Xining City North District start civilized table big action

in January 29th, the Spring Festival is approaching, the north of the city of Xining, a City District civilization office in the Spring Festival, a civilization frugal and peaceful as an opportunity to start to carry out "civilized dining, thrifty Germany to support the" civilized table action in the region more than 750 restaurants.

according to the city of North civilization office responsible person, the small table, great civilization. In order to boost the "civilized city" construction, the District civilization office and a city office issued a proposal: reasonable meal, civilized dining table, eliminate waste, make civilization effects of radiation to thousands of households to form good habits, all meals, everyone civilization. This event to hotels, restaurants, canteens on the launch food service industry, service personnel and consumers to actively participate in the development of civilized consumption, thrift "as the theme of the civilized table action, from the details, to achieve the frugal meal, civilized dining, Daxing thrift wind, so as to enhance the degree of civilization of the general public create a" civilized consumption, thrift, "a good social atmosphere. (author: Su Jianping & Wang Chao)


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