Michelle bard joined in support of security multi business

out of the store can be seen everywhere, the market is generally with the changing needs of the people. This phenomenon that now people more leisure love consumer goods, it also shows that the beverage market potential, attracted many businessmen to invest in, let the market competition intensifies, the success of business you want to shop, choose a strength of the brand is wise. Michelle bingchenggensis joined hotline, 2017 Michelle city official website is popular in China Merchants, please join


Michelle bard 100% of the fresh fruit made absolutely no additives, Taiwan fashion food culture, carey refined pure fresh fruit nutritional value, worthy of trust. In 2017, Michelle’s official website for everyone to bring about the city of Michelle bard joining more support please pay attention to


Michelle bard joined in support of security multi

1, regional protection support: the company will provide support for the franchisee to provide regional protection, low risk shop. Agents in the region to enjoy the exclusive right to exclusive cooperation in the brand, the market operation of large space, more branches, enjoy a huge wealth.

2, logistics supply support: in addition to the protection of the regional market, but also provide logistics supply. Logistics center to develop online ordering platform, to achieve timely material ordering, logistics and distribution costs and faster.

3, technical training: providing technical training, shop free, a senior technician to provide wealth! Food production and technical training of core products for you, let you have the absolute advantage of core technology. Senior operations experts to carry out professional training for you, so that you become the industry experts.

4, site evaluation support: Michelle bard specialty drinks to join? The company will provide support for the rapid location, location. Expert team to guide the assessment, to assist in the selection of the best shop address to ensure the maximization of consumer groups. The headquarters also provides VI and SI brand recognition CD store design and provide the door.

5, analysis and guidance support: no business experience can join, the company will provide analysis guidance. Headquarters to provide a unified national brand operation guide series of manuals, senior operations experts to provide you with tracking service.

6, equipment material certificate processing: to provide equipment procurement, shop tools, raw materials procurement list, unified staff standards, promotion membership card. Training for business licenses, health permits, health permits, shop documents.

if you want to know more you can call the hotline to join Michelle bingchenggensis, Michelle bard joined the hotline display in the website below, entrepreneurs can see below, or give us a message on the website below, special >

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