College students started selling stall experience sharing

employment problems for many college students feel a headache, as college students, do you want to start a business? In many people’s view, college students entrepreneurship is not easy, the probability of success is also very want. However, you can think of college students entrepreneurship can also set up a stall monthly income of nearly million yuan? Today we’re going to hear about Qiu Youlin’s story.

"sell daguokui ah, taste, 3 pieces of pork 5, beef 4 5……" In January 22nd, in the vicinity of the Sichuan Vocational and Technical College, a guy standing in a "juntun Guokui" before the car, while seriously doing daguokui, trying to peddle. Five or six students around the car is waiting at the roast daguokui, look the business is very unpopular.

the boy do Guokui is Qiu Youlin, he is wearing a black and white plaid jacket, surrounded by a purple skirt, it was stained with a gray face. This seemingly ordinary daguokui small traders, who can think of, he is a Sichuan Vocational and Technical College ring system of College graduates. Two months after graduation, Qiu Youlin gave up the opportunity to apply for a job. In September 2014, began to start a daguokui business.

"started actually very difficult, can only sell more than and 10 dollars a day, even the capital is not enough. Slowly improved, after half a month to sell, there are almost more than and 200." Qiu Youlin said, it is not so easy to do business daguokui, every time arrangements have been quite compact. Get up at 6 every morning at 7:30, baking spices; Chutan, always do the cake, go to bed at about.

Students should not have

often enter the university graduation season, many college students often self McCain graduate unemployment ", in fact, before graduation every college student has been thinking about the problem of employment.


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