n the development of era and selling cloth

once, coarse cloth is the poor "patent" clothing, rich door is a contemptuous disregard now, with the development of the times, constantly changing popular elements, coarse entrepreneurs began to enter the eyes, has become the concern of the investment good choice!

Open cloth shop, rent and decoration, and the initial purchase total investment of about 30 thousand yuan. If the business goes well, it will be able to recover all costs in less than 3 months. You can make small things like canvas bags and other crafts. You can do a market survey to see what product market space is relatively large.

made crafts to do fine workmanship, so water most of the day can reach 5000 yuan. To a certain time, you can invite some of the shops with their own style similar to do in their own neighborhood, in their own shops surrounding the formation of climate, then the water may reach l yuan a day 20 thousand yuan.

As for the specific

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