Firmly adhere to the people as the center of the work oriented to build a rich and harmonious civili

11 23, 2009, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng came to the central green and the province’s major news units for research, and held a forum on the province’s news and public opinion. Wang Guosheng pointed out that the province’s propaganda and cultural system and the majority of journalists to practice the four consciousness, adhere to the four self-confidence to strengthen the construction of the news team, accelerate the development of media convergence. To study and implement the General Secretary Xi an important speech on the good news public opinion work, adhere to the right political direction and guidance of public opinion, news aspirations and work orientation, and constantly improve the business level, continuously enhance the "strokes", as the party and the people trust journalists, and good news and propaganda work, the cadres and the masses of thought action of the central and provincial policies and arrangements, to promote the "four major solid" requirements of unremitting struggle.

Secretary of the speech in the province’s strong response. We have said, to seriously study the spirit of the speech, effectively assume the party’s news public opinion work responsibilities and mission, based on the implementation of the "four major solid" requirements, firmly adhere to the people-centered job oriented, turn style change style, bent down, sinking heart, observing the truth, tell the truth, the truth. Efforts to introduce more ideas, temperature, quality of work, the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in Qinghai land transfer farther and higher, for building rich civilized and harmonious new beautiful Qinghai to further promote the positive energy and cohesion manner, to the party and the people trust journalists.

firmly adheres to the people centered work oriented

research, wangguosheng encourage editors and practice basic skills, the lens more at the masses, pointing to the grassroots, to better serve the people. Wang’s ardent expectations greatly inspired the province’s journalists. We said that we must firmly adhere to the people-centered job oriented, the people being reported as the protagonist, truly for the people, for the age of songs written.

Li Jun, editor in chief of the

Sea city newspaper in the circle of friends of WeChat released the first time, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng came to the West Sea city newspaper, just a few minutes was constantly praise. He said excitedly: "we will continue to strengthen the politicians newspaper consciousness, positive innovation journalism ideas, contents and methods, always adhere to the people-centered, the spirit of the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee run silently across the plateau of the earth."

Qinghai daily new media center director Han Huipeng to conceal his inner excitement, she said, "as a new media center party, to promote the spirit of the speech into a conscious action level of media work, the party’s theory and policy into conscious action of the masses of the people, to do with the party with the time, one with the people."

Secretary Wang’s speech so that the majority of journalists in the media to strengthen the background of the responsibility to play and adhere to adhere to the background." Xinhua news agency, Qinghai branch reporter Zhang Dachuan said that as a young reporter of Xinhua news agency, will make good use of new media innovation reporting means, do the party’s news and public opinion work, in an interview with the people,;

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