Fuzhou how to regulate taxi illegal operation of the car illegal acts

in our daily life, with the economic development of the car has been gradually gaining popularity in the market occupies an important position, but the management of the car is still a significant problem. Yesterday afternoon, the Fuzhou evening news reporter to follow law enforcement officers on the road around the railway station inspections. Fuzhou how to regulate the taxi, illegal operation of the car illegal acts? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

min JAC877 private car

illegal operation was arrested

it is understood that the traffic law enforcement officers to take a fixed point inspection and flow checks, Ming and unannounced visits in a combination of ways to crack down on FuZhou Railway Station area taxi, illegal operation of the car illegal acts.

17 pm yesterday, law enforcement officers seized suspected illegal operation of the private car "Min JAC877" Bo in the hotel entrance, the car sat three adults and a child. Ms. Chen with a child in an interview with the law enforcement officers admitted that she and the other two passengers on the car did not know, sitting in the car from Ningde to FuZhou Railway Station, the driver paid $50 in cash. The car was withheld, the driver faces at least 30 thousand yuan penalty.

in the inspection process, law enforcement officers also found 4 taxis in the south around the square outside the station passenger train station. These 4 license plate number: Min AT1930, min AT7222, min AT0206, min AT9471.

min AT6539 taxi

private outfit run fast checked

reporter also learned that the day before yesterday at 20 am, law enforcement officers routine inspections, found min AT6539 taxi stop and stop on the road in front of soliciting, very suspicious. Experience told law enforcement officers, the driver of the car is likely to pick passengers in the field.

law enforcement officers to provide law enforcement recorder video display, the night of two law enforcement officers stopped the taxi, left and right standing on both sides of the door to ask for inspection. At that time the window is shaking down, but the driver locked the door, standing beside the driver’s side of the law enforcement officers into the car and asked the driver to open the door.

Although the number of

cars increased, but the intensity of management needs to be increased in order to better protect the rational operation of the automotive market. That night, the car was removed by law enforcement officers to save the inventory, in order to secure important evidence. The taxi is on the spot according to the law to be withheld, deducted 20 days. Because of the private outfit run fast will be punished 2000 yuan, while the car is also the main cause of mismanagement is also facing a penalty of $5000, so the majority of owners in the process of driving, a recommendation

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