Xining water department take measures to let the public morals are water free

recently, the city of Xining, north of the city of Salt Village two hundred villagers nearly three years of drinking water difficult problem has been resolved. Speak of this thing, the villagers Hung said: "let us a long-term problem, reflected in the water sector after two months will be solved, anxious people are anxious, they do everything fast commendable."

by the water sector number of investigation, found that the north area of salt village tap water pipe network construction in the last century in 60s and 70s, with the number of small pipeline; the number of drinking water and water increased, the old pipeline has been unable to meet the demand of water supply. The first part of the water sector to replace the salt Village local aging pipeline to protect the villagers drinking water. At present, north of the city of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau has developed a local animal drinking water project plan, is actively raising funds, and strive to completely solve the aging water supply network, the problem of drinking water masses.


service is not in place, the water sector repair speed was hot, the city public complaints in recent years, with the support of the municipal government, the water sector invested about 10000000 yuan, the city’s network of dozens of road reconstruction, construction of pressure station, ensure sufficient pressure, solve the low pressure area residents draft difficult. They also strictly implement the state promulgated the "drinking water health standards", the current public drinking water quality indicators are in line with national standards, water quality is a domestic first-class. Water sector is also constantly improve the quality of service, in the water quality, water pressure, installation, repair, meter reading and other services to the user’s commitment to the public, to achieve meter reading accuracy rate of more than 98%. Set up to reserve officers as the main body, even pre antichemical on call 24 hours a day and is equipped with advanced equipment repair water supply repair team, the team played an important role in the area of Xining heavy and serious water rescue, make water supply facilities timely repair rate reached 100%. (author: Xiao Yan)


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