China’s largest UAV rainbow five first flight test

since the reform and opening up, our country’s entire social economic level will have a greatly improved, especially in some high-tech areas, but also made some great achievements, recently, our country developed the largest unmanned aircraft.

due to avoid the heavy civil aircraft routes, domestic "Rainbow five" UAV first flew in the morning. After a short flight of about 20 minutes, "Rainbow five" landing on the runway, and in accordance with the procedures set to stop, the entire first flight by the rainbow number five to complete the control. For the whole flight process, the chief designer Ou Zhongming quite satisfied.

"Rainbow five" belongs to the low altitude long endurance UAV, can perform reconnaissance and combat missions, the body is made of composite materials, with a wingspan of 20 meters, can remain in the air for more than 30 hours. Takeoff weight of up to 3 tons, with a load capacity of about 900 kg, these indicators can not only make it a giant in the domestic UAV, is also in the international leading level.

see such a message, but also make a lot of people are very excited at the same time, such a largest unmanned aircraft there also shows that our country’s aerospace industry has very big development.


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