Honest business will gain more recognition

operating the same retail business, each owner’s views are different, the actual action will be different. As a retail owner, in the business is the most important frank, leave this one, then lost the golden rule of retail. Honesty is not only a code of conduct, but also the fundamental retail.

that day, an old man came to my supermarket shopping, I warmly welcome. The old man bought a loaf of bread and a ham, I suddenly found that when the collection of bread two days difference expires, although it is still within the warranty period, but I think it is unfair to customers. So, I said to him: "uncle, I’m sorry, the date of this bread is not good, you still change a bar!" The old man may not understand what I mean, I even said several times before he understood.

I gave him a new date at the same price. When the boss came to me, he said, "thank you boss, you are the boss!" Although it is just an ordinary word, but let my heart warm. I just saw the behavior of other customers, and they all thumbs up to me. My honesty not only touched the customer, but also moved other customers.

one day, a customer came to me in the supermarket, a door said: "some people say that you are a supermarket, the boss, so I was admiring." I was moved by his words. For the first time to my supermarket customers, I will not let him down, not only gave him a zero, but also to leave my business card, told him that we can deliver goods.

now there are a lot of the owner is able to cheat on deception, which is undoubtedly a little help for the development of business. In fact, honesty is the best sign, do not need too many words. My honesty has won the trust of customers, and won a good reputation for me, this is the secret of our supermarket customers constantly.

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