Eight passenger line direct tourist attractions

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining automobile passenger station, Xining automobile passenger transport center will be opened in the form of eight travel routes. Including six boutique tour line and the characteristics of the two day tour line two.

according to reports, in recent years the tourist tourism market structure has undergone significant changes, tourist consumption concept, consumption demand is changing a lot, Xining bus station to the full range of services to passengers, tourists service for the purpose, to train the form of the opening of eight tourist routes. Train is to point to the door in the form of a form of relying on the mature mode of passenger transport completed from the travel agency and the passenger train, train travel way ticket and ticket booking car the same way, mainly to the ticket window, ticket network. Network tickets through Ctrip, Cheong Road Network to buy tickets. After the ticket, travel through the train will be sent to the tourist attractions, to provide sufficient time for visitors to play, and provide return service.

specific line: boutique tour lines were Xining to Qinghai Lake to Xining to Kumbum Monastery to Xining line; Tu village to Xining line Xining to Guide square to Ashe; Gong Danxia landform Xining line; Xining to Kanbula National Geological Park – Xining route; Xining to Xining line to the viewing platform Menyuan flowers; Xining to display the viewing platform to Menyuan Xianmi forest to mutual aid to Xining line twelve. Two the two day line for Xining to black river tea cards to Saline Lake; Xining and Menyuan route to Qilian.


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