to two clinical trials, conducted in 1989 and 1998, which found that patients who were given the product recovered more quickly than those who ingested a placebo.“We fully support (pharmacies’) decision to respect every Canadian’s fundamental right to choose which products best suit their individual health needs, and we will continue to provide reliable options for consideration through our homeopathic medicines,” the company said in a statement.Jarry says homeopathic products are expensive and could lead people who purchase them to falsely delay seeking needed medical treatment. He questions why they are being sold by Quebec pharmacists, whose code of ethics requires them to protect the public by steering them towards effective treatment.A spokeswoman for the Quebec Order of Pharmacists acknowledged that homeopathic products have no “proven scientific value” but said it would be difficult to ban them because they’re regulated by Health Canada as a type of natural health product.Julie Villeneuve said some pharmacists choose to stock homeopathic products in order to start a dialogue with their clients, but they could face sanctions for promoting them.“Regardless of the school of thought to which he adheres, the code of ethics is clear: The pharmacist must practice pharmacy according to scientific data,” Villeneuve wrote in a statement.“Thus, considering the lack of scientific evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy, a pharmacist who encourages a patient to use such products by predicting benefits would be placed in a situation of disciplinary offence.”Some 8,500 homeopathic products are approved by Health Canada, which reviews them to ensure they are safe and “are supported by either scientific evidence or other references,” according to the department’s website.In 2015, Health Canada changed its labelling requirements for homeopathic cough, cold and flu products aimed at children 12 and under, stating that makers could no longer make specific health claims unless they’re supported by scientific evidence.Loblaws, the parent company of the Pharmaprix chain, said it prefers to allow patients to make their own choices, given that the products are popular and approved for sale.“Given that these products aren’t prescribed and present no danger to health, the pharmacists-owners of our network have no reason to ban them, especially since an important proportion of their clientele appreciates and requests them,” senior communications director Johanne Heroux said in a statement.Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Presslast_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Advertisement Take Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts, for instance, which has used a host of techniques to welcome in new audiences. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents monthly Chiaroscuro Evenings to appeal to young adults so they don’t feel like it’s their ‘grandmother’s museum,’ according to director of communications Pascale Chassé. (Frédéric Faddoul) Login/Register With: Late-night, glow-in-the-dark painting sessions. Dance parties. Trendy food and drink stations. Intimate live performances. Hip-hop concerts. Social media stars dropping by.This ain’t your parents’ museum.Major art galleries and museums are pulling out all the stops to inspire young adults to visit, from diversifying the type of art that’s displayed, to turning galleries into party hot spots, to dropping prices all the way to free.center_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Medical marijuana in public places

For years now it’s been illegal for people to light up in many public places across the province. But that’s about to change, as long as the person smoking has a doctor’s note. This means medical marijuana users can light up in restaurants, at work or on playgrounds.As long as they have a doctor’s prescription they’re exempt from the laws that prohibit cigarette smoking and e-cigarette vaping in most public places in Ontario. Dipika Damerla, the Associate Health Minister says these new regulations are about letting people who are very sick or in a lot of pain take their prescribed medication when they need to. But she says employers or restaurant owners could still ban them from smoking on the premises. “The employers and owners and proprietors have the ability to override this exemption.”Back in 2013 a Burlington bar owner won a lengthy and expensive legal battle against the Ontario Human Rights Commission after he told a former customer, who was a medical marijuana user, -that he couldn’t smoke on the patio. That customer claimed his rights had been violated. The human rights commission eventually dismissed the case. Theresa Kozak, the manager at The Tweed Patient Support Centre in Hamilton, says these new regulations are important. “The significance is pretty huge. It is putting cannibus on a separate level and giving it recognition as a medicine for what it is. It is basically saying that patients can medicate when and how they need to in public and not under the same restrictions as smoking cigarettes.”The Canadian Cancer Society warns that “people exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke may have many of the same health problems as people exposed to cigarette smoke, including an increased risk of cancer.” read more

