Qinghai tourism industry promotion fund is expected to start financing the total size of 3 billion

10 28, Qinghai tourism industry promotion fund was officially launched in Xining, vice governor Han Jianhua attended the launching ceremony and the opening of the fund.

Qinghai tourism promotion fund is co sponsored by the Tourism Development Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, provincial joint social capital, financial capital and aims to play a demonstration of leverage, driven by social capital investment in the development of the tourism industry, the use of "parent subsidiary fund" mode. The fund will focus on the development of the tourism industry chain policy objectives, to increase infrastructure investment in tourism based on the scale of investment, and strive to build a number of high-quality tourism projects, hatching a number of advantages of tourism enterprises, improve a number of tourism public service facilities, efforts to create a number of famous scene, city, county, towns and villages, further enrich the layout of the "beauty of Qinghai" tourism productivity.

fund set up to work, by the provincial finance office, provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Qinghai province credit cooperatives, Qinghai Xining rural commercial bank Limited by Share Ltd support, at present, has completed initial fund establishment approval, the Commission for the record, business registration and other matters, the fund size of 1 billion yuan. At the same time, will further enlarge the leverage of financial capital and social capital, the establishment and launch of a number of sub funds, the total size of the financing is expected to reach 3 billion yuan.

Qinghai Province Tourism Industry Promotion Fund will be in accordance with the provincial government’s deployment, adhering to around the center and serve the overall concept, to serve the overall goal of continuing to build the great beauty of Qinghai, to build a tourism province "as the core, in accordance with the principles of market operation and capital, broaden financing channels, develop multi-level capital the market function; in accordance with the" government guidance and market operation, standardized management, rolling development "principle, improve the financing environment of tourism industry, focusing on the tourist resorts, scenic spots, rural tourism, tourism products, self driving camp and other new formats of project construction. In strict accordance with the national laws and regulations, strengthen fund management, improve operational efficiency, and effectively solve the problem of the development of tourism industry in the market lack of vitality, corporate financing difficulties, the problem of poor investment channel, and give full play to amplify government funds, play the guiding function of financial demonstration fund, improve the tourism industry investment mechanism, integration structural adjustment and promote tourism resources, improve the financing environment of tourism, promoting tourism enterprises bigger and stronger, to create great beauty Qinghai tourism upgrade.

Qinghai tourism investment group related responsible person said it would establish a sound working mechanism of honest government, strengthen the construction of a clean government, strengthen the sense of discipline, the awareness of the red line, according to the law, to ensure the financial security and social capital, maximize the benefits.

to start the ceremony, provincial tourism investment group and the Qinghai provincial rural credit cooperatives, Xining Rural Commercial Bank signed respectively.

the same day, the window of Qinghai city tour, tea card salt;

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