Welfare housing built the delivery room zoo to help snow leopard

October 5th, the newspaper published a report on the Xining wildlife park snow leopard baby met with tourists, attracted many people’s attention.

snow leopard is a national level to protect animals, belonging to the "king of heaven", and the same as the giant panda, the number of successful international artificial breeding rarely. According to a staff member of the Xining wildlife park, in 1983, the zoo in the breeding conditions of successful breeding snow leopard, in this area to make up the domestic blank. This summer, a pair of snow leopard twins born in Xining wild zoo snow leopard breeding base, which is 29 years later, the zoo successfully breeding snow leopard for the second time.

snow leopard is difficult to adapt to changes in low altitude humidity, temperature, pressure and sunshine, the world’s largest number of snow leopards on display at the zoo, it is difficult to successfully reproduce the blue sky. At present, the Xining wild zoo snow leopard breeding base, with the largest snow leopard artificial breeding population.

snow leopard breeding and survival under artificial conditions, very difficult." The engineer said, snow leopard lives near line in an altitude of 3500 meters to 5500 meters, the world is only 5000 to 7000, under artificial conditions of breeding is not easy, China’s only wild zoo in Xining and a handful of zoo had a successful artificial breeding.

park after years of research found that some of the artificial snow leopard, due to eating well, the venue is limited, lack of exercise and body fat, lack of wild, smell, taste, vision are not very sensitive. Originally, agile and light speed after the Cheetah Leopard, has become a "big fat cat".

in snow leopard breeding base, when "love", in order to obtain the female leopard heart, male leopard often strike violently fight, fight at outrance, totally not a gentleman. So, scientific research personnel matchmaking, set up the family for ogle, I wish you love snow leopard, "monogamy" or "polygamy", and "welfare housing for every family". Once a female leopard became the "belly", the zoo built imitation of the wild "the delivery room", let the mother leopard shunshundangdang "confinement".

therefore, the food in the snow leopard, wild zoo in Xining give them added chicken, rabbit, dove, in order to enhance physical training, their bloodthirsty wild. The zoo snow leopard built area of about five acres of "fitness Plaza", allowing them to satiate a large enough space "martial arts", a king of style. (author: Zhang Pu)

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