Ten brand list kitchen po

China location determines most of our city are the winter and summer and now went to the other, the cold weather of winter, what are timid, washing vegetables and cooking is very painful. But if the kitchen is equipped with a small kitchen treasure, everything will have a great difference. And because of this demand, will make the market a lot of brand kitchen po. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce ten kitchen Po brand rankings, so that we can in this industry have more understanding of the brand.

ten NO.1 kitchen Po brand rankings, Haier Haier: founded in 1984, a world-class home appliances brand, Chinese enterprise 500, the world first brand of white goods, one of the most valuable brands Chinese, Haier Group Company.

ten NO.2 kitchen Po brand rankings, A.O. Smith, was founded in 1874 in the United States, the world famous brand, the leading brand in the industry, one of the most valuable brand, Ai O Smith (Chinese) water heater Co. ltd..

ten NO.3 kitchen Po brand rankings, the United States Midea: began in 1981, listed companies, domestic home appliances leading brand, the most competitive brands, China enterprise 500, Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd.

ten NO.4 kitchen Po brand rankings, ARISTON was founded in 1930 in Italy, the world’s leading enterprises, specializing in the production of heating and hot water products of multinational companies, ARISTON products (China) Limited energy.

ten NO.5 kitchen Po brand rankings, Sacon was founded in 1984, was awarded the China brand kitchen appliances domestic manufacturers the most complete series, one of the largest kitchen, ten brands, Sacon Group Co. ltd..

ten NO.6 kitchen Po brand rankings, KQR KANCH: won China brand, one of the largest water heater manufacturer Chinese, Zhejiang province famous trademarks, well-known brands of electric water heater, Zhejiang Kanch Electrical Appliance Co Ltd.

ten NO.7 kitchen Po brand rankings, Vanward Vanward: a listed company, a national high-tech enterprise, Guangdong famous brand, the leading brand of domestic gas water heater, the new Guangdong Vanward electrical Limited by Share Ltd.

ten NO.8 kitchen Po brand rankings, Macro: founded in 1988, listed companies, national key high-tech enterprises, the national standard gas water heater main drafting unit, Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co. ltd..

ten NO.9 kitchen Po brand rankings, SIEMENS founder: 1>

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