As Nepals maternal deaths rise UN calls on all sides in conflict

Amid credible reports that a large number of Nepalese women have died in childbirth because they could not reach medical help due to the fighting between Government and rebel Maoist forces, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) today called on all parties to facilitate humanitarian aid and respect human rights.“It is vital that supplies reach women and children as soon as possible and that access to health services is not blocked,” UNFPA Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid said. “The health and safety of people must be assured. This is especially important for pregnant women so they can deliver their babies in conditions that are safe and healthy.”According to several sources, the number of women dying from pregnancy-related complications far exceeds the total number of people killed in the conflict in the Himalayan kingdom.Women in Nepal already face a 1 in 24 risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth, and current levels of insecurity, conflict and blockades further heighten this risk. Some 6,000 women die each year from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and most of these deaths could be prevented. The conflict in Nepal is robbing women of their right to health and children of their right to education, and it is denying far too many people in Nepal the most basic human right, the right to life, UNFPA stressed.“All leaders share a common responsibility to guarantee the health and welfare of the people of Nepal and to build a lasting peace,” Ms. Obaid said. “The needs of women and children must be a priority.” read more

Ohio State mens basketball struggles with turnovers in backtoback losses

Junior center Trey McDonald (55) is swarmed by defenders during a game against Iowa Jan. 12 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 84-74.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorHow the tides have turned.After starting the season off 15-0 and rising to No. 3 in the country, the Ohio State men’s basketball team lost back-to-back games, falling most recently to No. 20 Iowa (14-3, 3-1) 84-74 Sunday.At the center of OSU’s recent struggles is the inability to hold onto the ball.In their two losses this season, the Buckeyes are averaging 19 turnovers per game and allowing an average 26.5 points off those turnovers.After the loss to Iowa, coach Thad Matta said one of the biggest issues facing OSU was allowing one turnover to turn into another.“I think the biggest thing getting our guys to understand is you can’t let one mistake compound into another mistake. That was kind of what happened to us (against Iowa), we played some really good basketball, so did Iowa, they’re a great team, but it’s that consistency and (understanding) what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and how it needs to be done,” Matta said. “A lot of times is connecting the dots in terms of the passing and catching … just the errant passing, we knew not to throw the ball to a certain area against a certain defense and we did and we turned it over. That’s the thinking of the game that we’ve got to do a better job with a veteran team.”In particular, a late run of turnovers when the game was on the line doomed the Buckeyes, Matta said.“We didn’t do a good enough job taking care of the basketball. We didn’t finish, we had some chances down there around the rim and they had the stretch where they hit the three straight (3-pointers) and we were slow reacting,” Matta said. “We didn’t run guys off the line, we gave up one pass backdoor for a lay up. Those are things that can’t happen in this caliber of a game.”The Buckeyes struggled similarly against No. 5 Michigan State last Tuesday, as late game turnovers hurt OSU in overtime.“It was a little bit problematic for us,” Matta said after the 72-68 loss to the Spartans. “We didn’t have a flow to us offensively. It was amazing in terms of bobbling passes and not delivering them to where they needed to be. We were getting the ball where we wanted it, we just weren’t ready once it came to us.”Before the two losses, OSU was only turning the ball over an average 10.3 times a contest. Senior guard Aaron Craft totaled a season-high six turnovers against Iowa, and only managed six points and six assists.Craft said after the game against Iowa that the amount of turnovers is something the Buckeyes need to fix as soon as they can.“I don’t know. It’s on us,” Craft said. “We knew they were going to press, knew they were going to do what they did, we just weren’t ready (to) take care of the ball. It comes to a point where you just gotta make smart decisions and do what you need to do to protect the ball, and we’re not doing that. It’s the first thing we have to get corrected.”Junior forward LaQuinton Ross scored a game-high 22 points, but had his performance marred with five turnovers including two on back-to-back possessions with less than five minutes remaining.Ross said the high number of turnovers can be chalked up to bad choices made on the court.“Everything they did out on the court tonight we’ve seen that in film. Back to us, we made poor decisions with the ball,” Ross said. “We knew that they were going to try to jump some passes. Some of those passes they got steal on, we’ve seen that in film. We knew they (were) going to do that and we still went out and did the same thing. I think we just gotta get back in the gym, focus up on the next few games and get better.”Next up, OSU is set to hit the road to take on Minnesota (13-4, 2-2) Thursday at 9 p.m.Matta said it is going to be hard to win for OSU if the team continues to turn the ball over at a high rate.“We can’t come on the road and have 21 turnovers,” Matta said after the MSU game. “We are not a good enough basketball team to waste possessions like that.” read more

