Anhui college graduates can get a red envelope

is now promoting entrepreneurship and employment of the college graduates has become very urgent, at the same time, there are more and more college graduates also embarked on a rich venture Road, recently in order to encourage students to entrepreneurship, the government of Hefei has launched a series of policies.

College graduates in the open area to


the declaration from the beginning of August 31st, until January 31, 2016, the business incubator unified data collection declared.

in the region of key enterprises imported from outside the city senior workers, technicians and senior technicians and other skilled talents, can give the highest 1000 yuan / person subsidies. In addition, the introduction of foreign experts, in line with the standard that is to give 15% of the actual wage subsidy, the maximum of no more than $50 thousand per person.

"consider now the graduates to find a job through the network channels more, we also set up a zone key enterprise recruitment in the city at all levels of human resources market for sale, or site recruitment, subsidies per annual recruitment service fee 15%." Hefei open area personnel and Labor Bureau, said the person in charge.

In fact, for receiving a


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