Clothing store agents to learn these skills

clothing market is hot, but it is not easy to open a clothing store, clothing store agents to learn a lot of things. Clothing stores in order to business is booming, master management skills is particularly important! How do you manage your store? What skills do you have?

for the clothing store agents, their investment cost control is very important, more or less must be planning, at the same time, the planned purchase strategy, adjust the time the capital turnover rate, is the effective method to control the cost. If at the end of the sales season, the difficulties of cash flow can not affect the performance, but also prone to unsalable goods crisis!

of clothing store development, pocketed the magic back to work hard in the service, guide the professional standard of service is well done, inevitably there will be more natural repeat. And only the extension services to attract more consumers from the point of view of the close attention, employees use eye contact to produce a tacit understanding between you and your customer, transfer further exchange of interest, guide in the eyes, gestures and so on greeting customers, said it had taken note of the customer, ready for his service.

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