Xining will be completed over the new green building tasks

Forest city can improve people’s quality of life, reduce noise, increase groundwater reserves, to provide the public with a giant oxygen bar". Reporters learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, this year, Xining City, the new green building targets completed 60 hectares, as of now has completed most of the tasks, is expected to exceed the annual task.

Sen is a mass of social activities. In recent years, the city to carry out various forms, content rich publicity, has organized the "forest Xining beautiful summer" art photography contest, the creation of national forest city knowledge contest, "I and green" award and "five hit" forest ", the hearts of the most beautiful city green series" award, "the creation of National Forest City, I know, I participate, I offer the" million signature and other activities. And the information platform in the main urban areas of large LED display, bus TV, taxi scrolling chuangsen public service ads, carried out the use of newspapers, radio, car ads and other multi angle, all-round, three-dimensional publicity, enhance the public love green green awareness, effectively expanding the chuangsen social influence, to further enhance the the public support rate of forest city construction and satisfaction.  

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