What about dessert industry market prospects

food and beverage market prospects? Said China dinner catering market dominant, like tea restaurant and other ancillary projects are generally not what the market, in fact, as the necessities of life, although not what best-selling products, but life without must goods will seriously affect our lives, catering industry is attached to this truth.

dessert industry market prospects? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to do a simple analysis

Deputy Secretary General of

China Restaurant Association President Zhang Minghou said, dinner restaurant is always the mainstream of the market, tea restaurant and leisure concept that a heavier dessert catering although it can not become the mainstream, but is already a part of the lack of market. According to authoritative statistics in 2012 China’s health food and beverage consumption has reached 120 billion yuan, is expected in 2013 will be more than $200 billion, the rapid growth of its consumption doubled and far more than other leisure projects. The health and leisure catering dessert industry, set health, fashion, fast in one, unlimited potential, becoming the first choice for venture capitalists.

consumer psychology

With the continuous development of the national economy, people’s living standard has been improved, and the consumption concept of the consumers is changing day by day with

. From the view of consumption, consumers pay more attention to health and enjoyment of consumption, with consumer psychology changes in the health food industry quickly has been highly recognized in the minds of consumers, consumers become the first choice of leisure entertainment. Dessert, pizza industry is a newly emerging sunrise industry, is a very broad market prospects of the industry.


e-commerce in recent years. The panic A new force suddenly rises., traditional industries, operators of traditional channels therefore suffer a heavy blow, but in the catering industry China high streets and back lanes is still so hot, the so-called hunger breeds discontentment, food service industry has many incomparable advantages, but the traditional Chinese restaurant run by the raw materials, rent and staff salaries rose and other factors are facing tremendous pressure, become a major obstacle to their development. Health and leisure catering industry, especially the franchise restaurants still healthy leisure customers Everfount earnings momentum, rash and too much in haste, still rose. The dessert and pizza franchise market, with its health, leisure, high cohesion, high profits and other advantages, the rapid rise to the trend, will become a new bright spot in the development Chinese economic sustainability, has become a hot spot for investment.

chain reaction – small investment, big gain

restaurant chain, from the business model, technology, innovation, publicity and other aspects to join the range of support and services, a chain has several branches, forming a chain reaction, the effect is far more than a single open.

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