How to join all the fish head hot

world delicacy a million, I only ate a little of them, this life only delicacy can not live up to, this is the chowhound principle. Never have the delicacy chowhound most sensitive sense of smell, where there is delicious, chowhound will be the first time to taste, then spread the exciting news. Spicy fish in recent head of University City, they have to chowhound taste, everyone pingjiapogao.

is better than everyone else, so we decided to go to the nearest place. After dinner is waiting, waiting for a period of time to spend melon seeds, you can also watch the video shop, the latest release of the film and television works, are very good tv. Waiting time is not too long, the fish on the table. From the color point of view, the taste should be good. Smell the smell is also good. Can’t wait to taste is enough, hemp hot enough, do not eat ah! Don’t waste this.

hot head? Before the other fish, such as Zhuge fish, mainly baked dry, but not spicy taste, the taste is light. But the head of the fish in spicy taste more in line with the tastes of the people, although enough hemp hot enough, but also to benefit, is not that difficult to accept. I would like to eat second times after eating, but also miss the taste. So there are a lot of hot head repeat because of the feeling of love fragrance.

a few years ago on the tongue Chinese introduced Chongqing Hot pot, spicy fish head and taste of Chongqing Hot pot slightly similar. At the same time is adhering to spicy characteristics, but the production methods and different ingredients, and mainly do spicy fish, Chongqing is in the form of making Hot pot Hot pot. One is baked, the other is boiled. It does have some difference, but it’s really Sichuan’s spicy taste. Each characteristic.

believes that through the simple introduction to the head of the spicy fish, you have to have an impression of the brand, if you are on the brand what other issues need to consult my door please give us a message on our website below, see the message after we will arrange our staff to contact you.

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