After the incident occurred in the province within 10 minutes we can establish external communicatio

December 10th, the State Grid Qinghai electric power mobile communication information platform system application research project, through the identification of scientific and technological achievements in Qinghai. This system can be built by the satellite antenna with the Asia four geostationary satellite docking, within 10 minutes to establish communication with the outside world, the rapid formation of the power of emergency rescue and emergency rescue command.

it is reported that this project contains two emergency command system of satellite communication vehicle, a central station, a collection of satellite communications, GSM base station signal coverage, high-definition video conferencing, digital trunking, online consultation and other functions, to achieve the emergency scene video and audio transmission, remote command site information interaction requirements. According to the general manager of China network information and communication company of Qinghai province power company Zhou Qunxing introduced an emergency incident, the system can use the satellite, the first time the scene of high definition image is transmitted to the national network of Qinghai provincial power company emergency command center, find image, voice and data transmission between field and event process, and establish a cover within a 3 km radius of small GSM base station network system, to meet the needs of information exchange site repair personnel and command center, effectively enhance the Qinghai power grid emergency treatment and emergency command ability.


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