College students to open the hardware store to do what procedures

we know, and now the hardware market is very fire, the profit is also very impressive, college students to open the hardware store is feasible. For inexperienced college students, what are the skills to open the hardware store? What’s the procedure for opening a hardware store? Today, I would like to open a hardware store to introduce a friend of the hardware store specific procedures.

1. need to prepare a copy of the store real estate license (rental house is also a rental agreement);

2. ID card copy a few, one inch photos of a number of Zhang;

3. to the local industrial and commercial application form for business license;

4. to the tax office to do the tax registration certificate, now need to do in the quality inspection bureau code. (different places, please consult details);

5. get the tax registration certificate after the application for invoices.

not only students can open the hardware store, the couple business also can consider a hardware store, do well can earn a lot of money. For a friend who has not opened a hardware store, the relevant procedures we may not understand. What’s the procedure for opening a hardware store? These five points are very practical.


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