Feng Yuli successful operation of smoke Hotel Three Tips

to open a smoke Hotel, a tube of food and clothing problem, this may not be a trivial matter, in the current society is relatively easy to meet. But if you want to make the store business to do better, naturally also need to grasp some tips. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce how the protagonist of this article is how to successfully operate Feng Yuli smoke hotel.

is located in Tanghe County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, Qi Yi Xiang boss cigarette and liquor vendor named Feng Yuli, Feng Yuli this year just over 40, the authentic Henan female man. Into Qi, as long as the name of the name Feng Yuli very few people do not know. Time passes quickly, Feng Yuli shop nearly twenty years. In this long twenty years, Feng Yuli in the operation of her smoke Hotel, generally by their own smile service to win the praise of customers, as the saying goes, "stretch out your hand". The business in her shop is fast.

, the first door won cautious guest

Feng Yuli said: "we are Henan Qi Yinan, mountainous areas, different from other provinces, poor condition. To the winter without heating, the people were shivering cold. Very few people in the summer to install air conditioning in the store, because the house is relatively simple retail stores eight breathable. The lunar August temperature is as high as 32 degrees Celsius, scary "autumn" was against us."

Feng Yuli’s shop did not install air conditioning, there is no installation of glass doors and windows and doors and other facilities, the store inside the two large ceiling fan, all day long. Feng Yuli is not doing this to save money, reluctant to give a high monthly electricity bills. But for the convenience of customers to buy goods.

Feng Yuli said, my shop opened in the rural areas, to open the shop for rural consumption, we are not a large city like, customers have enough time in choice of goods, while the majority of rural people are in order to save time, but also to go back to work. If the shop installed glass sliding doors and curtain, customers will not be called a station at the door, we put the things they need to the roadside, such not only delay the customer’s time but also affect the store’s business.

There were several old acquaintances in the village of

, who came to the mall every time they came to buy things! Feng Jie, get me a pack of 10 yuan, and find another $10." Such customers to buy things very convenient, also do not get off, we directly put the needs of the customer to customer goods sent to the roadside, customers would feel very comfortable, but also reflects our owner to customer first-class service. We rural people have to operate in rural coup, Feng Yuli said with a smile.

second, genuine fear of remote

Feng Yuli said >

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