Mens Lacrosse Ohio State defeats Towson 1110 to advance to NCAA championship

Ohio State players celebrate a goal in the first quarter against Loyola Maryland in the first round of the NCAA tournament on May 14, 2017 at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller ReporterOhio State’s men’s lacrosse team is headed to the NCAA championship game for the first time in program history as the Buckeyes knocked off Towson 11-10 in the semifinals on Saturday.Trailing the Tigers 8-3 early in the second quarter, the game looked to be potentially out of reach for the Buckeyes. But behind an 8-1 run in the second half, OSU completed a miraculous comeback in the Buckeyes’ first-ever appearance in the semifinals.Towson (12-5) struck first as senior midfielder Mike Lynch scored the first goal of the game with 10:36 remaining in the first quarter. But the Buckeyes (16-4) found the back of the net twice in eight seconds as sophomore attackman Jack Jasinski and sophomore midfielder Logan Maccani scored a goal apiece to give OSU its first lead of the game.Late in the first quarter, Towson evened the game up at two when sophomore midfielder Jon Mazza barely slipped the ball over the goal line.The Tigers opened the game up early in the second quarter as two Towson players – senior attackmen Joe Seider (two goals) and Ryan Drenner – scored three goals in the first four minutes of the period.OSU freshman attackman Tre Leclaire ended the run with his first goal of the game, but the Tigers scored twice before the end of the quarter to pull ahead 8-3 at halftime.Towson opened the second half by extending its lead by one goal, but OSU came right back as senior attackman Eric Fannell threw a behind-the-back pass to fellow senior attackman Austin Shanks who finished the highlight-worthy play off with a goal.That goal gave the Buckeyes life.Leclaire scored his second goal of the game on a fast break, then Shanks scored his second goal of the game as OSU utilized a man-up advantage. With 4:11 remaining in the third quarter, Fannell ripped a shot, scoring his first goal of the game to pull the Buckeyes within one goal of tying the Tigers.But Towson senior midfielder Tyler Young ended the Buckeyes run as he scored his 13th goal of the season. OSU ended the season strong, though, as Fannell scored his second goal of the quarter to pull his team within one.With 11:42 remaining in the final quarter, Leclaire fired a laser past Towson’s goalie to tie the game for the first time since the first quarter.The Scarlet and Gray rally didn’t end there.With 10:20 remaining, senior midfielder JT Blubaugh scored, delivering OSU its first advantage since the Buckeyes’ relinquished their 2-1 lead in the first quarter. Just over four minutes later, OSU extended its lead to 11-9 when senior midfielder Johnny Pearson scored his first goal of the game.Towson pulled within a goal with 3:17 remaining as Drenner scored for the fourth time in Saturday’s game. But that was it for the Tigers as the Buckeyes held on for an 11-10 victory, sending them to the championship game.Saturday’s game wasn’t the first matchup between these two teams. OSU knocked off Towson 6-3 on March 15.OSU advanced to the NCAA semifinals with a 7-4 win over Loyola Maryland in the first round and a 16-11 victory against Duke in the quarterfinals. Towson reached the semifinals after upsetting Penn State, 12-8 in the first round, and Syracuse, 10-7 in the quarterfinals. The Buckeyes will take on the winner of Saturday afternoon’s No. 1 Maryland – No. 5 Denver matchup at 1 p.m. on Monday at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. read more

