Huimin paradise residents praise

The reporter learned from the East District, the district halal Lane Community streamlined, compression, integration of the area of office space, not only to achieve the residents of the area "into a door, do one thing" and "one-stop" service, but also save the office building area of nearly 700 square meters, will be the fight "Huimin paradise", make it become a good place for the jurisdiction of the majority of young people, community residents free learning and entertainment, edify sentiment, fitness puzzle, by the unanimous praise of the masses of all ethnic groups in the area. Reporters learned that in March this year, in the 17 Muslim Lane community office space, streamline the original into 2 residents hall at the same time, will save the office space to create by the dance room, library, drawing room, language performance room, gym, and other electronic reading room features 6 rooms combined the "Huimin Paradise", and filled with enough investment related to equipment, equipment and books, tutoring the relevant professional teacher and organization dance, painting, language performance free for teenagers. According to statistics, "Huimin paradise" since March this year every Friday afternoon to free the young people and the residents since the opening, has received a total area of more than 1500 people, youth community residents more than 600 people, the community has become a unique and beautiful scenery. Speaking of "Huimin paradise", the community Miss Ma said happily: "since the opening of the community of the 6 functional rooms, the dolls have followed the long ability."  

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