Jingdong how price war fight shy of PR weakness

Jingdong seems to shine in the past two months by the opponent hit faded, followed by the "East" tide. Jingdong in the electricity market by, the United States alliance, Tmall and Amazon when hit and many other electricity providers, in the public opinion in the media by becoming the target of attack. The opponent to suppress public crusade against Jingdong, Jingdong, Jingdong can not blame others, blame themselves too good". Jingdong also can’t complain about the price war and public relations war, the two tactical but Jingdong was the masterpiece. From fame to retreat, this is how the read more

Tencent QQ QQ electricity providers do subtraction online shopping mall be made one

only about 30% of high-quality businesses, Tencent electricity supplier will do subtraction". Yesterday, the "First Financial Daily" the reporter was informed that the Tencent’s business electricity supplier website QQ, QQ online shopping mall will be made one to 26 this month, the formal completion of the brand upgrade, the new platform will be unified with the advent of the QQ online shopping brand.

the QQ online shopping, QQ mall brand upgrade will be officially completed in March 26th, after the merger of the new electronic business platform will be unified to QQ online shopping brand appears, the domain name will be unified for Previously, the Tencent in electricity supplier consolidation planning, Yi Xun will bear the standard category of self work. read more