Infideliphone Why Japanese adulterers prefer Fujitsus flip phones

first_imgEven though we’re now living in 2013 and smartphones are as ubiquitous as ever, a certain segment of Japanese society — namely adulterers — has chosen to stick with their old flip phones. Yeah, it’s still pretty cool to answer your phone by casually flipping it open, but adulterers don’t stick with flip phones in order to attract mistresses by being super cool, but because the older Fujitsu F-Series phones provide some helpful privacy features.Nicknamed “infidelity phones” in Japan (seemingly defeating the purpose of owning one), the F-Series phones offer something most modern-day smartphones do not: an extra privacy layer. Somewhat similar to going invisible on a buddy list, the privacy feature makes it so relays from sensitive contacts –missed calls, text messages, emails, etc. — barely appear on the phone at all. If a contact is marked as private, their communique will show up as a subtle change to the phone’s UI, such as the shape of the phone’s battery symbol slightly changing. If the message is ignored, it doesn’t show up in the phone’s logs.When an adulterer is with one of his mistresses/her gentlemen and needs to quickly turn the privacy mode on or off, a secret key combination does the trick.The privacy features, which debuted in 2002, were simply intended for the purpose of stronger security, which is a legitimate concern in a modern world where we not only read and respond to work-related messages on our phones, but also purchase apps and order food.Granted, a simple app or two could replace the built-in F-Series privacy features (and, if those exist, this blogger is proud to say he doesn’t know about them). However, Fujitsu is beginning to add the message-concealing and UI-changing features to some of its new smartphones, but reportedly in the form of a first party app that requires a separate contacts list.It would seem that the old, infamous internet cheating staple, the Ashley Madison adultery site, probably could’ve teamed up with Fujitsu at some point to form a very happy relationship (that either party might end up cheating on).via the Wall Street Journallast_img read more

Piraeus to become the largest port of the Mediterranean in 2019

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Piraeus is already the third biggest port in the Mediterranean but Chinese conglomerate Cosco is determined to further upgrade the port.Piraeus is currently the central gateway for Euro-Asian trade after Suez with transport of goods having more than tripled in the past five years.German newspaper Die Zeit dubbed Piraeus as “the world’s fastest growing port” earlier this week, also predicting that it will be the largest port in the Mediterranean by 2019.Zhang Anming, deputy general manager of COSCO Shipping’s subsidiary PCT at Piraeus told predicts the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) that in one and a half years it will sit at the top.“Container traffic increased by 6.4 per cent in 2017 compared to 2016, from piers II and III of the port of Piraeus, managed by the Piraeus Container Terminal,” noted Zhang Anming.“In absolute numbers: In 2017, 3,691 million containers were transported (Teus) compared with 3,471 million in 2016. In 2018 we can surpass the five million.”“Only this year, the management seeks to increase freight traffic by 35 per cent,” he added stressing that Cosco has contributed to not only the development of the port, but it has also created 1,600 jobs upgrading the surrounding region and boosting the economy.last_img read more

