Alma mater Wuhan University entrepreneurs and students to share the entrepreneurial process

no innovation and no wealth. To be successful in the field of entrepreneurship, we must learn how to use innovation to start a business. By taking the opportunity of meeting Chu, to do more than Wuda born entrepreneurs report, share their careers with students.

chushang in yesterday afternoon, the general assembly more than 40 outstanding entrepreneurs gathered in Wuhan University Luojiashan alumni forum, and Shidishimei to talk about "Internet plus innovation and entrepreneurship".

: Tao Chuang CQ + + IQ EQ

: there is no way back to just innovation

well-known entrepreneurs experience the majority of entrepreneurs, success may go is not the same, but they all have the ability to innovate, courage and skills of business management ability, through unremitting efforts to grasp business opportunities, and ultimately accumulate steadily, blockbuster.

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