The five step is to teach you how to find customers

most of the time, is not the most difficult startup problems often from rival companies, but their customers, how to determine the customer demand has become a major problem of start-up companies, determine the customer needs to determine the market positioning. Under the premise of limited resources, how to identify the needs of target customers? Simply put into the following five steps:

second step, find innovative and you are willing to play with some atypical customers, make a simple core function prototype only ask them to try. It is not easy to find such customers, there are a variety of ways, such as the first batch of products promised to come out free of charge to them. But first of all, these customers must be atypical, extreme customers. For example, OUYA will invite some game masters to try. For example, the following OUYA founder, accompanied by a game player to play games. These customers are extremely valuable, they will not only point out a lot of things you do not take into account, to help you expand ideas, and even help you upset the original design! In this process you should pay attention to the behavior of these extreme customers, not only to listen to them, but also wondering why they do. On this basis, you can find a lot of new demand, and even the unique selling point of the product, because many of the customer needs are not aware of their own customers.

Third, according to the analysis above, and then come back, make new improvements, and further improve the product. Repeat the first and second steps. Until very sure that this is what the customer wants, and the product can also be a public test. You may want to find out how important you are to find the extreme clients to accompany you on this journey At this point, the basic function is stable, but there are a lot of bug, it does not matter, because the next step you need to do is to find more customer authentication requirements, rather than debug.

Fourth, then you can find more friendly test customer groups, by observing and listening, more demand. At this time most of the demand is relatively small, for example (the remote color I don’t love) and so on, if there is a significant demand for change, we need to make a choice, because this time the improvement has been very expensive. Ask questions and ask questions

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