LATV Albert Einstein sest amarré avec succès de samedi 15 juin à

first_imgL’ATV Albert Einstein s’est amarré avec succès de samedi 15 juin à l’ISSC’est samedi 15 juin 2013, peu après 16H00 (heure française) que le cargo ATV Albert Einstein a réussi à rejoindre la station spatiale internationale après avoir décollé mercredi soir du centre spatial guyanais de Kourou. Celui-ci emportait à cette occasion avec lui avec près de 6,6 tonnes de ravitaillement. Après avoir quitté avec la fusée Ariane 5 la base de Kourou en Guyane vers 18H52 (heure locale) ce mercredi 12 juin, le quatrième cargo automatique européen baptisé du nom de ATV Albert Einstein est venu s’amarrer aujourd’hui à l’ISS afin de ravitailler les astronautes qui occupent en permanence la station spatiale internationale depuis 2000.Une cargaison de plus de 6 tonnes de ravitaillementÀ lire aussiL’étrange comportement d’une flamme dans l’espaceAvant de pouvoir se raccrocher totalement à l’ISS, l’ATV Albert Einstein s’était depuis quelques jours rapproché peu à peu de sa destination, guidé pour cela depuis le centre de contrôle ATV-CC du CNES de Toulouse. Après avoir réussi à se positionner de manière favorable à une centaine de mètres de l’ISS, l’ATV-4, par le biais d’un GPS, s’est par la suite arrimé à celui-ci alors que tous deux continuaient à tourner autour de la Terre à une vitesse de près de 28 000 km/h. En prenant un léger retard sur l’heure initialement prévue, l’ATV Albert Einstein est ainsi arrivé à bon port aux alentours de 16H03 (heure française) afin d’y livrer sa cargaison de 6,6 tonnes de ravitaillement.Bien que désormais raccordé à la station spatiale internationale, ce n’est seulement qu’à partir de lundi que les astronautes ne seront cependant autorisés qu’à venir chercher les victuailles de la cargaison de l’ATV-4. Le temps pour ce cargo long de dix mètres de raccorder ses réseaux électriques et informatiques à l’ISS. Après cette opération, les pensionnaires actuels de station spatiale internationale pourront alors venir chercher les 860 kg de carburant, les 565 litres d’eau potable et les 100 kg d’oxygène, ainsi que les 2,6 tonnes de matériel divers, de colis et de courriers envoyés par leurs familles.De l’eau, du carburant, mais aussi du parmesan et des cacahouètes!Mais ce n’est pas tout. Afin de contenter les destinataires de ce convoie exceptionnel, ceux-ci auront aussi la surprise de découvrir dans cette livraison tant attendue quelques douceurs et pas des moindres comme du parmesan, des lasagnes, du tiramisu ou encore des cacahuètes Quelques denrées bienvenues afin de pouvoir agrémenter le séjour des astronautes. Le 28 octobre prochain, le cargo ATV-4 qui entre temps servira de “grande poubelle” aux astronautes qui y déverseront leurs déchets non dangereux, quittera définitivement l’ISS afin de replonger vers l’atmosphère terrestre et de s’y consumer.Le 15 juin 2013 à 18:08 • Guichaoua Virginielast_img read more

Final Fantasy XVs Regalia Comes to Forza Horizon 3

first_img The worlds of Forza and Final Fantasy are heading toward a head-on collision! Now, Forza Horizon 3 players will have a chance of driving around Australia in Final Fantasy XV‘s stylish Regalia.This most luxurious of vehicles will be available for free to anyone who has played Forza Horizon 3 on PC or Xbox One, and those who’ve played Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One. Forza Horizon 3 players can redeem the Regalia via the in-game messaging system. Final Fantasy XV players will get a code to redeem the car in Forza Horizon 3 through the Xbox Live messaging system.For now, it appears the Regalia will only be available for a limited time. GameSpot asked Microsoft if it plans on releasing the vehicle as paid DLC sometime later. A Microsoft spokesman said: “We currently don’t have plans to offer the Final Fantasy XV Regalia in Forza Horizon 3 as separate DLC in the future.” Since this is the case, it would be a good idea to snatch up the Regalia as soon as possible before it is no longer available to download.This is one of the smartest cross promotions I’ve seen in a while. The Regalia was mostly used to cruise around the world of Eos in Final Fantasy XV, so it will be great to actually race it against other vehicles. The slick-looking car won’t even look out of place either, given how both Eos and Australia have similar types of terrain. I’m not sure what prompted Microsoft and Square-Enix to get together for this kind of collaboration, but I’m glad it’s happening. Even if the Regalia is missing its usual occupants (Prompto, where art thou?), it will be a lot of fun to drive it in Forza Horizon 3.I’m just left wondering if Cindy the mechanic will come to Australia to fix the Regalia when it needs repairs.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target New ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Trailer Puts Us on Cloud Nine‘Final Fantasy XIV’ and ‘Masters of Doom’ Are Yo… last_img read more

