Entrepreneurial opportunity to determine your entrepreneurial success

entrepreneurship needs time, this is clear to everyone, but you may not know, entrepreneurial opportunities for the success or failure of the entrepreneurial influence beyond your imagination! Whether it is entrepreneurial or angel investment, you need to be the timing of the business, to find the next big mouth, you need to do more than six months ahead of the A round of investors in the layout of the time. If you miss the air, no matter how good the team, business model is more perfect, the possibility of success will not be too great.

Bill founded IdeaLab 20 years ago, during which served a total of more than and 100 companies. He analyzed the more than and 100 companies of their service, plus more than and 100 company external together as the analysis sample, according to the ideas and creative team, and execution, business model, financing, time 5 factors to analyze the effects of different factors on the success rate of start-up companies.


1, entrepreneurial timing is very important, is the key content of the business model. Out of the big market environment and entrepreneurial opportunities to discuss business models is meaningless. Therefore, from this perspective, the timing is an important part of the business model. Business model itself is a system engineering, contains a number of factors in which, only to see the significance of individual components is not large;

An important part of

2, creative unique business model is the business itself is unique with new ideas to find the new market, the original pattern of business process design, and so the time is similar to that of group creative uniqueness is also an important part of the business model. To sum up, the impact of business models on the success rate of start-ups should be at least 2 or more of the 5 factors;

3, the impact of financing has been greatly underestimated. Indeed, financing is the recommended success and failure, gain and loss

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