Graduates do not have to return to work in their hometowns still make big money

just graduated from college students, it is inevitable that some confused, do not know how their future road will go. A lot of people want to find a stable job, in fact, college graduates do not have to be employed, as long as the change of thought, return to their hometowns is not no money scene.

Central consecutive years pay much attention to the "three rural" work in a central document, this year also specifically stressed the need to develop large-scale professional cooperatives and family farms, which injected a tonic is the "three rural" work. When Ma Ping read the document after the central, to see the state attaches great importance to agriculture has strengthened her confidence in the realization of the dream, I not only want to start a business, but also to create a good industry". So at the beginning of August 2013, Ma Ping incorporated the Changning County Buddha Park Xi family farm, the family based business.

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