Editors Have you Got what it Takes to be a Publisher too

first_imgEditors are about content. But if you move up the ladder, you need an understanding of the business side, too. Not yet 30, Laura Jeanne Hammond started as an intern with high school magazine Next Step in 1995, shortly after the magazine launched (and when she herself was a sophomore in high school). She took over as editor-in-chief about a month after graduating college and added on the title of publisher last year. Since she started with Next Step, the magazine has grown to reach 800,000 students and the number of high schools that get the magazine has grown to more than 20,500. In 2007, Next Step won an award for Periodical of the Year in the young adult category from the Association of Educational Publishers, beating out nominees like The Wall Street Journal’s Classroom Edition, Scholastic Art and The New York Times Upfront.At the recent FOLIO: Show, Hammond shared her tips for making the transition from editor to publisher and managing a broader staff than just the edit team. Think like a sales person: “As an editor, you have intimacy with the product. As a publisher, you have to articulate it. Make your products easier to understand. We designed PDFs with examples of our custom work so clients could quickly get a sense of what we can do. In 2007, we sold six custom programs. In just three months this year, we scheduled six. What can you offer that is more saleable? (Even if it means you’ll be out of your comfort zone.)” Get it out of your head and on paper: Utilize profit reports, inventory, detailed spreadsheets. Make others responsible too: Share budget responsibilities and hold daily huddles with direct reports. “I gave our editorial assistant the budget for freelance and I gave our print production coordinator the budget for photos. It’s amazing how many photos she could repurpose and stay under budget when it became her responsibility.”Make Meetings Count: Define each participant a role. “For example, print production reports on the number of covers, while I report on how close we are to budget.” Learn New Skill Sets: Specifically, learn Excel. “It makes math (and life) so much easier. When I became publisher, I also took an accounting class. You need to know the metrics and how to report on those metrics.” Develop key relationships: That ranges from key accounts to the Post Office rep to the printer. “As editor, if I had a bad day, maybe I didn’t have to talk to anybody. As publisher, I have to do it. You need to meet with the printer as much as possible to develop those relationships.” Learn everyone else’s job, then give it back to them: “This helps you know what they’re up against. You don’t have to be fluent, just able. And don’t forget the giving-it-back-to-them part.” Comparing Editor and Publisher ResponsibilitiesAs both editor-in-chief and publisher of Next Step, Laura Jean Hammond’s duties vary greatly. Here is a breakdown of her responsibilities.last_img read more

Prosecutor Former Texas Nurse Confessed In Deaths Of Babies

first_imgIn 1984, Genene Jones was convicted of killing a toddler. 34 years later, she is being charged with five more charges of murder. She made several chilling confessions while in a Texas prison, according to court testimony by a prosecutor. https://t.co/nB0vJMZXhj— Texas Monthly (@TexasMonthly) April 19, 2018 “I really did kill those babies.” In newly revealed prison statements, former Texas nurse Genene Jones, accused in five decades-old child murders, blamed the “voices in my head.” https://t.co/LEU0QO4MVr— Peter Elkind (@peterelkind) April 19, 2018 A Texas prosecutor said an imprisoned former nurse who authorities believe could be responsible for the deaths of up to 60 children has confessed in the past to killing children in her care.Bexar County prosecutor Jason Goss revealed the confessions Wednesday during a court hearing for 67-year-old Genene Jones.Goss said Jones told a parole board in 1998 that she injected children. He said Jones in another instance told a board member that, “I really did kill those babies.”Jones has served decades in prison following her murder conviction in 1984. She was scheduled to be released last month, but prosecutors filed additional murder charges, citing new evidence.She has pleaded not guilty to those charges. Her attorney, Cornelius Cox, wasn’t immediately available Thursday to comment on Goss’ claims.Judge denies speedy trial request for baby killer and former pediatric nurse Genene Jones, @elizabeth2863 reports @ExpressNews #SanAntoniohttps://t.co/QHDsf5QzSk pic.twitter.com/TpKEoyQ7eg— Peggy O’Hare (@Peggy_OHare) April 18, 2018center_img Sharelast_img read more

