Many initiatives to boost agricultural and pastoral areas of domestic sewage treatment pilot work

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, to improve the living environment and do a good job in agricultural and pastoral areas, the province will strictly implement the main responsibility, we will focus on work, the establishment of long-term mechanism and other aspects of agricultural and pastoral areas to boost the domestic sewage treatment pilot work.

it is understood, the next step, the county government will take the agricultural and pastoral areas of sewage treatment as an important task to improve the agricultural and pastoral areas of the living environment, a clear goal of responsibility, establish a working mechanism, the implementation of matching funds, to determine the implementation time, to ensure the completion of construction. In accordance with the local county planning and village planning layout of agricultural and pastoral areas to prepare county sewage treatment plan, planning to adhere to the problem oriented, according to local conditions, to choose the management is simple, affordable, the emission standard of the processing mode; to strengthen the comprehensive selection, use of advanced technology and equipment, give full consideration to the farmers water storage problems, and "water instead, toilets, kitchen" organic combination. At the same time, make full use of government procurement of services, PPP model to increase the agricultural and pastoral areas of domestic sewage pipe network, equipment and management and maintenance of operational capital investment, accelerate the sewage treatment approach to market-oriented operation. In addition, through various forms of propaganda, to guide the broad masses of farmers and herdsmen to fully understand the necessity and urgency of the management of domestic sewage, and strive to form a common understanding of the community, to jointly promote the work of domestic sewage treatment in agricultural and pastoral areas.


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