Why not bosses decentralization

Now many

boss all day long about how he is tired, in fact, many things can let go, if let go, although lost a part of the rights, but they will not only easy, but also may make better career development. Jack · Welch has a famous saying: "the tube is the tube well." At first listen to this, I feel some incredible, but in-depth consideration, suddenly see the light: the tube is not less than the role of management is weakened, efficiency management, may produce 1000% effect.

some people say that China’s enterprises a tube on the death of a mess on the. It’s really not, nor is it. Some people say that people do not suspect that people do not have to; some people say that the use of the suspect, the suspect to use. Boss in the end is to believe that the staff is good, or do not believe that a good staff?

many bosses do not have two reasons for decentralization:

is not put, namely managers Xinlimeidi, will not be assured of their hard to lay the country to managers, especially as the family has not had the thick of small and medium enterprises, really can not afford to toss, worried that once the mistakes can make enterprises get into trouble even to death;

two is not want to put the boss, afraid of losing their control over the enterprise, is lost in the enterprise’s authority, and even may be subject to the hands of a large number of market resource managers, which for a long time in enterprise internal authoritative SMEs boss is a considerable challenge.

that’s not right If you want to be big, you can’t let go! Once this topic and a dealer boss exchange permits, he made a metaphor to explain how decentralization, decentralization as fishing nets, nets out, can collect back, hands can hold the key to your class". This class includes three aspects of finance, personnel, resources.

a lot of people do not understand why these bosses do not decentralization, in fact, these small series for the analysis of the reasons. So, if you are also a boss, you also tightly grasp a variety of rights, may wish to compare, to see if they will decentralization. Most of the time, put some of the right to go, perhaps there will be a different future.

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