City District national courier for the real thing

In January 7th, in the city zone of wells lane "national Inn, Hui sister Ma Guifang happily told reporters that the" national community station "employment training, no proficiency in a particular line now and she successful employment.

it is understood that since the national unity and progress to create advanced work, fully mobilize the city district departments at all levels and people of all nationalities to create enthusiasm, to establish grid management as the carrier of the District, street, community (neighborhood) three city national work of network management, and actively carry out "to create activities into the community (Village)".

wells Lane community through the "ethnic minority Inn for the people to do practical things, passing the positive energy of national unity, create a good social atmosphere for national unity, national unity and create a pro gratifying harmonious scene, promoting national unity and building a harmonious community. Community national Inn, hire legal workers to enter the post obligation of human rights protection, legal advice, legal aid and other services for the people of all nationalities; to set up a "sunset red" chorus of ethnic minorities, volunteer service teams, carry out "service activities day". To effectively address the aspirations and difficulties of the masses, to the minority ethnic groups to offer love, earnestly implement the project for the people, the establishment of the people of all ethnic groups in the knot, make friends, promote unity work mechanism. Since the establishment of the national post, the people’s Street office and wells Lane community joint poverty relief, training, employment, free medical examination and so on for more than 10 ethnic minorities do practical things.


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