Officials from KMC Beliaghata ID Hospital inspect Basanti Colony after 2 die

first_imgKolkata: Senior officials from Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and Beliaghata ID Hospital on Saturday visited Basanti Colony in Ultadanga after two persons reportedly died of scrub typhus.It is a disease caused by bacteria and is spread among people through bites of infected rats and other insects. The most common symptoms of scrub typhus include fever, headache, body aches and sometimes rash. Basanti Colony falls under Ward number 32 of the KMC. A woman and a child died in the area after reportedly being affected by scrub typhus. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeA 26-year-old woman, Sabina Bibi, died earlier this month while Subho Moira died on November 18. Both of them had been suffering from fever and other flu-like symptoms for few days before finally succumbing to their ailments. The locals suspected that the victims died of unknown fever. But the senior officials of the KMC now suspect that this could be a case of scrub typhus. Eight more patients from Basanti Colony area are also affected with similar symptoms. A team of civic officials and Belighata ID Hospital monitored the situation in the area and collected blood samples from nine fever-affected patients on Saturday. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe KMC officials have also undertaken a drive to clean the area. Dr Dipankar Maji, executive medical officer of borough 3 of the KMC, Sourabh Chatterjee, medical officer of Ward 32, Dr Rehena Sarkar, microbiologist, senior officials of Beliaghata ID Hospital and laboratory technicians, local councillor visited the spot. State Consumers Affairs minister Sadhan Pande also inspected Basanti Colony area to supervise the situation.last_img read more

Police say 5 die as plane crashes in Bosnia

first_img Comments Share Sponsored Stories Patients with chronic pain give advice Top Stories Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation New high school in Mesa lets students pick career pathscenter_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center BANJA LUKA , Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) – A small sports plane burst into flames just after takeoff in northwest Bosnia on Sunday, killing the five people on board.Banja Luka police spokesperson Mirna Soja told the AP that three skydivers, an instructor and the pilot of the Cessna plane died in the crash.She said the skydivers had just finished their training and were about to embark on their first jump, but their plane burst into flames just after takeoff from a small airstrip in Banja Luka. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Firefighters rushed to the scene and set about extinguishing the blaze.Video obtained by the AP from the crash site showed families of the dead hugging each other and crying after watching the plane plummet from the sky.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)last_img read more

West Bengal Tourisms new brand identity Experience Bengal

first_imgWest Bengal Tourism has revealed its brand new identity, Experience Bengal. With the new government in power over the last four years, there was an overall effort in the entire tourism department to give it a makeover. West Bengal Tourism is being more visible in domestic and international arena nowadays. Due to its continuous aggressive campaign and innovative presentations, West Bengal is in the league of front runners.This was the time when West Bengal needed a new look to give the whole thing a head-start. To compete with the state and international stalwarts, West Bengal Tourism appointed top ad agency Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) to brainstorm and come up with something very unique. O&M is the agency which has many successful campaign feathers in their hat namely Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Sri Lanka, Bhutan etc. Not only that, a host of tourism specialists who promote Bengal in the international market came on board to advise on the matter during the process. The finalised brand new logo will be used in all promotional and marketing collaterals henceforth.It is noteworthy that from the old identity the word Beautiful is replaced with Experience. West Bengal Tourism feels it would be incorrect to identify West Bengal only with its places of attractions. Rather, visiting West Bengal is a total experience for any traveller. Along with mountains, forests and sea, the experience will include quintessential Bengali culture, cuisine, religion, handicraft, history and lifestyle. All these are nowadays considered essential parts of modern Experiential Tourism worldwide. This is a very important strategic change on the part of government’s tourism vision. Secondly, the way word Bengal is designed, shows how West Bengal Tourism wants to project its vision of heritage, unique natural beauty, cultural plurality and sustainable development.The use of the tagline, ‘The sweetest part of India’ is not only to remind Bengal’s fame and glory for sweets, but to highlight the humility and sweetness of the people in front of the international tourists. Friendliness and homeliness of the Bengalis are going to be the big USPs of the overall Bengal experience in the coming days, says an official press note from the Department of Tourism, Government of West Bengal.last_img read more

