Rural entrepreneurship good idea to get rich quick breeding

small entrepreneurial projects which have? Investment projects in rural areas, but also have a lot of choices, you want to start a small entrepreneurial project is not impossible. Here, on the small breeding entrepreneurial project the right choice to introduce you to a few, small entrepreneurial projects to get rich!

A, the hedgehog breeding market analysis

1, provide meat. The hedgehog meat is high protein content and low cholesterol content for venison dishes, nourishing function, eat a lot of meat, the hedgehog can also engage in deep processing, such as cut meat, instant food, canned food and other products, tourism, development potential. Small aquaculture venture. Due to rapid propagation of hedgehog, meat production, the development of hedgehog breeding project is a good way for farmers to get rid of poverty. With the open coastal and inland regions, city residents living standards improve, more and more demand for venison, hedgehog has been applied to hunt in the Yangtze River Basin, the number of extremely rare, in the northern region of fishing increased year by year, the wild resources are increasingly scarce, according to the data before and after 2010 will be rare wild hedgehog.

2, hedgehog medicinal value

3, economic development. Hedgehog is bound to become an important part of the special breeding industry, not only to meet the market, driven by one side of the economy, but also export.

4, for viewing, you can increase the spirit of consumer goods in the field.

two, the hedgehog breeding production technology scheme of

the main way taken captive breeding hedgehogs. Hedgehog cheap, adaptable, good breeding, breeding technology is not complicated, the domestic experience can learn a lot. The basic production processes are as follows: building homes, barrier points, disinfection, introduction, pest control and full price feed. Hedgehog disease less, no infectious diseases, as long as the management and sanitation measures properly, the hedgehog is seldom ill, the disease is mainly enteritis, psoriasis, parasites, good treatment, not what the big risk. Feed formula mastery. < >

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