Rely on the good development of all attractions integrity management

business can do attractions, if able to operate well, which will undoubtedly become a very hot business. Of course, the integrity of the business will be more prosperous business operation. Therefore, the scenic spot is a good choice, but want to do better and longer, but also need to achieve good faith.

this is a retail store in the ancient city of Shaoxing, more precisely, a souvenir shop, small stores, all kinds of jar Huadiao Medium Sweet piled to the brim, different flavors of fennel looks very attractive.

40 year old sister Zhang looks Shulang, "my shop is across the straight talk from an honest man, Shen Yuan, Shen garden know? Lu You and Tang Wan are in love with each other, and the first thing that is written in the book of "the hairpin and the Phoenix" is written by Lu You……" The owner of the wine and other local specialties, the proportion of cigarettes is not large, only a small glass cigarette cabinet, which neatly placed in different brands of cigarettes.

"although the store is not entirely by selling cigarettes to maintain, but also to promote the sale of other goods cigarettes. "Abba" is the most popular, 20 yuan and 35 yuan a pack of "Abba" best selling, some tourists want to visit Shen garden with specialty, I will also recommend "Abba", they are willing to accept my recommendation, "Abba" will be out of stock, sometimes it is in short supply." Sister Zhang said with a smile.

said the business experience, Sister Zhang took on a more serious tone: "don’t look at my shop is small, cigarette sales is not too big, but we guarantee that every packet of cigarettes are the goods from the tobacco companies, not selling counterfeit cigarettes. My boss is a teacher, students, friends will send him some cigarettes, but he said the business to business integrity, even if the smoke is sold out, send others never get the store to sell cigarettes. We adhere to the integrity of the business, has accumulated a lot of old customers, business is also getting better and better."

is now a lot of people for the attractions of the store is not a good impression, not only the quality of things is not guaranteed, but the price is higher than the outrageous, over the long term, many people simply did not dare in the shopping mall. In fact, the attraction is a good place to operate, if the realization of good faith shopping, no doubt will allow the store to get a better long-term development.

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