Arizona Cardinals outside linebacker Chandler Jone

first_imgArizona Cardinals outside linebacker Chandler Jones (55) and linebacker Markus Golden (44) celebrate after an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals won 40-7. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The contract Jones signed is a five-year deal worth nearly $83 million, with $53 million guaranteed. It’s the kind of contract befitting a premier pass rusher, which Jones certainly is.Last season, Jones notched 11 sacks — his second consecutive campaign with double-digit sacks — while also collecting 14 QB pressures and 22 QB hits. He forced four fumbles, recovered two fumbles and contributed 57 total tackles.Had Jones actually reached free agency, he would have been one of the most sought after players on the market. The 27-year-old had no problem with being tagged, though, and is especially pleased to have his future in Arizona secured.But while things seem clear for Jones going forward, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to the Cardinals as a team.Arizona slipped from 13-3 in 2015 to 7-8-1 in 2016, and this offseason has suffered some key losses in free agency. On the defensive side of the ball alone, Arizona will now be without starters in Calais Campbell and Tony Jefferson, who left for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens, respectively.Jones admitted the team will miss them, saying both Campbell and Jefferson are great players and leaders, but expressed confidence the team’s front office to find talent and in its younger players who will step into expanded roles. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Chandler Jones had a feeling the long-term deal he signed with the Arizona Cardinals last week would come to fruition as far back as a year ago, when he was acquired by the team from the New England Patriots.As he told Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Schein on Sports, the topic was approached back then.“Right when I got traded here the Cardinals were already planning on signing (me to) a long-term deal,” Jones said. “The franchise tag was just to buy them some time, so I didn’t hit free agency.” 0 Comments Share “We have some young players that are still developing that are going to be monsters,” he said. “Robert Nkemdiche, he’s still coming around. You’ve got Rodney Gunter, Xavier Williams; those guys are tremendous players and you guys really haven’t had a chance to really see them yet because they haven’t played much.“I’m excited to help those guys develop and help them turn into professionals, and we’ll see.”The Cardinals did prepare, at least in some way, for the departures, though no one can know for sureEven with all that, Jones, who said he felt the Cardinals were close last season, is confident the team is still in good shape. Citing small things and injuries as a big reason for last season’s struggles, Jones said after watching film from last season he realized talent was not the issue.“I’m very convinced we have what it takes,” he said. “We have Larry Fitzgerald back and Carson Palmer back, so I’m excited.”Jones had nothing but praise for Palmer, who he referred to as a “great player,” adding it shows a lot that Palmer decided to forego retirement and take another shot at a Super Bowl. Asked to compare Palmer, who has never been to a Super Bowl, to Tom Brady, who has won six, the linebacker said they are different players.“They’re both good in their own different ways,” he said. “Both vocal leaders. It’s just an honor to play with guys with those names.“Those names, I can put that on my resume: I played with Tom Brady, I played with Carson Palmer. It’s a great feeling and I’m just living in the moment.” Top Stories last_img read more

This is when fans t

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your phone is a lot more useful with Office Lens than without it. Donna Pirie is choosing the unusual way to flog her £1. Because the role of Republican leadership in the three coequal branches of government has largely collapsed since he left." city mayor Steve Adler told CNN. com The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. you snatch it before it shatters on the floor, from the prism of politics and ethnicity. According to a prisoner at Moorland Johnson was ordered to remove the clump of hair but didnt take to the request very kindly and told the other prisoner to fuck off"The bloke punched him in the face and Johnson defended himself" a witness told Daily Star Sunday1The fight at the modern prison which houses some pretty tough blokes was broken up by inmates according to the witnessIt has not been revealed whether or not Johnson was hurt in the attackThe former England international was convicted of sexual activity with a girl under the age of 16 and sentenced to six years in prison It was reported by the Daily Express that Johnson has been bombarded with letters from female admirers since being sentenced During the trial the court heard that the player was allegedly happy to text lots of women with pictures of his junk as well as having affairs with several of them His former girlfriend Stacey Flounders split with him around the time of the trial but remains cordial with him because of their child1The Mirror reported that Johnson sent several messages to his lover including messages about his potential career prospects serving time and his convictionThe former Sunderland winger said the following about his serving time:"I will be fine its just getting it done and getting out and passing time writing letters"Johnson also revealed his future plans after his jail sentence He also stated to his secret lover that he expected to serve just "a couple of years""Yeah lets wait and see not holding my breath thou Hopefully play again but maybe in another country"The 28-year-old said this about his conviction:"Yeah its all a joke just for one stupid kiss and thats it"And flirted with her. his lordship did not refer to any section of the National Honours Act or any other law that has been violated by the President. ADR.

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