Do business also need to seize the business opportunities

is a place frequented by tourists, the store is not only the operation of some of the products it? Should not be a number of products with local characteristics? Nanyang is a famous historical and cultural city, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people, is the hometown of four, has a profound historical and cultural heritage, cultural attractions and the natural landscape of the tourist season, many people who travel to Nanyang is quite long.


, did not think this is a great opportunity, nor according to consumer psychology and characteristics of the tourism consumers, targeted delivery, marketing, to meet the need of tourists, seize tourism opportunities, win benefits, waste a lot of opportunities. Until three years ago, I met a thing, just let me sigh before thinking enlightened, however, too late, occlusion, late, in recent years, every tourist season, I will be ready in advance, the availability of characteristics of goods, to seize business opportunities for tourism, benefit.

I have to travel opportunities because of one thing three years ago, three years ago, ten college students in a university in Wuhan, and I want to contact through the network, during the summer vacation to Nanyang orphanage and special education schools, through coordination and communication, activity is very successful, see so many young students can do enthusiastic public, I see the hope and future of the public is also very happy, a little regret, for when we farewell in the last night, a guy asked me, Mr. ray, you are old Nanyang, or for the retailer, the first time I went to Nanyang my father is a heavy smoker, and want to give him back a bit with the characteristics of Nanyang cigarette, you see what brand is better?

I also think that things tell each other, you ask the right person, you see my cigarette on the shelf, basically can represent the characteristics of Nanyang. Unexpectedly, the boy looked me all the cigarette on the shelf, a little regret to say, you this on the shelves of the cigarette, is not really in my mind can represent Nanyang cigarette, you see me this, took out a pack of red Nanyang, I looked a little ashamed, as the people of Nanyang, or an old retailer, has not purchased the festive atmosphere packaging has the characteristics of Nanyang red Nanyang, I praise the student’s vision at the same time, also send this package of cigarette camera standby, the students have little regret to say, if you have here, I’ll bring home a little.

sent these loving students, I regret their ideas in reflection, occlusion, and I think, Nanyang as a tourist city, has many good natural landscape and cultural attractions, annual tourists to Nanyang can be said to be beyond count, all travel to Nanyang friends, will buy some souvenirs of Nanyang characteristics as a souvenir.

should not be overlooked is that our village is a family of hundreds of immigrants to accept the immigration village, and the south north water transfer canal tight

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