Ten silver jewelry brand ranking

wear gold and silver, has been considered a symbol of wealth, coupled with the many effects of silver, so that the silver market has been a very big development. In short, now many people like to wear silver, silver jewelry is not only a good decoration, but also a symbol of wealth. Wear silver jewelry, you can more clearly show your temperament, which looks more noble and elegant. So, what brand of silver? Silver what brand? Following along with the small series to see the top ten silver brand list.

ten silver jewelry brand ranking NO1- Tiffany

The United States

Tiffany& Co, Tiffany & Co.; the world’s ten largest luxury brands, ten brands of the world jewelry, diamond – Silver – Diamond ten brand, founded in 1837, the world’s top 500 brands, the world famous brand, Queen of jewelry, diamond and silver products known to the world. Tiffany (Tiffany), Queen of the jewelry industry, famous for diamonds and silver products. Tiffany& (Co), founded in 1837, is known for its silverware in the first place, and has become more famous for its 925 silver ornaments in the year of 1851. In 1960, Tiffany, a famous actress in Hollywood, starred in the "breakfast of", named after Tiffany.

ten silver brand ranking NO2-


Nanjing Baoqing jewelry company, silver ten brands, well-known (famous) jewelry brand, the time-honored, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Chinese jewelry brand, Chinese jewelry industry, China gold jewelry industry famous brand, Jiangsu famous brand, one of the time-honored shops and domestic famous.

Nanjing Baoqing Jewelry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Baoqing silver floor") is a set of jewelry retail, wholesale, R & D and processing as one of the major brands of jewelers. The predecessor of the company "Baoqing silver floor" was founded in the Qing Dynasty during the reign of · it has been nearly 200 years of history, is one of the most famous domestic time-honored shops. Baoqing silver floor main products of "Baoqing" brand and "Baoqing silver floor" brand series of gold and silver jewelry and gold and silver ornaments.

ten silver jewelry brand list NO3- pirate ship

Beijing Jin Kai

Hongde trade limited liability company, silver ten brands, well-known (famous) jewelry brands, domestic chain jewelry brands, brand consumers trust, to operate the popular jewelry famous, dedicated in designing and manufacturing enterprises. "Pirate ship silver" to operate the famous popular jewelry, silver is the domestic chain brand.

personalized design, a range of styles, considerate and perfect after-sales service and integrity of the business philosophy, has been the consumer

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