Xining bus station to strengthen safety management to ensure safe transportation

into the winter, Xining bus station to strengthen safety management, to ensure safe transportation.

November 26th morning, the reporter saw the production and operation section chief Zhang Xiaorong in Xining bus station, she told reporters:

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"No. 22 night is mainly caused by snowfall in parts of the west coast, US No. 24 and No. 25 to the Hercynian direction except Tianjun all the outage, after the Provincial Transportation Bureau of administrative departments, coordination, No. 26, in addition to the direction of Dulan or outage outside Huatugou direction Ulam, Delingha the direction of the all around. Now, in terms of maintenance departments and maintenance departments often get in touch, the maintenance department has also stepped up to clean up some of the roads. At present, the passenger flow is relatively smooth, the existing flights to meet the needs of these passenger travel. From Yushu, Guoluo West Ningfa passengers more, and we originating passengers less. Reporter: these two days to maintain the number of passengers?

Zhang: also in ten thousand three or four. Outside the line has not been affected, at present, the provincial class is also flat passenger line."

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it is understood that this year, Xining bus station has launched the "risk management", "safety production month", "hundred days of production safety inspectors activities special production safety work, adjust and improve the 10 security groups, specially set up more than 70 security staff, and at the same time, the relevant departments jointly launched the" three super safe travel, refused the highway passenger traffic safety centralized rectification campaign, especially after entering the winter, the station to further strengthen safety education, comprehensively implement at every level of the five level safety responsibility system, to further increase efforts to strictly enforce the "three YanZha, operating vehicle report management system". Xining bus station security chief of the right liberal arts:

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"reporter: how many passengers are there at the bus station every day?

right: light we are more than and 620 East station. We are a good vehicle stop off, perform the security check, registration, sign in; then there is a newspaper class, is the safety equipment, vehicle condition check, all documents check before the passengers on the train; the third is out of the station, the station security personnel to conduct an inspection also, anti-skid chain, these are not equipped with a triangular wood."

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so far this year, the Xining bus station has organized class about three hundred thousand flights, safe to send about six million passengers, more than 100 thousand found explosive sound, flammable more than and 40 kilograms, knives more than and 400 vehicles and more than and 60 vehicles safety facilities and safety inspection unqualified.


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