The key point of clothing

is now investing in the apparel industry of entrepreneurs is very much, the apparel industry is very stable industry, has great investment value, should do the inspection work before joining the clothing, to understand the related knowledge of the industry.

A, in his early, pay attention to the reasonable financing, reasonable investment funds

two, control the cost of operation, the planned purchase strategy

three, clothing to join the warning to learn to manage customers, establish a good customer relationship

to communicate with the staff, listen to the voice of the staff.

five, the positive accumulation of experience


coordinate with headquarters

stores and join headquarters has very delicate relationship, join in the choice of the headquarter, should invest a lot of effort to join the investigation; once successful, should hold "win-win" attitude, actively cooperate with the work of headquarters. Franchisee should listen to the views of the headquarters on the basis of actively communicate with the headquarters, timely delivery of local information, with the headquarters of the existing experience, to explore a suitable local business strategy.

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