Li Jiacheng the team does not need these 10 people have you

to the community, all kinds of people you will meet. Believe that there are one or two people around you who are hard to bear, and sometimes you can’t wait to punch him in the face. If you have a very difficult person contact over a period of time, you must know the process of how desperate and mentally and physically exhausted. If a name is given to such a person, it is a cancer". In a business or team, such a person is indeed like a cancer, affecting everyone around.

1, intolerable insolence

Is there a clear dividing line between confidence and arrogance:

2, victim mentality

you the most dangerous man, who is the victim mentality is very serious people, those who always feel wronged people. When they have a problem or make a mistake, they will always be the first to look for scapegoats and blame others. They sometimes complain that the boss does not make sense, and sometimes complain that their parents do not give enough love. Simply put, these people will never know that they are the masters of life.

3, super control freak

control so they always feel that they know everything, and feel that the best way to solve all the problems. In fact, these people are often very insecure heart, but as long as these people present, others will never have the opportunity to put forward their own ideas, there is no chance to do their own way to complete the work.

4, serious "red eye"

These are satisfied with

5, lying fine

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