Do a good job is the key operators

salesman is indispensable in our life, we often see a lot of people are engaged in the occupation, occupation, some people do business is very good, every month has a high performance, but some people are not, then how to do business? Hard work is the key.

, a grassroots salesman must be used to measure the pace of the market, will not be behind closed doors.

shortly before I took over and restart a market, the market salesman only a few days to pass on the market start plan and budget. At a terminal entry cost application and promotion plans, I can not help but repeatedly praise the work efficiency of the clerk, and then look at the staff’s tired face hung two black rim of the eye, touching me with her busy these two days to rest, not because the work tired body.

me with the clerk asked the above data is how come? Why is it so expensive? Why is there no terminal approach, promotion, construction, upgrading of the system program, but only a number of money? Did you go to the market to check? How do you negotiate with purchasing?

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