Beijing was established in Zhongguancun medical engineering transformation center to support food an

with the improvement of living standards, the Chinese people’s pursuit of health is also getting higher and higher, the food and drug industry in urgent need of upgrading to meet the needs of consumers. Beijing in the country took the lead in the establishment of a food and drug "business incubator" to provide convenience and guidance for biomedical entrepreneurs.

in response to the "State Council on promoting science and technology innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples the depth of integration, reform and innovation to cultivate China’s economic and social development of the new energy" spirit, the implementation of the "Beijing Municipal People’s Government Office on accelerating the development of a number of opinions" Zhongguancun biological medicine and medical equipment and the development of related industries, the Zhongguancun administrative committee, the Beijing municipal food the drug supervision and Administration Bureau and Haidian District government cooperation, relying on the quality and safety of Chinese food and drug industry association and the Beijing Municipal Food and drug safety alliance, the establishment of the Zhongguancun medical engineering transformation center.

It is reported that

The food and drug "incubator"

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