Make great efforts to push forward the construction of three zones

Even Japan, where the Department by the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee held a central group (expanded) learning, project-based learning, or more cadres and other forms of learning, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech in the Qinghai delegation. Everyone agreed that to learn better, understand, and implement the spirit of the speech, Xi General Secretary of Qinghai care and expectation into the next, general business be enthusiastic and press on vivid practice, Lulitongxin, forge ahead, and vigorously promote the construction of the "three zones", "toward the grand goal of 13th Five-Year" courageously embarked on, for the construction of harmonious beauty of Qinghai adds a new initiative.

everyone agreed that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Qinghai delegation participating in the deliberations, profound thought, rich connotation, highlight, general secretary full of profound sentiments of friendship of the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai and the high expectations, targeted and strong guidance. At present, we should set an example, to study and implement the spirit of the speech learning as the primary political task of the Province cadres at all levels, fully understand the significance of the speech learning, quick thinking and action into the spirit of the speech of general secretary xi.

everyone agreed that the general secretary to participate in the deliberations of the delegation of Qinghai, fully reflects the general secretary of the Qinghai people’s deep concern and attention to the work of Qinghai, so that we are encouraged. The spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi, fully affirmed in recent years, Qinghai’s economic and social development and the cause of the achievements, this is a great inspiration, but also a great encouragement, make us more confidence, more energy, more power. The spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Qinghai real closely, will push forward the protection of the ecological environment, and promoting poverty alleviation, and promoting the development of ethnic areas and put forward new requirements and expectations, "13th Five-Year" Qinghai is a good start, the comprehensive well-off society guide to action, for the future to do a good job that the direction, add energy, firm confidence. For 13th Five-Year, we must according to the learning requirements of the general secretary, to firmly establish the innovation, harmony, green, open and shared the idea of development, forge ahead, work hard, continue to promote our province the work to a new level.

we have said, according to the requirements of major ecological and environmental protection and promoting ", firmly establish the overall concept, long-term view, the overall view, to shoulder the important responsibility to promote the construction of ecological civilization in the first area, adhere to the ecological protection priority coordination promote economic and social development; according to the requirements of major promotion of poverty to tackle the poverty alleviation work, will keep in mind, on his shoulders, in their hands, the implementation of the action, it is necessary to make the contact point of poor villages of poverty alleviation work, and fully fulfill departmental functions, and actively serving the overall situation of poverty alleviation; according to the requirements of a major to promote the development of ethnic areas", mutual help, unity and harmony and common development, let people share the fruits of reform and development, and never live up to the General Secretary Xi Deep concern and ardent expectation for Qinghai.


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