15 years ago the focus of the 10 major technology brand Apple missed

believe that after 80 for NOKIA phones and SONY Konka and other brands have a special emotion, once we will have a phone because of complacency, and now is no longer a rare smartphone. 15 years ago, those who accompany the science and technology brands which can be on the list?

10. Canon

9. modern

in the past ten years, the carmaker almost maintained its position in the market share of search. After all, people are increasingly dependent on cars.

8. Ferrari

7. Oracle

now few people to pay attention to the oracle.



Adobe is still a large company, but few people search for the company’s brand, perhaps because of the introduction of HTML5, the Internet is less and less dependent on Adobe.


3. BMW



NOKIA brilliance without much back ten years time, NOKIA mobile phone everywhere, it is not recommended

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